Web3 Education Concept

Making this thread in the same vein as the Resume Concept thread. There are a lot of good thoughts getting put down in Job Board Concept and Season 0, and I’d rather see them on their own thread so we can easily review them later.

Super superficial review, we’re talking about a broad-but-shallow pool of introductory knowledge that will then have one or more paths of material to help people who are interested in going further than basic introduction material into web3.

This may end up being more than one product (knowledge base that covers the broad knowledge, meant to be accessed by anonymous internet browsing vs learning platform with accounts tied to wallet addresses, for example).

But, for the sake of coherence, if you have education platform ideas, please put them here so that we can find them easily as we gather thoughts and move to make proposals.


I think maybe building up a glossary page/app with some definitions of common crypto lingo with perhaps some illustrations/links to educational resources would be pretty dope. I’ve been messing around with arweave to see how storing/retrieving data “feels” like and so far i’ve been pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to get going and how cheap uploads are (less then a nickel).

For example a blockchain glossary term i’ve uploaded on the arweave mainnet for testing (cost around 3 cents to upload):


I’ve started messing around with a POC around this and hope to be able to share sometime soon when i have it working


Have you heard of Gitcoin’s Quests and GitCoin’s Learn products? Learn | Gitcoin

I feel like we can ride on the shoulders of giants and improve upon their own learning platform. They have it really well-developed, but they also have some glaring bugs/issues. For example, they added gamification to learning, by incentivizing people to read articles and complete quizzes, in order to earn an NFT badge. Sometimes those quizzes have obviously wrong answers, and sometimes those articles are broken links. I think one alternative to that issue is bringing that outside knowledge in-house, like if DeveloperDAO itself wrote a tutorial on “How to do XYZ”.

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I have, and did a few. If we would centralize (in our DAO) the production of similar things, I’d agree that those could be pretty great. I only did a few of the gitcoin learns as I felt like I was getting straight hype from the founders of whatever web3 thing was being presented; perhaps we could have a somewhat more sober/neutral presentation but similar content->quiz->reward (nft or token or whatever).


I would suggest we create something like https://buildspace.so - the courses isn’t too big or long, divided in small chunks, mostly text and instruction, which we can divide the courses into multiple people projects similar to how freecodecamp works.


+1 I really like the idea to add quiz and reward people, also It could be a nice way to democratize the issuing of DBUCKS and makes beginners part of the community.