Coordination Call - 2023-12-21

DAO Coordination Sync - 2023-12-21

Date: December 21, 2023
Facilitator: @kempsterrrr
Contributors: @wolovim @Crypdough.eth @Piablo @mannyornothing @Billyjitsu @BluePanda

:film_projector: Recording

Weekly sync to coordinate Contributor and Members across the DAO on organisational wide challenges and opportunities, as well as coordinate between groups in a single regular shared space

Desired outcomes for the meeting

  1. Generate shared context across the DAO
  2. Unblock people trying to GTD
  3. Improve coordination between different groups

:spiral_notepad: Agenda & Notes

  • Shout-outs and kudos :people_hugging:
  • Team Updates
    • Labs
      • Re-thinking roles and budgets, aim to make roles clearer, rewards more based on success and figure out clearly how each product supports the model.
      • Hiro, NEAR and Scroll Partnership’s activity in Jan
      • K taking on newsletter editor role
    • Academy
      • wolovim - quiet over the holidays, aiming to post by the end of the day or tomorrow
      • wolovim - v2 work underway. made a point to strip down what the MVP of version is doing to be so they can get it out as quickly as possible. Piablo have two teams in the DMs for beta partner content. They’ve created a new lesson plan, big thanks to Billy for filling this out.
      • wolovim need to confirm as a team what they think is realistic launch date is the V2
    • Eden
      • blue
    • Agency - Gordo didn’t make it
      • piablo Do we have a timeline for the website going live? Would be cool to know to for coordinating Academy v2 launch
  • Governance Proposals
    • [DRAFT] Annual NFT Membership in Developer DAO
      • Author: @Manny N
      • Can it be elevated from: 23 December
      • Supporting Steward: TBD
      • Author comments/asks
        • Key purpose is to give folks an easier way to enter the DAO given the lack of liquidity for governance token. If the NFT sales go well we can fund the treasury to fund our own content as well as partner content. Might open up a different model that gives the power back to the DAO
        • Please post comments on the forum, happy to live and die by Snapshot
      • Attendee comments/asks
        • kemp are you planning to respond to the questions on the forum?
        • billy how does the pricing vs access work
        • kemp need to double check Governance process if Manny can elevate himself or if he needs support from another steward.
    • [DRAFT] DAO Membership Perks
      • Author: @Kempsterrrr
      • Date it can be elevated from: 23rd December
      • Supporting Steward: TBD
      • Author comments/asks
      • Attendee comments/asks
        • manny - why not have this as goodwill gesture, this way value flows to membership over charting partners a nominal amount for listing a benefit
    • [DRAFT] Pilot a D_D mini ‘Citizens’ Assembly’ to improve governance-participation
      • Author: @piablo
      • kemp you mentioned a test case or two. should that go in the proposal?
      • Date it can be elevated from: no immediate rush.
      • Supporting Steward: TBD
      • Author comments/asks:
        • Feedback. Eventually, participants for this are what’s needed.
        • Doesn’t feel current Governance is working, too long, lacking engagement, hard to follow along
        • Need more people engaging
      • Attendee comments/asks
        • kemp interesting ideas, governance experimentation great. If we’re to pass, probs massive
  • Contributor Submitted Agenda Items
    • kemp
      • Working with GitCoin team to execute CODE exchange, is everyone happy for me and manny to roll with this?
        • Considerations
          • Manny and kemp being signers on shared multi-sig (need a third, someone active)

          • Agreeing some mechanisms to reduce GC’s influence on our Governance

          • Does this need to be put to a vote (at a min plans shared to forum, given it may adjust the previous proposal votes seems needed to me)

            Any decision that impacts the Treasury balance or allocation that is not already accounted for in a previous proposal.

            Anything that impacts the Governance of the DAO

            Anything that impacts the “The Developer DAO Foundation" including its Articles and ByLaws.

            • The 500k is already accounted for in the original proposal though we may be changing the terms of that proposal re how those tokens are allocated
        • Thought & Feedback
          • crypdough - can we set a cap on voting to limit overall voting power in the DAO? Could address the same issue
      • Action from kemp - Foundation Budget & moving away from Labs
        • Planing to submit a foundation budget proposal that includes my role (unpaid for next quarter), overall finances for the DAO and suggestion on how to handle the debt’s owed to Erik & Luan, plus outstanding costs due for the Foundation. Would like to hear from members what they’d like to see in this?
          • Reasoning
            • Labs workload and demand of being responsible for partnership work meant “DAO Work” to a back seat
            • Healthy to have someone focus solely on the DAO making the systems and processes for the DAO work better based on what members want to see.
        • Thoughts/Feedback
          • wolovim - doesn’t feel like a long-term solution, whilst it’s not related to revenue it’s important work. How have you thought or how should we think about making this along-term solution.
          • wolovim love to see some small experiments getting launched and being successful: merch, 30 days of text, writing cohorts are good example of these things.
          • crypdough Slightly related but not pressing – but black and white requirements for projects to become a Sub DAO. I know we got held up on this a while ago, but getting this right seems important for the overall growth of the DAO
          • wolovim if we’re removing the Sub-DAO coordinator payment, that releases us to allow more sub-DAOs to be created
          • crypdough we need to be quicker to hold people org s accountable for not keeping up to KPIs or goals. More specifically we have stewards, one of our community managers not showing up. If incentives are aligned enough people should be more than willing to meats the goals and KPIs
      • Action from kemp - Developer DAO Gateway RFC > RFP
        • Does anyone want to be involved in this?
          • crypdough interested in exploring this