Introducing Zerion as our Wallet Partner

We’re hyped to introduce Zerion as our Wallet partner :tada:

Abi, Sean and Gleb from the Zerion will be hanging out with us in Discord on Wednesday, the 4th @ 1 pm UTC to introduce to everyone, riff on wallets, our partnership, what we have planned so far and feedback from Members on what they love to see in the Wallet and from the partnership.

RSVP for hangout with Zerion on luma here.

So, why this partnership?

A key goal for the DAO defined here is to onboard, educate and support web3 builders.

Wallets are fundamental to the web3 experience. You can’t do much (anything?) without one, so the UX and features of the wallet you use significantly impact everyone here, building the future and the folks using the tools we make.

Having a wallet partner we trust to recommend and build with, working hard to solve these issues, helps us achieve this goal.

Why Zerion?

We were looking for a team focused on solving the important UX and Safety challenges with web3 wallets and who we felt shared the DAO’s values.

The Zerion team matched on both fronts. This is demonstrated by the feature set they’ve built into their wallets, values, and general vibe as partners.

Some of the features we believe will be very valuable for the community:

What to expect?

We want to hear from Members on what they’d like to see from the partnership. In the meantime, here are some of the initiatives we’re working on at the moment:

  • Videos demonstrating the features above to help users have a better and safer experience in web3. Let’s have fun on-chain and not get rekt.
  • A workshop series on how to use the Zerion API/SDK
  • Content bounties related to using the API/SDK and more funds available for content bounties not specific to Zerion.
  • A method (with incentives) for Members to give direct feedback to Zerion on what builders and users want to see from their wallets.
  • Custom Developer DAO skins for Zerion Dynamic NFT Avatar
  • Clever ways to make use of Zerion’s features to improve member experience
    • Notifications of CODE rewards being issued
    • Potentially using Zerion’s Claim feature to notify Members of NFTs or rewards to claim
  • Early access to new features from Zerion
  • Zerion-specific bounties in our Hackathons (where applicable)
  • Branding and call to action on our content to check out Zerion products

What next…

Beta Access to Browser Extension

To kick the partnerships off, Zerion is allow-listing every Developer DAO Member Beta Access to their new Browser extension Wallet.

  1. Create a fresh EVM wallet - here is a guide on how to do with Zerion on iOS or Android
  2. Fill out this form and share your new wallet address.
  3. The Zerion team will add any new submission to the allowlist each week.

*Anyone who holds the D4R NFT or CODE tokens has already had those wallets allowlisted. However, as you must import PKs or SeedPhrases during the extensions Beta program, we recommend creating a fresh wallet.

Come hang out and talk wallets with the Zerion Team.

As mentioned at the top, Abi, Sean and Gleb from the Zerion team will hang out with us in Discord on Wednesday 4th, October to Talk about all things Wallets.

Come along to get a feel for the team, riff on wallet UX and challenges, how Zerion are working on solving that, how we’re planning to build together with the partnerships, what you’d like to see from the partnership and any feedback for the team on what they should be making.


I would love to test out the Zerion wallet, but I filled out my main wallet to be added to the allow list. However, I don’t feel comfortable providing the private keys to my main wallet.

I tried to fill out the form again to add a new wallet, but I’m unable to add another one.

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Can you try the forum again @tonystark - link - lmk me know if it does work.

Good security practice from you ser :saluting_face:

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Just tried it again, and I was able to add a new address to the whitelist wait list.


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