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This proposal asks Members to grant Cami, Bobbay, Nader and kempsterrrr, permission to take ownership of the DAOs VIBES IRL events brand in 2023.


In 2022, VIBES IRL was started by Cami and saw great success as an opportunity for Members to meet each other, engage with the broader ecosystem and improve the DAOs brand worldwide.

The most successful event alongside DevCon in Amsterdam was widely regarded as the best party of the conference and got devs dancing :exploding_head: .

In 2023, we want to reinvigorate the VIBES IRL brand and request the DAOs permission to take ownership of the events program for the year with the following aims:

  • Strengthen and build on DAO brand/awareness
  • Increase the size of the DAOs community on Twitter and
  • Generate funds to grow the treasury and reinvest back into other Member initiatives
  • Provide good VIBES (See example)

Scope of Work

Domain of Operations & Team

Upon passing this proposal, we’ll assume responsibility for the DAO’s primary IRL events and the associated brand - VIBES IRL - for the remainder of 2023. Finance and Operational associated with the event will run through a UK LTD company @kempsterrrr owns to ensure we can receive and make fiat payments.

We will organise at least three events in 2023 alongside major conferences starting with ETH CC in Paris this summer.

Specifically, the work will include:

  • Definition of sponsorship packages for VIBES IRL events
  • Securing Partners for each event.
  • Organise and deliver all operations related to the events
  • Liaising with other Sub-DAOs to ensure maximum impact from events for all Contributors and Members
  • Organising free merch at events
  • Providing retrospectives/reports back to the DAO

Some rules we commit to following for all VIBES IRL Events:

  • Attendance will be free for all.
  • POAPs will be issued for everyone who attends events.
  • The Devs will dance
  • The VIBES will be good.


Name Membership Status Qualifications
Cami NFT & CODE Holders VIBES IRL Founder, Lead DevRel @ Fuel Labs
Kemp NFT & CODE Holder D_D Ops Lead, P3RKS Founder
Bobbay NFT & CODE Holder D_D Partner Lead, Governance Lead @ Stablenode
Nader NFT & CODE Holder D_D Founder, Director or DevRel @ Aave & lens


O1 Foster a fun and safe Member experience Owner
KR Curate and deliver >= 3 VIBES IRL Events in 2023
KR Ensure a review rating of >= 4 for all events on
KR Issue POAPS for attendees of every event
O4 Position the DAO structurally and financially for long-term success Owner
KR Grow DAO subscriber list by >= 500
KR Grow DAO Membership by >= 150

Budget Request (Including value returned to the DAO)

We are not requesting any USD funds from the Treasury. VIBES IRL will be self-sustaining and return 50% of profits from each event to the Treasury. A post-event report shared on the forum will determine profits and be deposited into the Treasury in USDC.

If there is a loss on the event, there will be no cost to the DAO. To reward the Contributors in elevated Governance rights for the value they’re creating, we request the following:

  • 40 hours X 15 CODE = 600 $CODE

That will mean 4 X 600 = 2,400 CODE per event for the core team.

With three events targeted, that’s 7,200 $CODE in total. We may request further funds via the Stewards if the team grows.


  1. Restricts organising VIBES IRL Events to these Contributors.

I love the whole idea of the VIBES IRL. It was strongly missing at ETH Denver. Overall, I suport it. The concern I have is the DevDao activity of the people in this group. I mean no offense to the roles they have played in making DevDao great but I personally haven’t noticed them active in the Dao at a social layer with the community (maybe I’m just missing them) One issue that I’m aware of in Season 1 was the “disconnect” with the community members in the Dao. If there is a plan to be more social with the community then great! If not, I’d like to have an additional person on this committee to be the voice of the community.


I like the idea but worry about its feasibility and sustainability of it. Some of the people listed are exceptionally busy, to my understanding.

One of the things we have discussed is doing a few things well. Do we think we can do this well?

How does this proposal interact with others wanting to host D_D events that aren’t VibesIRL branded?

Re: @Billyjitsu ’s point, I understand it, but I would like to point out that hosting IRL events is wildly different than digital events. I’ve hosted both professionally, and they require different skill sets. I understand his concerns here and would also love to hear a response to them.

