P-34: DAO Membership Perks

P34: DAO Membership Perks

Authors: @kempsterrrr
Supporting Steward: @Erik_Knobl

View discussion from the last stage of the proposal here. (provide a link)


This DRAFT proposal creates a new section on the DAO Handbook for listing redeemable membership benefits such as discounted RPC access from Grove and Nodies as part of our preferred partnerships with POKT Network.

This proposal is seeking feedback on (but not limited to) the following items before being elevated to a vote

  • Listing fee charged to partners
  • Minimum duration of paid listing fees

Before being elevated for a vote a PR will be opened on the handbook repo to create the perks page.


The motivations behind this proposal are as follows:

  • Reward our community by providing more intrinsic value for DAO membership
  • Provide a non-intrusive way to connect partners with members
  • Create opportunity to grow the treasury

This concept was validated by the P3RKS team whereby members were interested in such benefits and partners were interested in providing them. Sadly, the P3RKS team decided to sunset their project so this proposal seeks to re-create the value natively in the DAO with minimum fuss.

Scope of Work

The proposed solution is simple:

  1. Create a member perks/benefits page on the Handbook.
  2. List benefits using Gitbook Cards.
  3. Link to a DeForm to verify token holdings
  4. Automate distribution of perk via make.com
  5. Charge partners via listing fee or affiliate commission to generate revenue of the Treasury


DAO Membership Perks will optimise for value accrual in memberships to the DAO.

Rather than charge for listings, the aim is to pursue the high quality and value for membership by passing all savings onto them where possible. In some case where the only option is to enter into an affiliate agreement with where the DAO makes a commission on each signed up user, 100% of those funds will be return to the treasury.

What perks can be listed

To be listed on the platform a perk must benefit members and provide revenue for the DAO either directly via a listing fee or affiliate agreement, or as part of a separate partnership agreement.

As an interim solution, perks will be proposed on the Coordination call and optimistically added unless there is an objection from someone present on the call. Anyone can propose a perk.


This solution is intentionally simple, relying on DeForm and Make.com to provide a quick functional solution for members. It acknowledges there is likely a better solution to this that could be built in the future should the DAO decide to replace this setup. It also acknowledges there is likely room for improvement on the process for selecting listing in the future.


Single choice voting where one CODE token equals one vote and whichever option has the most votes the the end successful assuming quorum of over 2% of CODE supply (200k votes).

If a draw, we optimistically default to For.

  • For
  • Against
  • Abstain
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  1. supportive of the general concept; P3RKS felt obvious to me while it existed.
  2. no comment on the listing fee or duration, other than to suggest that perhaps it shouldn’t be hard-coded into a proposal, enabling experimentation.
  3. at least some management is required. seems reasonable to expect at least a smol reward for reviewing and accepting/rejecting opportunities, publishing/unpublishing listings, etc unless its wrapped up into another role.
  4. the “what perks can be listed” guideline will probably be tested before long. might make sense to explicitly give the team some discretion to enforce quality. for example, if the perks page is full of nft allowlists… feelsbadman.
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Here is a preview link for how this would look on the handbook - Membership Perks - Developer DAO Handbook

How it works:

  1. Click on the card
  2. Opens a link to a DeForm to validate token holdings
  3. Member fills out the form
  4. Receives an email from operations@developerdao.com with instructions on how to redeem via make.com integration.

The email

The Grove offer is live and real if you want to test it via the preview link above

Thinking about quoting an initial price and then acknowledging it can be flexible, we charged $250/month for perks at the time which people bought. Didn’t get repeat customer for this. In some cases where partners may just want to list a one-off offer for members (this happened with consensus tickets last year for example) maybe we just let them list for free and capture the value in the increase in intrinsic membership value. Lean towards starting low and seeing how we go, optimise for value for member vs capturing revenue.

Agree, happy to have guidelines or for discretion to be afforded to whoever is maintaining the list. Agree that focussing on quality > quantity is better.

:slightly_frowning_face: please share @pbillingsby.eth if you want to. I threw this up for feedback on the idea

I’m good. I gave plenty of feedback on this project when it was in our hands as the P3RKS team. You get to do it your way now

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Since shipping this proposal, I’ve opted to to take a step back from labs so pinging the team here to see if they’re happy to manage this and also get their perspectives on revenue etc.

I’m happy to continue doing the tasks of listing these in the short-term and can write a guide to hand over the work to labs team. Love to see this experiment shipped and iterated on,

@mannyornothing @Billyjitsu @Kay @Billyjitsu @jamiebones @Narb

@mannyornothing and I have a conversation about the revenue model pricing, he proposed not charging for listings and using it as a way to build connections and relationships with partners. We also discussed the idea of passing all value onto members and rather capturing the value for the DAO as a whole in whatever solution we settle on for memberships re recent proposal about new membership NFTs.

On balance I think this is better for everyone vs the small value capture of each listing.

This project should require partners buy either an NFT or buy 2500 code token to post. The partners should be able self onboard.


I semi like this idea, needs some type of filtering to keep spam/scam projects from posting perks.


I have updated this with the following changes:

  1. Remove any concept of charging, accrue all value back to the Membership / Treasury cc @mannyornothing
  2. Introduced simple mechanism for listing perks via proposing at the weekly Coordination Call cc @Billyjitsu

To be elevated it requires support from a @stewards

Happy to support this proposal.
I’m on the side of filtering possible partners to prevent spam/scams.


Agree with this.
I also support this proposal

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thanks @Erik_Knobl and @markkos89.eth

Added you here @Erik_Knobl - will elevate the proposal to a vote later today/tomorrow

This proposal has been elevated Snapshot for voting

When the vote passes. How fast can we onboard partners?

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A healthy timeline would be 48 hours turn around once we have all the info we need from partners, that would be:

  1. Full details of offer
  2. Means of redemption (coupon code, us giving them a list of address/email etc.)
  3. Designs assets to use in handbook and social links (meta image)

This snapshot vote has now passed. I’ll create a simple doc to share with partners who are interested that include what we need from them for the Coordination call tomorrow

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