Coordination Sync - 2024-01-11

Date: January 11th, 2024
Facilitator: @kempsterrrr
Contributors: @Billyjitsu @wolovim @Piablo @impactbilli.eth @Kay @mannyornothing @PSkinnerTech

Weekly sync to coordinate Contributor and Members across the DAO on organisational wide challenges and opportunities, as well as coordinate between groups in a single regular shared space

Desired outcomes for the meeting

  1. Generate shared context across the DAO
  2. Unblock people trying to GTD
  3. Improve coordination between different groups


:studio_microphone: Recording

:spiral_notepad: Agenda & Notes

  • Shout-outs and kudos :people_hugging:
  • Team Updates
    • Labs - Near is on-going, Scroll is going, Hiro is asking to move a few things around, all in just need to execute.
    • Academy - working towards a V2 MVP release date of 24th this month, content migration going on and new content coming through from Raza/Scroll. Opening contributors, looks like we’re bringing in 7i70 and Brian5, balancing this.
      • kemp how do we get maximum ROI on the MVP and courses being launched between labs and Academy
      • Wolovim relayed the dates to Raza and Billy, need to open the conversation Labs on this
      • BillyJitsu has a hard deadline for API3 to deliver for ETH Denver for this Saturday
      • Piablo happy to help if there’s anything that
    • Eden
      • Focused on selling jobs slots, we have revenue at $250. Focus is very much on sales. Product is likely switching to dynamic as login.
      • Working new ideas for referrals with keys (similar to friend tech), potentially looking at bounties and escrows based on key holdings, potential open a sustainable biz model from the DAO.
      • Proposal Launched
      • Customer asking how many people are there, proposal aims at driving this, how do we do that?
      • kemp how can Labs support the promotion of jobs @Manny @K
      • kemp putting Twitter Organisations on the map.
      • Tom is there a case for using the jobs account
      • Manny give access to the jobs account
      • tom can collaborate
  • Governance
    • Snapshot
    • Forum
      • Academy & Argo Academy
        • [DRAFT] Academy Sub-DAO - 2024 Q1
          • Status - enough time on forum, decision needs to be made on conflicting proposals. Options are
            • Co-exist - individual votes
            • Conflict - collective vote (one “vs” the other)
        • [DRAFT] Argo Academy (An Academy Alternative) 2024 Q1
          • Status - enough time on forum, decision needs to be made on conflicting proposals. Options are
            • Co-exist - individual votes
            • Conflict - collective vote (one “vs” the other)
      • Outcome of conversations so far:
        • TLDR - there is space for both to exist as whist they share a Domain of Operations as education platforms, they’re features differentiate them - one text focused and one video focused.
        • Next Steps
          • Raise a Snapshot vote with the following options
            • Academy
            • Argo Academy
            • Both
            • Neither
        • Other considerations
          • Before this moves forward, is there any further perspective or consideration people would like to share and discuss here?
            • wolovim - will be abstaining given gov rules, would love to see a healthy DAO where both projects are given the best chance at succeeding.
          • It highlights a lack of synergy in the DAO between Sub-DAO’s and challenges with existing structures and collaboration that would be health to continue discussing.
            • Piablo - coordination has a sense for formality as everyone has a lot going on and this is more of an update, likes the idea of having a more informal call about folks are up to and doing in the DAO
            • kemp -
            • Wolovim - a big shared goal like web3con that brings the DAO together has real value but it’s a big lift. One other things that come to mind is the ‣
            • Wolovim - some of the ambiguity and uncertainty pivoting out of Labs and Labs being the DevRel arm the DAO but also the De-Facto operators of the DAO. Some clarity of that role definition within Labs
            • kempsterrrr -
            • Piablo - would like to re-consider the proposal put forward consider as glass half full, vs empty, and taking active contributors along with other members who aren’t so actively involved. Vision would be to eventually create a membership token and couple that on a soul-bond token. Gives turn over of expertise and ambition.
            • kempsterrrr with you all the way to soul-bound token :joy:
            • Piablo need to make it fun, prioritise community and make it fun. Might be as I’ve been working here and maybe feeling burnout, but feels like an opportunity to bond an get back to grass roots.
      • [DRAFT] Labs Sub-DAO - 2024 Q1
        • Status - template needs updating before elevating
        • Author comments
      • [DRAFT] D_D Jobs SubDAO powered by Eden - 2024-Q1
        • Status - Discussion, ends Jan 14 3:51 PM
  • Contributor Submitted Agenda Items
    • Are we happy with this plan to Allocate Gitcoin’s CODE tokens
      • Plan
        • 500k Allocation will be split across multiple SAFEs with 1 SAFE for voting and 1 SAFE for holding the tokens
        • The voting SAFE will never hold more than 5% of the DAO’s circulating supply of CODE tokens. This maintains the spirit of the original proposal to allocate 5% whilst limiting the impact on our Governance
        • Each quarter, the different between the balance of voting SAFE and 5% of the circulating supply will be transferred from the non-voting SAFE to the Voting SAFE
      • Should this go through Governance
        • Given the allocation has already passed through Governance an update to the community should be fine
    • Zerion Video ready to publish
      • Yes this is ready to publish, we were waiting on an OK from the Zerion team
    • ETH Denver Planning
  • Open Q&A
    • Stewards needs to be updated. The objectives of the Stewards was sensible, unfortunately when elected we immediately lost a few members life circumstances and it lost it’s momentum.
      • kemp suggest we keep the stewards roughly as is, however require 1/2 from Sub-DAOs to be sit on the council plus maybe some elected community members. This ensures we have the committed contributors and and community voice. We could also have outside delegates and advisors such as Gitcoin sit on here, maybe others?

:white_check_mark: Action Items

  1. @wolovim to connect with @manny regarding promoting Academy V2 launch
  2. @impactbilli.eth to sync with @manny regarding Eden jobs promotion ( @mannyornothing is also giving @impactbilli.eth access to the Developer DAO Jobs account