Eden Dispatch #23


  • Enhance Eden’s robustness through QA processes.

This weeks accomplishments


  • Broader refactor (our period of iterating & testing had kinda caught up with us :upside_down_face:)
  • Installed sentry to be able to catch bugs quicker
  • V0.1 of search - get a sneak peek here & give us feedback!
  • Implemented all notification e-mails when applied, selected & rejected for position.


  • Two new job posts by CowFi & the Crypto Recruiters!
  • Revenue set flow back to the DAO at the end of the month!

Community asks

  • If you know anybody who is hiring and wants to give Eden a spin - please send them our way (there’s a referral fee for you!)
  • No open figma’s atm as we’ve been busy building/making more robust what we already have!


  • We need a CI/CD system to consistently test if we are doing the right thing.


  • Develop a robust platform free from bugs
  • Establish a robust user experience

Key Decisions Made

  • Get Dynamic as our new login system


  • Tom pushing us to solve the errors
  • Patrick for teaching us about Dyanmic

Nice update yoooo

What’s the status of marketing these lives jobs to users? Haven’t seen any tweets go out recently!

How are these numbers looking:

KPI Weekly Change Total
Applicants Onboarded
Jobs Added
AI Interview conducted
Human interviews conducted
Members hired