[DRAFT] D_D Jobs SubDAO powered by Eden - 2024-Q1

D_D Jobs SubDAO powered by Eden - 2024-Q1

Authors: @impactbilli.eth , @BluePanda, @eloigil , @mannyornothing, @kempsterrrr

View the discussion from the last stage of the proposal here. (provide a link)


We’re seeking a community-supported mandate from the community to help take D_D jobs to the next level and help members land more life-changing opportunities. The $CODE budget requested of 84159 $CODE will be used to bootstrap the D_D jobs talent collective to ~850 members - which will help create a critical mass in terms of the talent pool that will attract top web3 projects to post their opportunities in the DAO. None of the tokens will go to the core team - the whole budget will be redistributed to the community. In the long run, the success of D_D jobs creates demand for the $CODE token, kicking off a value flywheel.

We’d love your thoughts, questions & concerns in the comments!


This bear market DAOs have taken a hit - including ours. When we wrote our initial Soil proposal, we did it from a vision that DAOs would become the native watering holes/oases of the web. A place where you come to grow, contribute & up-level with like-minded individuals. It is now very clear that that vision isn’t going to come to fruition on its own, which is why we’ve been tirelessly working through the bear to put the foundational elements that will help unlock the full potential of DAOs in place.

People join DAOs for 1 of 2 main reasons: learn and/or earn. We, Eden, want to help power the earn part of that equation for D_D by helping members land life-changing opportunities (& many other DAOs & internet native communities in the future). You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been running several trials with Eden in beta in 2023-Q4. We want to take things to the next level and bring all of you along for the journey which is why we’re seeking an official community-wide mandate to help make that vision of turning D_D into that web-native oasis of opportunities for web3 builders.

Scope of Work

Take D_D jobs to the next level by making it the primary way that web3 builders find & are found for opportunities.

The (Core) Team

BluePanda (Blue Saratzidis) - Co-Founder

Has been contributing to the DAO since March 2022. He’s an AI-PhD dropout with previous experience at companies like Goldman Sachs working on amongst others a project that used Graph Convolutional Neural Nets to get the right person on the right project for the right reasons. He’s also coached many mentees to “punch above their weight” when it comes to landing jobs.

Impactbilli (Tom Husson) - Co-Founder

Has been contributing to the DAO since April 2022. This is his 4th talent & technology-related startup with an exit for one of his companies in 2021. In his last company, he worked with EU institutions and multinationals like Carrefour, Bekaert, Liberty Global & many more on using AI to predict employee churn & implementing AI-powered recruitment + talent-matching projects. He also launched an Impactcoin in uni to help the university reduce its carbon footprint by incentivizing more responsible student behavior.

Eloigil (Eloi Gil) - Founding Engineer

Has been contributing to the DAO since May 2022. As 8 years of experience as a full-stack engineer, the ultimate learner’s mindset & an ability to get anything shipped he’s an invaluable part of our team.

Sbelka.eth (Sergey Belyaev) - Frontend Engineer

Has been contributing to the DAO since March 2022. With his ultimate learner’s mindset he’s been implementing key features at Eden while growing his own skills.

Kempsterrr - Key Advisor

One of the D_D founders & has many years of experience in recruitment as well that are proving to be invaluable in the design & implementation of Eden. Combine this with the fact that Kemp lives & breathes D_D and none of us would probably be here without him, kemp’s advice & support is invaluable in making D_D jobs powered by Eden a success.

Manny - Key Advisor

As the person who put D_D jobs on the map in web3 with a network that reaches far & wide + partnership-making abilities that would humble even Donald Trump, Manny’s advice & support are key to making D_D jobs powered by Eden a success.

You - ?

We’re always eager to chat with people who are as excited about our mission of helping everyone find work they love as us.


O1 Foster a fun and safe Member experience Owner
KR Help 10 members land opportunities this quarter Tom Husson
KR Every applicant-member has at least one D_D talent-backer (key holder) that is also a D_D member. Tom Husson
KR Have 1000 D_D members create a profile on Eden by joining the talent collective. Tom Husson
O2 Provide DAO members with high-quality learning opportunities Owner
KR Implement a POC integration with D_D Academy Tom Husson
KR Provide personalized, relevant & actionable feedback to each member measured through a survey Tom Husson
O3 Support DAO members to elevate their impact on the world Owner
KR Help 20 D_D-based projects (hackathons, open-source, pre-series A, …) find relevant collaborators through Eden. Tom Husson
KR Help 10 external companies find their dream talent through Eden Tom Husson
KR Organise 1 live D_D Jobs event at one of the conferences Tom Husson
O4 Position the DAO structurally and financially for long-term success Owner
KR Validate a sustainable, scalable DAO-native business model that acts as a flywheel for community growth Tom Husson

Budget Request (Including value returned to the DAO)

We currently have 29641 code in the Eden multisig from our initial budget application - which you can check at this address: 0x93b4786741a911e228c6d01FD3bb3bB45Fb0b3F7

We’re not seeking a budget for the hours we work - we’re simply looking to get as many members onboarded to Eden as a platform as this only works if we get most of you involved.

