[DRAFT] Agency ➡️ 3 Club SubDAO

Based on the relationship of the last Agency proposal (Q4 2023) and its dependency on the DAO for promoting service-providing gigs within Agency, I consider the model not to be a success.

The exclusive focus on service providing will cease in the way it is currently modelled within the actual context of the DAO and participants of the Agency.

The curated group and its value will be maintained for anyone willing to participate in it, along with the current members, but its main focus is going to shift back to basics that not depending on specific actors. Instead, it will focus on the build aspect of product and reuniting a group of curated individuals from the D_D DAO to test, experiment, and exchange web3 ideas in a builder first safe space that ignites them. With the aim to build a first layer of a known network to support each other in (potential) ventures and ideas discussion and execution.


  • Agency becomes “3 Club”
  • Opening the window to others to cover the service-providing area. If someone is interested in pushing this forward, I am willing to have a talk.
  • Focusing back on shared projects and the infusion of entrepreneurial spirit without constraints. Just a group of curated people and what they generate.


No specific business acumen is arranged, no return, just the opt-in existence of it from the DAO, based on projects and 3Club member-based invitations and referrals.

The initial group will start with the current Agency members, and from there, it will grow based on members inviting others if they consider suitable for participation in Club, no specific lead structure anymore.

Potential clients

(as service provider)

Agency value and incentive structure will continue as is, since the incentives and members value will not change. If there are other people/projects looking to offer an Agency solution in the DAO, we are willing to offer our values to them.

D_D as Business development branch

If a potential gig/project coming specifically from the DAO network or Labs is successful, then the 10% return on revenue generated from that specific project will continue effectively as proposed in past Q4 proposal. But no expectancies are on top of that in order for the group to exist.

The percentage based on each project is completely negotiable up to the person who brings it in.

CODE Allocation

We won’t ask for CODE this Q1, as there is enough CODE in the actual Agency’s safe to reward this new structure if required.

Thinking yet if this needs a SubDAO Coordinator Role. I cannot see it clearly right now.

Publishing it to know your views and push the idea forward and avoid stagnation.

More details as they ocur


Thanks for posting this @Gordo - there were some good discussions on the last coordination call about some of the challenges and I agree with you the current model was not a success.

my TLDR is, don’t have the reputation/portfolio to take on big projects, agency contributors not interested in taking on small projects to build that reputation/portfolio, thus it couldn’t work

I cant see the need for a separate group of curated builders in the DAO and would much rather see us engage the still interested builders in this group to build projects that hare happening in the DAO already e.g: Academy, RPC, also chatting with @k41r0n about an on-chain blog.


RPC for example needs product/design and front end skills, I believe you’re already chatting with @wolovim a bit about academy.

Winding down this approach.

Last details regarding Agency:

The SubDAO model finds itself competing with the mayor DAO in potential resources and potential projects and the incentives in order to reach critical activity are not in place nor they will be as it was dependant on the DAO.

A perception of a black box outside the main DAO is as well counter productive in achieving its goal.


Agency will come back to the public aspect of its initial status. Losing its curated aspect.
Will become a senior alike chat inside the DAO build section with no specific goal of service providing neither venture building. Just the chat. Open to anyone.

Maintainability and weeklies will stop.

This can be archived then. @kempsterrrr