P-35: Academy & Argo Academy


This proposal asks the community to vote on options related to two proposals that share similar Domains of Operations:


To allow the community to decide on the best path forward for two sub-dao proposals which share similar domains of operations.

Scope of work

Scope of work is defined individually in each proposal:

Please review this proposal and the discussions on them before casting your vote. You can also see notes on discussions between the teams in Coordination Sync - 2024-01-11.


DAO Voting strategy is currently 1 CODE token 1 vote. If there is a tie between options the optimistic option is taken. In this case that would be “Both’'. A quorum of over 2% of CODE supply (200k votes) must be reached for the vote to be valid.

  • Academy
  • Argo Academy
  • Both
  • Abstain
  • Neither

This forum post has been opened to allow for collective discussion around this vote.

It welcomes questions from members about each proposal and any responses or statements from the Academy and Argo Academy teams cc @wolovim @Piablo @markkos89.eth @uma @PSkinnerTech

The snapshot vote goes live tomorrow at 12pm UTC, here is the link.