We’re looking to make the community experience of helping each other up-level a key part of the Eden experience - that means not only getting members who are actively looking for opportunities on Eden, but also members who are willing to mentor and/or back other D_D members who would benefit to a life-changing degree from a bit of community support.

The reason of our request for $CODE is twofold:

  1. As a clear signal of mandate with attached accountability: Bringing this proposal to the DAO who has to vote on this for these $CODE tokens to be distributed is a clear governing motion of confidence which creates a reciprocal relationship with the OKRs as accountability & alignement tools.
  2. Bootstrap the D_D talent pool: by rewarding everyone who creates an account on Eden - with the early birds rewarded proportionally more than the later joiners to create an incentive to act now + reward the OGs that are still reading these :wink:

This is our initial proposal - but of course happy to get your input.

  1. All the D_D members who already created an account by joining the oasis or applying for a job (total of 197 members): $CODE 400. We know the experience hasn’t been stellar for you yet - but your interaction with the product has helped us get to where we are now: ready for the next steps.
  2. The next 50: 200 $CODE
  3. The next 100: 100 $CODE
  4. The next 200: 75 $CODE
  5. The next 300: 50 $CODE

That brings the total to 78 800 + 10 000 + 10 000 + 15 000 + 15 000 = 113 800 $CODE - 29641 $CODE we still have puts our total request at

84159 $CODE & the total mapped-out talent pool to 847.

None of this $CODE will go to the core team it will all be redistributed to the community. Here’s why we believe that this is a great way to utilize $CODE:

  1. Quality sponsorships: 197 active & committed members can now sponsor additional members to join the DAO, growing the community with quality members.
  2. A value flywheel for the $CODE token: When we make D_D jobs successful & require a D_D membership to join the D_D jobs talent collective we can increase demand for the token as we attract the best opportunities - which will attract the best talent, which will increase demand for the $CODE token, which will attract more talent, which will attract more opportunities etc. This will also rightly reward early supporters adequately & align incentives across the board.
  3. Critical mass to create a great experience for hiring managers: If we can leverage our AI to match the right person in the D_D community at the time a hiring manager posts a job we’re creating a wow experience for hiring managers. We need a critical mass of pre-mapped talent in the DAO to make those meaningful matches. That number is for sure bigger than 500 people.

We’ve tried making financial commitments in the past - but the truth is that this is extremely hard without a validated business model - that’s why one of the OKRs is around validating this sustainable, scalable business model.

The one thing that we can point out though is inspired by this Charlie Munger quote: “Show me the incentive & I will show you the outcome.” Eden’s success is tied up in the D_D jobs & D_D in general growing in size & quality. A sustainable business model for Eden is only possible by D_D becoming the best place on the web to find talent and/or opportunities. To attract that talent & those opportunities, D_D needs resources - so our fates are intertwined in that sense and we have every intention of growing together - both in members and in financial returns from the value we create together.


I am willing to support this for another quarter, but if no revenue is generated by the end of the quarter, I will withdraw my support, despite Eden’s incredible work.


That’s super fair - I will lowkey question my entire existence as a founder if we can’t deliver on that. So yeah, we’re in the same boat.


@impactbilli.eth this proposal has now passed the 5 day discussion period so is ready to be elevated to Snapshot. I share @mannyornothing position in that I am happy to support but must see revenue generated this quarter to continue doing so.

Given myself and @mannyornothing are listed as advisors and therefore have a conflict, tagging other stewards to signal their support, or not, and elevate this vote to Snapshot cc @Erik_Knobl @drop_knowledge @rubinovitz

@impactbilli.eth sharing something here we discussed in the DMs.

How do you feel about including a free / discounted listings for DAO members who are hiring for an early stage company, maybe pre-series A?

Are you happy to return the DAO’s share of revenue on a monthly basis in USDC to the treasury?

Treasury address: 0x7128f5ff32eD07Ce12E6a9deBE32BB40F9884b3C // developerdao.eth

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Hi all,

Is it possible to share a demo or something of what Eden is doing? It’s not super clear from here.

I’ve been familiar in the past but know yall have pivoted a bit.

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Hi mate, absolutely!

This is talent side: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_vJBkCDYNs

& this is the hiring manager side: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXtLZZlpjAM

Been a bunch of updates since that last demo and will record a new one soon but this gives a good idea :slight_smile:

Let us know what you think! :))

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Super on board with this

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