[DRAFT] Governance Token Allocation Amendment for Founding Team & Advisors

Title: Governance Token Allocation Amendment for Founding Team & Advisors

This is a work-in-progress proposal for our token allocation amendment, as discussed previously with the community.


The token distribution currently ratified through P-5: Governance Token Proposal is:

  • 50% to the Developer DAO Treasury
  • 25% to current members
  • 10% to founding team and advisors*
  • 10% to early contributors
  • 5% to partners

* subject to vesting

This new proposal modifies the breakup within the 10% allocation to “founding team and advisors.” Specifically, it takes governance tokens allocated to advisors and set aside for future advisors and establishes a sponsorship program for membership.

Note: The rest of the groups are not modified or changed in any way, including the current members and early contributors allocations.

Current Founding Team & Advisors Allocation - 10% Total

  • Founding Team (6 members) - 6%
  • Advisors (2 members) - 0.9%
  • Unallocated Advisors - 3.1%

Amended Founding Team & Advisors Allocation - 10% Total

  • Founding Team (6 members) - 6%
  • Advisors (1 member) - 0.45%
  • Unallocated Advisors - 2%
  • Member Sponsorships - 1.55%

This member sponsorships allocation will allow for ~387 sponsorships to Developer DAO.

What are member sponsorships?

The tokens in this allocation will be used to give membership to the DAO. As defined in the Governance Token Proposal, membership will begin at 400 tokens.

The DAO will define the process for awarding these sponsorships in a way that reflects our Mission, Values, and Goals.


Nice. This is the way.


support, agree. . .。。

I agree with this approach

this is fine I guess

Why not ? Interested in awarding process

I support. Just to be clear on the sponsorships, will not only provide access in the form of membership, but also governance. At least as I understand it.

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yea good point to emphasize that we’ll be airdropping governance as well. I think this just means we want to do some sort of due diligence to make sure people we are sponsoring actually want to become active members of the community


big fan of the updated founding team 10% allocation breakdown. looks great. I remember in the discord when we were discussing this that someone said it would be nice to have a full token breakdown (not %s) when we do the amendment proposal so everyone can see exactly where things are going (for those less mathematically inclined). something to consider for the final vote


I support this … the updated review is a great one with a proper break down of how everything will go … WAGMI guys …!!!

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I very much agree with this proposal, which is in everyone’s common interest. I wish the project better and better.

In talking about this, “Sponsorships” has been confusing for many, so going forward let’s call them “Fellowships”

Big support for fellowships and allocations for it!
We will work to partner with mission driven organizations in our ecosystems to bring in great people to grow with us :slight_smile:


I propose that we use the unallocated 2% in the following way:
1% to RyanCoordinator for extraordinary contribution in driving the operations team,
4 x 0.25% allocations for partner groups such as legal operations partners and events platform partners.


Your contributions to the DAO are as impactful as anyone else today and I’m grateful for them. I would go to bat for you for the established advisor share of .45%. My reasoning is that the founding team share of 1% is meant to reflect the several months of getting the DAO from zero to one and our earliest interaction with you, as a member of GitcoinDAO, was in the form of an advisor. The advisor allocation + Ops Team salary feels to me like appropriate compensation. Unclear to me if this proposal should occur in this thread or a new one.

Separately, I agree with @willblackburn’s Discord comments on future advisor allocations. Paraphrasing: I don’t think parceling out the remaining advisor allocations saves us too much time in the process for rewarding new advisors and it removes some of our flexibility in determining the right amount to allocate.

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I agree, I withdraw my suggestion here so as not to hold this up. :slight_smile:
Looking forward to awarding those fellowships and meeting our new members soon!