Budget Application Template

Proposal Title

Authors: [discord handles, separated by commas]
Supporting Budget Steward: @budget_stewards (please replace with Budget Stewards handle if/when support given)
Links to previous discussion on this topic.


A simple description of the Budget Application. Should be no more than a few sentences.


Why this application and what are you hoping to achieve at a high-level.

Mission, values and goals alignment

How does your Project or new Guild align with the DAOs mission, values and goals.

Brand usage

How, if at all, will you use the Developer DAO Brand.

Scope of work

Please break down in detail how this project/guild will function and the steps for delivering value for the DAO. Be as specific as possible so members are able to help critique but also help refine your ideas.

Financial implications

Please provide a breakdown of budget calculations for either “salaried” roles or bounties to be distributed to contributors. Please also provide a suggested split in any revenue/value generated by the Guild/Project between contributors and the DAO Treasury


Please provide some background on the Team involved in this project/guild so other DAO members can understand who is behind the initiative.

Success Metrics & KPIs

How can you and the DAO know if you’ve been successful

Next Steps

What are the next steps for this Budget Application

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Might be worth adding some form of ‘contingency plan’ or buffer to the template as a separate heading in case of a bear market like the one we are facing now.

Would a team be able to function if we face a bear market and their budget has to be decreased by 10-20%? it’s quite similar to the GTC amendment here because by my calculation you will be receiving a lower salary by around 10% if this proposal goes through, from $10k to $9.1k but you can continue to work

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thanks for your thoughts man. not sure adding thin here is a the right place? maybe having a policy at the DAO level regarding rewards and how they are calculated on a season basis. this is going to be an on-going challenge as we try to refine how rewards works for sure.

believe it’s important we open up a bigger conversation in the DAO with regards to a) how rewards are currently working re [DRAFT 2] Rewarding Contributions in $CODE with $CODE rewards vs revenue/grants vs (at least currently) FT staff receiving an more “real” income now from the treasury.

Plan to raise this on the rewarding contributions in $CODE post either today or over the weekend :slight_smile:

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@Erik_Knobl can you paste in a copy of the budget application template you were using here please?

think that worked out better than this one I’d originally created :handshake:


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