Updated Proposal Template for DDIP

Proposals should try to follow the template below. Modifications can be made where necessary. Proposal rules & guidelines are outlined in our DDIP document. These rules must be followed to be considered a valid proposal.

Proposal Title

Authors: separated by commas
View discussion from the last stage of the proposal here. (provide a link)


A simple description of the proposal’s end result and desired changes. Should be no more than a few sentences.


Explain why this proposal is necessary or useful for the community in general. How is it adding value and what problem or opportunity does this proposal target?

Scope of Work

Optional section if you need to explain in detail the action items, probable timelines, and final goals.


Optional section if drawbacks should be identified.


For [DRAFT] proposals, remove this section.
For Forum Votes, remove this section and add a poll by clicking the settings gear above. Forum Votes should contain two options:

  • Yes - Move proposal to Snapshot
  • No - Do not move proposal to Snapshot

For Snapshot Votes, add this section to explain the choices.


NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE WILLIAM. Can i suggest we add a section for mission, values and goals alignment? Also maybe something about success metrics/KPIs so proposal can be held accountable to their outcomes?


An optional, accompanying [Theme Song] should be added to the template. Would be cool to get the vibe of a proposal in ways that cannot be communicated through text. But that might be just me being silly.


Mission, Values, Vibes, and Goals.

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I second the key results/KPI/DoD requirement. Every proposal is an experiment in a sense and it needs to be clear how we validate the outcome (not to punish people, to iterate over the results). I know this is probably same as scope of work, but I think it should be mandatory and clearly defined.

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