[DRAFT] Streamlining Developer DAO Membership with D4R NFTs and Focusing on Compliant Revenue Generation

Proposal Summary:

This proposal introduces a pivotal change in the Developer DAO’s membership structure. It suggests utilizing the existing D4R (Developers for Revolution) NFT collection as the exclusive means of entry into the DAO. This move aims to foster genuine engagement and participation, supported by a legally compliant and more accessible revenue model through NFT sales, particularly suited for non-web3 natives.

Key Changes:

  1. Exclusive D4R NFT Membership: Entry into the Developer DAO will be solely through the possession of a D4R NFT. This approach emphasizes commitment and contribution, appealing to a broader audience, including those new to web3.

  2. Discontinuation of Governance Token Purchase for Entry: The proposal removes the option to purchase governance tokens for entry into the DAO. Instead, governance influence will be earned through active participation, aligning with our principles of democratic and inclusive community involvement.

  3. Legal Compliance and Marketing: Recognizing legal clarity around NFTs, this proposal highlights the marketing of NFT sales as a compliant way to generate revenue for the DAO. This is in contrast to the restrictions around marketing tokens, offering a clearer and more accessible entry path for new members.

  4. Sustainable Revenue and Community Activities: Revenue generated from NFT sales will be used to fund various DAO activities, supporting the community’s growth and development.


  • Enhancing Member Engagement: By making NFTs the entry point, we ensure members are genuinely interested in contributing to the DAO’s mission.
  • Legal Compliance in Revenue Generation: Leveraging the legal clarity around NFT sales to provide a stable and compliant revenue stream.
  • Lowering Barriers to Entry: Making it easier for non-web3 natives to join and participate in the DAO.


  • Market Dependence: Reliance on the NFT market introduces potential volatility.
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity Challenges: Ensuring the NFT-based membership remains accessible and inclusive to a diverse audience.


  • For
  • Against
  • Abstain

Additional Notes:

This proposal is aimed at reinforcing the Developer DAO’s commitment to active participation and sustainable growth, within a legally compliant framework. It seeks to make the DAO more accessible, especially to those new to the web3 space, by simplifying the entry process and using NFTs as a clear and legally sound method for membership and revenue generation.


What happens with people who got access via CODE?


Easy enough to let them to still continue to have access. Focus of this proposal is more so going forward.

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Would we start minting D4Rs again?

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Sharing some info here that influence this proposal:

D4R Contract / NFT

Criteria Count
Fixed Supply 8,000
Already minted 7,887
Available to mind via ownerClaim 113

When the contract was deployed 223 tokens from 7777 - 8000 were reserved for the owner to clam, 113 of these are remaining to be claimed. Calling the owner method on the contract returns this address - 0x91D7a9e7C09477392290FE16c1b243E4A36d279a

Believe this is @dabit3 - sure he’d be happy to transfer ownership to the DAO if asked.

re above, we’re not able to do this.

Secondary Markets

NFT Marketplaces on ethereum no longer enforce royalties (Opensea, looksrare) which means revenue on secondary market sales (only way we can earn from D4R) is very limited - sellers/buyers can opt into royalties on Opensea however out of the 17 listed there atm only 3 of those are opted in.

Given the above, my perspective is if we switch to the D4R it’s a temp solution whilst we work on a new membership NFT on an L2 (or alt-l1) for cheap gas and with parameters (price etc.) controlled by the community on-chain via Governance.

Curious if this changes your view on the proposal @mannyornothing @ntindle

@mannyornothing could you update this proposal to use Updated Proposal Template for DDIP

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I really like this idea, full support!

I would like to see more direct access to D4R NFT collection purchase page from the D_D website in the future, if it’s possible of course.
Also I’m open to help if some development stuff is needed.


This idea could go really far as we develop more value into our ecosystem. Such as deals on developer tools, exclusive access jobs etc.

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Whatever we settle on would LOVE to see it on the website :100:

That said, given we can’t enforce royalties and therefor earn from the the purchases of the D4R NFT on the open market, nor can we mint more of this NFT, I propose it may be better to invest time in a new membership NFT collection on an L2 where the DAO set’s the price (via governance) and revenue from all sales flow to the treasury to be reallocated by members.

