Coordination Sync - 2023-12-28


Date: December 21, 2023
Facilitator: @kempsterrrr
Contributors: @Crypdough.eth @mannyornothing @Billyjitsu @BluePanda @Gordo @Nazeeh21 @Martin

Weekly sync to coordinate Contributor and Members across the DAO on organisational wide challenges and opportunities, as well as coordinate between groups in a single regular shared space

Desired outcomes for the meeting

  1. Generate shared context across the DAO
  2. Unblock people trying to GTD
  3. Improve coordination between different groups


:studio_microphone: Recording

:spiral_notepad: Agenda & Notes

  • Shout-outs and kudos :people_hugging:
  • Team updates
    • Labs
      • @Billyjitsu -Working on the budget proposal, manny handed draft last night it’s being reviewed
      • @manny sharing feedback and getting going on coordination
    • Agency - @gordo
      • Focusing on hiring a BD person for the project
        • 2 in process for this
      • Consider developing business in the back of job listings
      • Budget proposal - not request any funds and have large existing CODE allocation, not asking for USDC to enforce agency to be sustainable or it shouldn’t exist. Need to set a hard deadline on making this work/not, model during last quarter so looking at different approach to see if it can be done better.
    • Academy - @wolovim not preset
    • Eden - @bluepanda
      • Tom is not very well so Blue stepping in
      • Blue working on new designs and fixes based in feedback from manny and patrick , partnerships slow over the holidays and focused on design
        • Features delivered: seo images.
        • Features incoming: application database search algorithm
      • kemp - Can Eden create a budget request? blue yes, will chat with Tom
    • Foundation kempsterrrr
  • Governance Discussion
  • Contributor Submitted Agenda Items
    • Request for action → Call next week to migrate to new Notion structure
      • Asking for @wolovim @Manny and @Gordo to attend as they’re playing the coordination role in their respective teams and can feedback to the teams
        • @manny - already leaning into this
        • @wolovim - not here so need to chase
        • @manny - let it run it’s course for a little so folks can feel out how it’s working and review together to see IF there are sensible defaults to set
    • Question from @kempsterrrr - Happy lifting thread for these chats into gov-chat?
      • Reasoning - coordination channel is hidden from much of the DAO and opt in
        • Anyone object - no
        • will start doing this from next week
    • Questions from @kempsterrrr - How do we evolve the Stewards role?
      • Suggested Answer/Action
        • Each Sub-DAO Elects ≥ 1 Steward
          • Ensures their active in the DAO for performing their role
          • Ensures they have decent context for operational decision making (expense requests, treasury management)
          • Elected by the DAO via Budget proposals
        • Feedback on this
          • @billyjitsu - what happens if we don’t have enough Sub-DAO’s to be stewards
          • @gordo - concerns on the incentives structures in the DAO, the NFT subscription model could nicely align the right incentives to be in the DAO. Most people here to find
          • @mannyornothing - why do people join the DAO: jobs, up skill themselves - we have a strange culture where we view folks who aren’t here anymore as they’ve left, can we look at this as an alumni and is there a way we can be proud and maybe have a way for them to give back and have them proud of the DAO
          • @gordo - love the idea of a membership, community of builders, no reliance on external partners to sustain the DAO
          • `@mannyornothing - agree, ultimate goal is DAO funded and generate content vs relying on partners to generate this opportunity for us. If we build towards this we can then make money from partners on ad advertising vs paid content model where we control the content
          • @gordo - how do we get there
          • @mannyornothing - overtime
          • @kempsterrrr - if we align around this idea, can be a really itneresting catalkyst for aligning the DAO around a roadmap and plan that can include securing grants fund from an L2
          • @mannyornothing - We should be pursuing grants across the DAO… re membership, if we settle on this we can then focus on “how do we add value to this membership” - perks, jobs, education, etc. etc. - there are so many things going on in the DAO the NFT could provide access to and allow us to build and ecosystem: jobs, RPC, academy courses, content. Not against CODE token but for access with law restrictions stopping us selling and cost we’re loosing people in that process so access needs to be simplified. If we still use CODE for Governance we could buy it back from revenue, reinvest in members shipping projects
          • @kempsterrrr - agree on all, love the idea of getting out into the ecosystem and growing together with people
          • @mannyornothing - how can we re-use the steward’s role to look externally as well as internally, building relationships other DAOs
          • @kempsterrrr - agree, need to figure a way to ensure that fits into a steward
          • @Gordo - always looked at DD as mimicking a y-combinator but for web3, the end goal of these are investments, everything else leads into as the network and community is curated and highly valuable that will launch, attract and support successful projects. Don’t mean to be negative, trying to be practical/pragmatic about what we can achieve.
          • @manny most members in the DAO aren’t entrepreneurs, they’re hear to learn, make friends and get a job, we need to provide them want they need and then evolve to provide opportunity for 5% of people who want to lean in and takes the risk
          • @mannyornothing - look at people who were successful out of our DAO, most of them
          • @Gordo - when things are pretty wide open you cannot focus, so reduce risks and double down on things that work and provide quality on specific areas that used to work, how do we enlarge it and provide the maximum amount of quality and be the leader in that market.
          • @Gordo - if the most valuable/successful profiles we’ve had are those who have come, learnt, created and then gone onto get big jobs in the ecosystem, how to we build for these groups to create more of them.
          • @crypdough - the DAO needs to curate and support distribution for projects that members are working on, rather than trying to directly trying to fund things
          • @mannyornothing - how do we do that?
          • @crypdough - some short of process for pitching ideas that the DAO supports, should their be a specialised set of people
          • @crypdough the other thing to note on the cost side of supporting distribution retroactively in the long-term.
          • @billyjitsu - easy low-hanging fruit using NFT funding to get people sponsored to get 1000 bucks to head over to an event and hack
          • @mannyornothing - all comes back to why people joined the DAO: learn, get jobs in web3, meet some friends
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