Coordination Call - 2024-01-23

Date: 2024-01-23
Facilitator: @kempsterrrr
Contributors: @wolovim @Piablo @mannyornothing @Billyjitsu @Gordo @Crypdough.eth @PSkinnerTech

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Weekly sync to coordinate Contributor and Members across the DAO on organisational wide challenges and opportunities, as well as coordinate between groups in a single regular shared space

Desired outcomes for the meeting

  1. Generate shared context across the DAO
  2. Unblock people trying to GTD
  3. Improve coordination between different groups

:spiral_notepad: Agenda & Notes



  • Wrapping up near workshop, lots of good feedback on this, shouts to Billy for his hosting
  • Scroll starts 29th, campaigning probably starting around 24th.
  • Hiro is pushed back a little after near
  • Particle Labs, cross-fit and swarm coming in, just need to coordinate when/who
  • First paid DevNTell happening with @Narb


  • Working towards V2 MVP Release date set for 24th, looking like it might get pushed back to the end of the month.
  • Need to reach out to @manny on promotions for launch
  • @wolovim + @Piablo open to immediately looking at new partnerships after MVP V2 launch, + Piablo
  • @Billyjitsu feeding back to the team on content format, will give @Piablo some thoughts on
  • @mannyornothing partners are aware of academy and argo, can we get a one pager on this to give to partners? Working with pricing of $5,000. Organising chat with @wolovim


  • @wolovim reached out to see if he can get involved in academy
  • @mannyornothing if agency doesn’t continue, is there opportunities to give members access to small jobs via something like talent protocol. can we create a small ecosystem of bounties and small jobs
  • @Billyjitsu catch-22 was didn’t want to do the small jobs and didn’t have the portfolio to take on the big jobs. if I’m grinding to make myself
  • @kempsterrrr same sentiment as Billy
  • @PSkinnerTech can someone else stand up another sales / partnerships work
  • @kempsterrrr / @Billyjitsu - very risky having people who are not working together selling the same thing, can risk deals, damage brand in the market
  • @Piablo - any examples of this not working the past
  • @Billyjitsu - Hedera unlikely to do anything with DD
  • @mannyornothing - opening up partnerships is a good idea, only real reason I’ve been holding onto it is to make sure it happens, vs it not delivering on promises. if we’re promising people things it needs to be owned and delivered so we don’t damage the relationship and get repeat business
  • @PSkinnerTech rather than someone propose to take on more partnerships work outside of labs, Sub-DAO leads or people that leads on sub-dao’s should do their own
  • @kempsterrrr there is a lot of overlap here between all area, including upcoming projects like RPC, NFT Memberships, L2 CODE, on-chain media


@impactbilli.eth or @BluePanda unable to make it today, see Eden Dispatch #23


  • Some video’s go up on the site
  • Signed an agreement with DevRel uni to launch a DevRel cert on argo
  • Creating a web3 citizen cert

Contributor Submitted Agenda Items

  • @kempsterrrr - Feedback on this meeting format/value/cadence?

    • What should the coordination call be used for?
    • What is working, what would we like to see change, removed, added, improved
  • @Piablo suggests another call that is social

  • @Gordo these days regarding the DAO to incentivise any type of governance is having something to Govern. is there is not a treasury to distribute the incentives on-top of the CODE value I think everything is going to fall apart. for me it’s a little bit specific but everything comes to the funding part and doing something with that money.

  • @Crypdough.eth main selling point of the DAO at the min is the brand we have and this is what people are paying for. The DAO can’t instruct people to do the work as it doesn’t have the funds to pay for the work, it can support people who have the initiative to drive the success

  • @Gordo the incentives are aligned for this to be the case. you’re putting on-top of these Sub-DAO’s which are like really autonomous models the survival of the overall DAO, and the data shows the Sub-DAOs are going to fail.

  • @Crypdough.eth evidence from DD labs

  • @Gordo - worried that if everything is going through partnerships in the DAO than what happens behind the curtains in partnerships is what drives everything, how does this filter out into the DAO. Really like the idea of the subscription model of the NFT that was discussed on the forum as it will filter out all the people who are not incentivised to participate as they’re paying for it and an interest funding mechanisms for the whole DAO

  • @wolovim hated the idea at 1st, coming around to it with a caveat IF and only IF you could also earn it extremely easily - i.e. doing a PR request, answering questions. so you either get people who are willing to participate in the DAO or if they just want to lurk

  • @Gordo creates really interesting incentives, the type of people who are going to earn their way in are the right kind of people we want in the DAO, seems to have no downside

  • @Piablo agree with these points, I’ve got a lot of experience in the DAO of chasing and chasing people in the mentorship program, discord is a dark hole etc. the idea of the subscription to pay their way into the DAO was initial negative but now feeling that it could have value in ensuring the people here are active contributors. most important thing for me is this is an opt-in community, if there is money floating around you have a chance to earn it.

  • @Crypdough.eth subscription idea is cool but don’t think it’s a good motivation for folks who are active contributors to be checked out.

  • @Gordo good individuals are important but you need to align people around shared goals.

  • @Crypdough.eth we need curation/alignment and accountability

  • @Gordo from my experience didn’t have the incentives individually to move that model ahead

  • @Crypdough.eth incentives feel aligned, bring in N revenue get Y percentage

  • @Gordo how do you start moving the wheel is the problem

  • @Crypdough.eth not lining up with this perspective

  • @Gordo individual incentives have reached a point that are not aligned enough to continue working on agency

  • @Piablo do you mean incentives within agency

  • @Gordo agency was expected to be run collectively to create the base layer of incentives of revenue split, challenge is with the current model the collective doesn’t work as those working relying on

  • @Gordo how complicated is it for people to work together and if they’re not correctly aligned they’re gunna fail on the time

  • @Crypdough.eth how clients had some come to agency?

  • @Gordo 2k-90k value in deals, 10 serious client, non-clients 30+

  • @Crypdough.eth how many did we execute on?

  • @Gordo 2 - to been able to show a specific image of trust for the high-level clients and the low-level clients are not paying enough for the group to want to work with them

  • @Crypdough.eth - how many came form labs vs agency

  • @Gordo - labs has only been with agency a 3 months

  • @kempsterrrr - we ran into the same position re trust for large projects

  • @Gordo - wont continue as a business dev, but if people come long he’ll respond

  • @Gordo - this could be the path forward, though the dynamics and culture in the early agency teams was really positive. Convo of the Sub-DAO’s bringing value back to the DAO is a tail that is unloading right now.

  • @Crypdough.eth - think of the DAO as a big marketing arm, support the Sub-DAOs and scale the marketing, the people are driven to profit sharing

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