[DRAFT] Labs Sub-DAO - 2024 Q1

Authors: @mannyornothing , @Narb , @Billyjitsu, @Kay , @manny , @jamiebones


This proposal outlines a strategic financial framework for Developer DAO Labs, combining an income-based payment model for contributors with a revenue distribution plan for service packages. It ensures equitable compensation, financial stability, and effective fund allocation, and introduces the ability to sell individual services (Dev & Tell, Technical Workshops, Blog Post, Newsletter) separately.

Part 1: Income-Based Payment Strategy

Multiplier Mechanism:

Contributor compensation is adjusted based on the DAO’s monthly income, using a dynamic multiplier. Contributors are incentivized and aligned more with the DAO to succeed.

Financial Management:

Disclosure of D_D labs financial standing will be disclosed at the end of each month.

Part 2: Revenue Distribution for Service Package

Revenue Allocation:

Allocation Owner Revenue %
Partnerships mannyornothing 25%
DAO TO DAO Grants Partnerships & Partner invoicing and payment coordinating kempsterrr
Delivery Team Narb , Billyjitsu, Kay , jamiebones 40%
- Responsible for creating content, workshops, and other related tasks.
DAO Treasury Contribution 10%
- Contribution to DAO for public goods.
Coordinator Fee Billyjitsu 20%
- Responsible for making sure schedule is adhered with deliverables and milestones and coordinates with.
Dry Powder Fund 5%
- Contingency for emergencies or other opportunities.

Individual Service Sale:

Each service (Dev & Tell, Technical Workshops, Blog Post, Newsletter) can be sold individually, providing flexibility and catering to specific client needs.

Package offering may differ from the sample provided above as per discretion of the labs team

Flexible and Fair Compensation: Ensures fair compensation linked to DAO’s performance and offers flexibility in service offerings.

Financial Security: Supports the DAO’s treasury and establishes an emergency fund.

Transparency and Accountability: Promotes trust through clear financial practices and regular reporting.

Code Budget Request :

Stewards: 800 CODE/mo * 3 months * 6 Stewards = 14,440 total per quarter

Reward Pool for Contributors: Monthly: 4,800 / Quarterly: 14,440


Q1 Educate DAO learners with high-quality learning opportunities Owners (Stewards)
KR Build high quality content for DAO learners Owners (Stewards)
KR Grow DAO socials by 5% - youtube, twitter Owners (Stewards)

Complex Financial Management: Requires detailed planning and management.

Income Variability: Stability depends on consistent income from package or individual service sales.

Voting Options:



The Developer DAO Labs Budget proposal integrates a dynamic payment strategy for contributors with a detailed plan for revenue distribution from both service packages and individual service offerings. This approach includes the creation of a dry powder fund, ensuring financial resilience, equitable compensation, and strategic resource management within Developer DAO Labs.


As I did my first newsletter issue, I wondered: What about recurring work where no sponsors are found every time?


The objective is to secure a paid partnership each month. This will ensure that all expenses related to operating the newsletter for the DAO are covered, thereby sustaining it as a public good.


@mannyornothing thanks for submitting this, glad to see it in. I know this isn’t clear in the handbook at the min so I apologise and will work on this asap, but please can we get this updated to Budget Application Template - happy to help.

A few comments on the proposal:

  1. Applaud the move back to success based rewards in pursuit of sustainability for the team/DAO
  2. Good to see experimentation with income/packages etc.
  3. Who is performing the roles so members have some visibility
  4. Are you able to provide any more specific OKRs and performance against last budgets OKRs? (I know you’re waiting on me for financials, these will be share today before the coordination call, happy to help with this as I authored these with the team last quarter and many apply to me)
  5. Love the idea of a “Dry power fund” and think this is something we should implement at the DAO level too. Curious of thinking that lead to these elements of the proposal.
  6. There is no mention of request for community CODE rewards in this proposal as there were in the last one. Is that intentional? Does Labs want to reward community members in CODE when they participate in the activities run by labs? Here is a dashboard of community rewards last 2 quarters that is almost finished. Given the plan to create a Foundation budget maybe some of this is better living there (i.e. Praise), though imagine DevNTell rewards for example probably better living here. NOTE - I was intending to ship a pretty sizeable asking for community rewards (inc. increase in Praise) in foundation/governance budget. View being need to get more code to more folks - Labs did a good job of this last quarter but think we can do better!
  7. In labs previous budget Labs contributors were rewarded in CODE using the following formula - (USD Reward for month / hourly rate of $50) * 15 - given success based nature of the model hard to predict but sharing for consideration. If you have a revenue target that can be added to the OKRs (be a good thing to see, makes sense to conservative imo) then maybe that figure can be used to request a larger CODE rewards pool for contributors and if it’s not used can be rolled over/returned to the DAO, if it’s under more can be requested in next budget to make up the difference. imo labs contributors deserve strong Governance incentives from their work.

Labs did a good job last 2 quarters of providing value to members, engage partners and providing opportunity to the DAO. Keen to support moving this forward so love to get clarity on the above and let me know if I can support in anyway.

  1. Thank you
  2. Thank you
  3. Will add in chart.
  4. We are keeping our OKRs very simple for this proposal.
  5. Past learning has led us to ensure we have money set aside for when emergencies arise.
  6. Good catch! Will add.
  7. We have chosen a flat rate of 800 per month this time, which mathematically works out to be the same. To ensure fairness, everyone on the team will receive the same code monthly.
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Think it’s fair to the community given the scope of labs for a bit more transparency on what Labs is hoping to achieve.

Be nice to see:

  1. Minimum aims for high-quality educational opportunities
  2. Revenue goals

Fair to be conservative imo

Also be nice to see how we did against previous budgets OKRs, shouldn’t take long, we have a call tomorrow already about finances as Stewards for that part, am here to help on the others as offered just lmk


Don’t have the figures handy to check this right now but if you’re happy with this rate guess that’s up to you

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just curious if its on the radar, lost to the sands of time, or deemed too big of a lift:

while not without its challenges, web3con was a banger and a solid revenue generator, effectively bootstrapping the dao. would this team consider carrying that torch again in the future, i.e., hosting a larger annual event?


On our radar for sure. Labs loves the idea of 1 big hackathon.


I support this as I believe incentive based rewards are the best way to structure the Labs Sub-DAO. The team is also killing it from a delivery stand point, no doubt this will benefit all.

I just got a submission to the D_D blog, and I thought there was no budget allocated for the work on non-partner-related work on the blog. Like editing submissions of members or the planned move of the blog to our own platform, etc.

We’ve been working like this for the past 4 weeks. Sentiment overall is good. Currently, everybody is happy with the overall turnout of how January went even picking up slack from some December promises being delivered this month as well.

Everybody has drive and purpose. Given this new model, more people have been coming up with new ideas to generate business and more partnership leads.

So far it’s been positive shift. I support it.

More details need to be fleshed out. (worked done for other subdaos, monthly on services used, etc) but for now labs is fine with it to help support initiatives.

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