P-2: Defining our Mission, Values, and Goals

Defining our Mission, Values, and Goals

Proposal #: 2
Date: October 15 2021


This proposal establishes our initial Mission, Values, and Goals. With the passing of this proposal, we will have clarity and alignment to press on with our Season 0. Our Mission, Values, and Goals should be viewed as living ideas with clarification & modifications possible through future proposals.


It is critical that we come to consensus around our Mission, Values, and Goals as we begin to move forward as a DAO. Having these pieces finalized will allow us to answer the next set of questions around what we want to accomplish in Season 0.

Scope of Work

See the Mission, Values, and Goals below. Conversations took place in Discord, in town halls, and was most recently discussed on our forum.


Developer DAO exists to accelerate the education and impact of a new wave of web3 builders.


  • Transparency (open source everything, conversations in public, document and share journey)
  • Diversity and Inclusion (seek to foster as diverse a membership as possible and support everyone to contribute)
  • Responsibility (as a self-governed community we rely on members to be personally responsible for their actions and commitments to the community)
  • Kindness and empathy (we know that we are living in a complex, stressful, and diverse world and go out of our way to make people’s lives and days better through our interactions)


  • Onboard, Educate, & Support Web3 Developers
  • Foster & Build Web3 Tools & Public Goods

Success metrics and KPIs

Success of this proposal will be achieved by the DAO members accepting the Mission, Values, and Goals. We will continue to make sure new members receive and understand these messages.

Details of Proposers

Nader Dabit, @dabit3 - nader#1506
Will Kempster, @kempsterrrr - kempsterrrr#8590
Will Blackburn, @willblackburn - willblackburn#5859


The voting period will take place next week. Voting will take place on Snapshot.org using DEVS ERC-721 Tokens for voting power. To help avoid Sybil attacks, an account with DEVS tokens will only receive one unit of Voting Power regardless of how many tokens that account holds. A guide will be published showing how to easily vote without gas or other fees. More information about the voting period will be shared in Discord.


@kempsterrrr would this suffice as the DAO manifesto?

yeah mate, this our ratified mission, values and goals, closet thing we have a full manifesto :slight_smile:

@RyanCoordinator and I were just chatting about the need to more publicly communicating this vision, for example the mission, values and goals page in our wiki is just a copy of this proposal :man_facepalming:

atm the moment we don’t really have a PR push for the DAO which we could maybe do with paying a lot more attention too!

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