Maybe there is a case for switching discord access to the D4R in the interim and just update the guidelines on how to access the DAO in the handbook - Join our Discord - Developer DAO Handbook

Would solve for the ease of access in the short-term and allow us time to focus on a better solution for the membership NFT. We don’t have to massively promote this switch, just change the handbook and let folks know if they ask - cc’ing @wolovim to a point he raised in the DMs about if we’re going to switch lets do it once and get it right, vs confusing folks with multiple changes

The discussions @mannyornothing has started here are healthy and exciting, having various conversations with folks in the DMs at the min and an interesting potential L2 roadmap for the DAO is appearing out of those conversations it would be great to folks thoughts on…

L2 Roadmap:

  1. Create a membership NFT
  2. Bridge CODE token
  3. Bridge DAO on-chain attestations for DAO contributions, Academy and anything else
  4. Move DAO Media on-chain (Blog, newsletter) potentially via forking mirror, adopting paragraph or rolling our solution. Maybe eventually video. cc

If the DAO rallied around this roadmap (ofc details to be defined) it could serve as a powerful way to bring everyone together, present an opportunity to bring significant funds into the DAO via L2 grant programs or a competitive process for choosing the L, consistent revenue for the DAO via membership fee’s and contributors via retroactive funding from people “Collecting” or "minting: their blog posts and newsletter posts on a mirror like platform.

Full agree. Create lots of opportunity that is accessible via the NFT and capture the value there creates lots of room for introducing and funding more for other to build.


After discussions and ideas floating around, this is what I would like to see come out if this passes.

This NFT will be a Annual Membership and Perks NFT.

The big question is why join Developer DAO with a perks NFT?

We have bright ideas but no funds to execute such ideas.
Perks could include:
Being able to sign up for a chance to Sponsorships/grants for Conferences/hackathons
Ability to sign up for Eden Job Market or other possible jobs partnerships
Ability to claim Perks from partnerships (discounts/ free tickets)
Priority access to blog post drops

What about code token?
Code would still be the governance voting token it currently is. Currently the limitations of having a token doesn’t generate what it needs to fund the DAO. As it stands, the power of governance shows up every quarter with new proposals. I don’t see a need to change that model other than go to a layer 2 for cheaper distribution.
Membership to the DAO with 400 code tokens will still stand. Those who want to add liquidity, still can.

What about the original NFT collection?
For membership, that will always stand.

I can’t afford to buy a membership NFT!
A possible idea is a trade in program 800 code. You can earn code by participating/contributing to the DAO at no cost.
You can also earn the Perks NFT by participating in hackathons and other DAO events.

What happens after the year is up?
It then just stays as a membership token or could be traded in for a discount for the next annual NFT

Where does the money go?
A portion will go to Developer DAO treasury
A portion goes to the creators and organizers that execute it
A portion goes to investments that can fund community incentives
Any royalties will be split

Where will this NFT live?
It makes more sense to deploy this on a layer 2 that is easy for new users to mint and claim. Which is undecided. One the supports grants? Once that incentivizes use to build there? Open to any.

Open to any suggestions

cc @k41r0n are chatting next week to exchange notes on on-chain media options, @Kay or anyone else hmu if you’re interested in riffing on ideas with us

I’m super down for trading code for membership. Earn 800 code each season to keep being a member of you can’t or won’t afford ongoing.

Does D4R give lifetime membership

Sharing some other things to consider here.

There is momentum forming around the [RFC] - Developer DAO RPC Gateway and although we haven’t pushed many benefits to members yet more are coming from P-34: DAO Membership Perks.

As we continue to expand on these value adds, i feel it’s worth considering what a membership would look like if such things as free private RPC were rolled into it. This way your paying for immediate value rather than just access that can translate into value.

To @ntindle question re D4R, under this model the RPC for example couldn’t be free for D4R holders as they’re is a cost to provide it.

Maybe there is a world where the community is more open and folks and chose to opt into membership to unlock more access and/or benefits/products/value.

It should be a payment to the DAO.

NFT Memberships should have both ways to buy: Money or code.

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My full support

  • As simple as possible, complexity built on top.
  • A new NFT each year to be purchase for membership, soulbound NFT. Design contest each year.
  • Liquidity provider for the DAO basics of existence and independence from SubDAOs. Activator of governance.
  • Old NFT (D4R) stays for representation. No more utility as membership.

Optional idea to fund short term. Sell two NFTs representing two past years in order to activate the community. Same, soulbound only purchasable by holders of D4R and people with +400 CODE


A lot of conversations these days always bring me back to this concept.

I’m writing this to fully support it from my side. I only see beneficial outcomes for the DAO with this approach.

I would suggest adding a mechanism where incentivized people can earn the annual subscription through clearly specified rules, creating opportunities for others.

A unique NFT could represent each year. Always sold (ETH or USDC), with the goal of adding direct liquidity to the DAO and incentivise governance and competition over the use of the liquidity generated by the DAO participants again. Enough to cover the DAO existence on its own fully independently without complexities and SubDAOs, the rest is all added on top.

There could be a token representing participation for each season. NFT member tokens, specific to each season, would only be available during that season and soulbound.

Consider the old D4R as a token for participants of the first two years. Additionally, I propose selling two NFTs from the initial two years, exclusively accessible to those with over 400 code and the D4R, to fund the DAO in the short term.

This approach offers as well nice opportunities to gamify the process and create additional features on top and in the future.