Introducing POKT Network as Preferred RPC Partner

We’re delighted to welcome POKT Network as our preferred RPC Partner :partying_face:

Ben, Adrienne, Art (Grove) and Gary (Nodies) from the POKT Network ecosystem will be hanging out with us in Discord on Wednesday, the 8th, @ 5 pm UTC to introduce themselves to everyone, riff on RPC / DePIN, our partnership, and generally chat with Members about what they’d like to see from the partnership.

RSVP for a hangout with POKT Network on Luma here - Talking RPCs and DePIN with POKT Network · Luma

Why an RPC partnership?

RPC is the foundational infrastructure that enables anyone to read/write to the blockchain.

And POKT Network’s two existing Gateways are both offering discounts to Developer DAO members, over and above their free access tiers.

Why are we excited about POKT Network?

POKT Network has a different approach than other RPC providers.

The project is a p2p RPC base layer that enables users (applications/developers) to access resilient, low-cost, and low-latency blockchain data from its decentralized network of nodes, via access points called Gateways.

Each Gateway is effectively its own RPC business, but instead of building their own underlying infrastructure, they plug into POKT Networks. Kind of like how it might look if anyone could build a ride-hailing app on top of Uber’s database and systems.

Explainer thread here, and here’s a visual. :point_down:

This expansion of Gateways is tied to POKT Network’s overall decentralization journey.

The network of node operators (the supply side) has been decentralized from the start. They’ve always had an empowered DAO and are doing interesting things in governance (here). And they’re one of the first established Web3 projects to embrace modular blockchain in their protocol development (here).

What to expect?

We’d love to hear your thoughts about what you’d like to see in the community this Wednesday - RSVP here.

In the meantime, here are some areas we plan to collaborate on to bring educational opportunities, fun and support to the community.

  • Bounties for members to create content around POKT Network, thair gateways and DePIN.
  • Hackathon collaborations to bring more support and incentives for members to build
  • Online & IRL events to bring the community together and share knowledge
  • Workshops on how to extract the most value from RPCs to query contextual rich data from the blockchain
  • Opportunities for members to engage in the POKT ecosystem

What’s next?

Discounted access to RPCs from Nodies and Grove

To kick off the partnership, Nodies and Grove will offer discounted rates on top of their generous free tier to access their RPC gateways on POKT Network.

All you have to do is drop your email in this form, and we’ll be in touch with details on redeeming your exclusive Member offer.

Join us for Talking RPCs and DePIN with POKT Network.

This Wednesday at 5 p.m. UTC, we’ll be welcoming Ben, Adrienne, Art (Grove) and Gary (Nodies) from the POKT Network ecosystem in Discord to riff on RPCs and Decentralised Physical Infrastructure (DePIN).

Come to learn more about POKT Network, their ecosystem, gateways and riff on the importance of Decentralised Physical Infrastructure (DePIN).


Twitter Thread Bounty competition with USDC Bounties

After the community call, we’ll be launching a Twitter thread bounty competition via JokeRace for members based on POKT Network and DePIN so make sure to come along to chat with the team and ask questions.

Details of the competition will be shared on and after the call - USDC Bounties are up for grabs.

What do you want to see?

Whilst we have some ideas of bringing value to the community already, we’d love to hear from members on what kind of things you’d like to see.

Joins us for the community call and riff on ideas for the partnership.

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