There are the general what if this goes sideways questions I have:

  • What if someone can no longer perform their role?
  • What are the wind-down conditions for the multi-sig, and where does it go?
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I hear is what you’re saying, however, I think it’s important to acknowledge that: participating in community doesn’t (and shouldn’t imo) only mean being in discord. They may not have spent a huge amount of time in discord recently, but they’ve created IRL social layers which have allowed folks in the DAO to do things like leave their country for the first time, get on a plane for the time, go to their first conference and meet their friends at dinners and parties.

Very open to others helping organise these events typically. This happens per event anyway, but, this requires a fair amount of work it is not a committee! Typically we’ve worked with local Members who have local knowledge when organising; this would be the “core team”, so to say, to ensure events happen.

So these are the folks who helped organise most of the previous events we’ve had (especially the successful ones i.e. Dam), typically with some help from knowledgable local Members on the ground in each city. Given these are the folks who have done this well in the past with far more constraints (can’t accept/pay fiat, have an entity to sign a contract - so did this all themselves) I’m have no doubts they can again with less constraints. As mentioned, very open to others helps and imagine this will happen anyway in each city.

Maybe we should account for that in the $CODE budget?

Having a core group of 4 is intentional to spread the work. No one has a specific role and all work wil be shared between us, as it has been for previous events, depending on availability. Note, this groups are already attending the events we plan to host VIBES IRL at which makes this far far easier.

We’re operating this as an Sub-DAO with an external entity so there are is no wind conditions as it will be a multi-sig and bank account associated with a company I run that already has 3 signers. We’re also asking the $CODE remain in the DAO’s treasury for transparency so would be no code to return if unused.

See clarification below from P-22: DAO Governance Structure Upgrade

We would, however, need to get a Contributor Agreement listing the details of this proposal in Exhibit A.

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Apologies missed this one. I don’t believe it matters. Members are free to propose any events ideas and any potential conflict can be addressed in Governance. Would actively support other event ideas, I know folks such as @dhaiwat10 have thought about hacker houses under build IRL :building_construction: in the past… @mannyornothing is paying for the whole DAO to go to Bali :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The more events, the better. Would wager it’s important we actively find synergy between them where possible (i.e.e if we’re doing a build IRL hacker house, it would be dope to do a VIBES IRL at the same conference), but don’t think the possibility of a future state (that seems manageable) should stop progress now.

Love the initiative. Great idea.

  1. How would the 50% of revenue kept by Vibes IRL be used? Would a part of it would be used to pay local contributors? if, so, how?
  2. Don’t fully understand the CODE requirement. Mind elaborating more the Volume part?
    What is 150? The new members?
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This is TBD and to be worked out by the team. The cost of the events fluctuates a lot depending on location in particular so it’s hard to determine the margin etc., up front. Worth noting that; a) we’ll be proving reports back to the DAO so everyone will see the numbers and b) we’re taking on risk including taking a loss (so paying out of our own pockets) if the event doesn’t make a profit, plus paying out any upfront operational costs ourselves without asking the DAO for $$$.

So part of our aim is to increase membership in DAO by issuing $CODE rewards to folks who attend the event and redeeming the event POAP on the door. This will also be used to help with marketing the event, which is also good for the DAO’s brand and exposure.

LOVE to hear any thoughts and ideas about this. i.e. is it right to only reward non-members in $CODE, maybe we do both? Plus any other fun ways we can gamify like this?

Beyond $CODE we’re also looking at forming some partnerships like @dabit3 helping us get everyone who holds the POAP whitelisted for lens etc. to help broaden D_D’s collaboration in the ecosystem and further get the brand to new audiences who might not otherwise attend a D_D event.

I am all for this. It addresses a number of needs for D_D and many of the pain points we’ve had for holding these events in the past. I also think this is the absolute correct team for the job.

Main things I would like to see:

  • A format for financial reports
  • A plan for tying new DAO members to the events. 150 is an ambitious but reasonable goal, but I’m not clear on how it would be verified
  • Initial list of target events

Good shout. We’re going to need this across all Sub-DAOs. Added to Stewards backlog. I wonder if we can trail this for the Labs update this month here. What would you like to see on these and how much detail?

I saw this working via checking if the wallet that received the POAP already held required toke ns to be a D_D member, but maybe that is flawed as it can be easily gamed… Thoughts on just airdropping tokens to everyone who has the attendance POAP, or, just dropping this idea entirely?

Aim at the moment is:

  1. ETH CC
  2. Permissionless

The 3rd was DevCon but that idea was before they announced the next DevCon is next year. Any you have in mind that would be good to aim for that are are at least a few month sout?

@stewards bumping this - is anyone happy to support this proposal so we can get things rolling?

If not, what would be required to get to that point/what are the concerns?

It should be 60,000 + 2,400, right?

I support it.

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After reading through everything. I support it.

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I’m looking at this proposal with two things in mind.

  • Economic Alignment: How closely aligned are the economic incentives between the DAO and Vibes IRL (SubDAO)?
  • Relational Alignment: What intangible benefits does VibesIRL gain from DeveloperDAO and vice versa?

For Economic Alignment, I think that a 50% tax on profits generated via VibesIRL is more than fair, and I especially like that the DAO has no stake in the case of an event that fails to generate revenue.

  • Can you give us insight into how much prior events have cost, and the amount covered by sponsors?
  • Are partners the only source of revenue for this endeavor?

When it comes down to the requested 60,000 $CODE, it’s more a request to grant membership to our DAO to anyone attending a Vibes IRL event.

  • Given the last VibesIRL I attended in Amsterdam (absolute banger) had well over 150 “non-members” attend, are you capping the number of POAPs?
  • Is it only the first 150 that are eligible? How is the 400 distributed to them?

Shouldn’t this amount be double since you have two events planned? So 4,800 CODE.

For Relational alignment I think that its obvious Vibes gets the backing of the DAO’s reach, along with branding and relationships. And in exchange the DAO gets new members, associated with fun events, and any partnerships that may be established ie. the Lens example.

Overall I think that the VibesIRL SubDAO is needed and I’ve witnessed this teams ability to deliver some killer events in the past.

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I think this sub-DAO is really important and want to move forward with this.

My only concern for now, or maybe to review for next round, is that I don’t think we should be paying people to attend events. We should be giving governance tokens to people who can or are adding value to the DAO, and we should be investing in events that people want to go to without being paid.

I don’t have the exact numbers but the Amsterdam event was in the region of $30k

We haven’t thought about any other sources of revenue but we’re committed to these events remaining free for everyone and do not want to charge tickets. The primary purpose of the events is VIBES for Members and potential Members, and improving the DAO’s brand in the ecosystem.

This aligns with @rubinovitz s question below and as you know we discussed on the Stewards call that handing out $CODE to attendees is probably not the right way to go. I and therefore going to remove this ask from the Proposal

Yes, will update. It’s actually 3 events which is 7,200 $CODE.

Nice initiative to have a mini-org to liaise with/point to and a solid, amicable team too!
p.s. try and keep it local - train travel is possible. Public transport is available, e.g. Amsterdam… Let’s not turn DD into a frequent fliers club. We only have one shared planet :seedling:

This proposal has now been elevated to Snapshot here. Voting starts today @ 5pm UTC.

These events will be major conferences around the world that folks are already due to attend so beyond the climate impact of folks attending those conferences already, it shouldn’t increase it.

When you say local to do you mean local to these events or something else? We’re a global down with no fixed location so local to events is about the best we can do!

It’s worth ‘thinking sustainable, local and circular’ when promoting events, and making it part of our culture - well-being for our members, and well-being for the world that feeds them - that’s all I’m saying.
It wouldn’t mean discriminating against people in regions with less events, it could mean positively discriminating for them over more privileged folks in that respect though.

Heard about trying to get events closer to folks who don’t already have conferences near them and would love to see us work towards that. For these events in order to get the footfall and make them viable with partners, we need to do them alongside conferences.

@Billyjitsu is planning a local event in LA and we’re also speaking with about using their platform to empower members to create events wherever they are.

Early conversations on that front but working on it !!


imo would be nice for the Vibes proposal to include a system for adding or removing Contributors who can help organize Vibes IRL events

and also payment of $CODE governance tokens should happen after KRs are met, not up front, otherwise incentives don’t seem super aligned

i’d love to support more IRL events though so happy to vote in favor if those two things are updated!