Temperature Check - DAO Mission and Values

We’ve gone through an incredible Season 0, growing in numbers and fostering amazing initiatives. Now that we’ll be coming up on one year in a few months; this is a good time for us to review our mission, values, and goals.

It is on us as the community, to help shape the future of Developer DAO - so please consider taking a few moments to vote on the poll below. And if possible, please share your thoughts down in the comments. Thank you

How do we feel about our mission?

  • Completely agree
  • Agree, but needs to to be better defined
  • Disagree, needs to be completely reevaluated

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Working with our Developer DAO members to build a better world with a Web3 and Public Goods focus continues to be a fantastic and inspiring journey <3


Only the Mission?
if it’s only the mission, then I totally agree, in case it includes the goals then I agree, but needs to include more to achieve

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My feeling is this proposed mission focuses more on educating, and leaves the building Public Goods as a side.


Agree with the mission & values.

Regarding the goals IMO they need to be more quantifiable and adjusted to a specific period of time.
For example (pulled the items & numbers out of a hat):

  • Yearly goals:
  1. Get 100 web2 developers to be fully involved in web3 / get a job in web3 (can adjust goal to be more specific according to need)
  2. Incubate 3 web3 public good projects.

Agree with this. Education is the more interesting barrier, as more trained and experienced devs can fork their interests into public goods, if they wish. Harder to do the other way around.


if possible help people who have no experience as a developer to become a web 3 developer by following a step-by-step training

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I prefer setting realistic Goals like with numbers to be measured and achieved as KPIs like @BluePanda was talking about in the TownHall call last week

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We have the new program “Mentorship” for this and as per my understanding the idea is to have 100 mentee during season 1


We were discussing yesterday your answer with adam and we think that you are right, we overlook that. thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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Yes love that, its something in the middle between mission and OKRs

Thank you @g01din.eth!!

That’s absolutely true, having more initiatives on helping members become web3 devs is really important.

as @PeterPan said we have the mentorship program that is doing really well right now

but we need more initiatives! It will be great if you can think of possible Metrics OKRs that can help our community optimize for this important goal, and then you can tell us on the next meeting Thursday :smiley:

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Love the focus on mission and values. A few quick ideas for additional values:

  • Cooperation - Members and guilds cooperate with each other to achieve member defined objectives

  • Community - We seek to build a robust, antifragile community that embodies our values in and outside of the DAO

  • Democratic Member Control - DAO initiatives are proposed, voted on, and decided by members

Just brainstorming here, for more info on values for co-ops I’d recommend checking out the Rochdale principles. Thank you for putting this together!

Completely agree.

In terms of the values, I personally feel some minor refinement could be made. Here some of my thoughts:

  • A value which leads to the educational purpose could be added, like: Pursue growth and learning (on individual and organizational level).
  • Be Humble > Kindness and empathy. There is so much bragging around and if the value of being a member of the Developer DAO grows, it’s important to ensure that no one abuses the membership for pure self-enrichment


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What do you mean by impact? I agree with the education part, is the impact part meaning public goods?

I agree with the mission, but I’d like to question what actual resources has the DAO created to help accelerate the education of web3 developers? I’ve been in the DAO since almost its inception and yet I don’t see any specific resources or content about learning web3. I do notice people in the voice chats from time to time or text chats asking specific solidity or javascript questions but then is that all that we mean, when we say accelerating the education of web3 builders? Have open chats for questions? And if so, then it’s just another Discord server of developers.

I think we need to be more clear about our mission and values. Are we a safe haven for developers who can come and ask questions, or is the DAO about actively producing content and materials for people to actually learn about web3?

If our main mission is about education, how is the DAO helping with education?

Overall our values are just don’t be a bad person. I don’ think they need to be changed.


  • Foster & Build Web3 Tools & Public Goods

This is nice, but if we want to be clear about the purpose of our DAO is it about education, or is it about creating tools for the public good? These are two different things. Public goods and tools are great but we should spend the majority of our time on our actual mission. You could say that these projects are web3 and are created by our community members which helps them grow as a web3 developer, but I don’t think you should weigh community projects over actual educational content. I find more projects in the DAO than educational resources.

For example, the DAO job board. As a community project, it’s nice. But what if it was an educational piece, “How to create a job board in web3” which teaches people how to create their own job board.

I’m not trying to bash the DAO at all. I just think we need to be more specific about our goals here and what our focus should be. If our mission is to accelerate the education of web3 builders then lets focus on the action items that will help with that. Courses, Projects (I know I just talked about projects in the last bullet point about projects), and other learning materials.

If I’m honest with you, if I want to learn about web3, My first thought isn’t to go check out the DAO’s learning material. Because I find it lacks learning material. Currently, I find the DAO more social than educational. Which isn’t bad, but again, if it’s a social DAO then let’s change our mission to that.


old man grumble about the fact that clicking on one of the options immediately records the vote

I voted “agree, but needs to be better defined” but I’m actually in between that and the disagree.
Things really need to be better defined, as they sound way too generic right now.

regarding the mission:

  • what’s wrong with the current pace of education? there are so many places to learn about crypto if you’re already a dev - so what exactly are we trying to accelerate and why?
  • what does it mean to accelerate the impact of the new builders? what kind of impact and why?

regarding the values:
as tatara.eth said, it really boils down to “be a good person”

regarding the goals:
I don’t think the goals should be so “static” - I think we should define goals per “season”
and they should be actionable and measurable, so that we can look back and see where we are, and what failed, and so on
e.g. season 1 goals (assuming that season 1 is scoped in time - e.g. 1 year)

  • onboard and arrange employment for 1000 new devs in web3/crypto
  • have a developer onboarding program that takes them from 0 programming experience to contributing to DAO projects
  • define and implement a sustainable and long term monetization strategy that generates 50 BTC in revenue

Once we align on a mission (we should question ourselves about why we want to be the ones accelerating the education - and have very good answers so that we can simply point to them), the discussion is going to be on goals/subgoals and then how to achieve them

totally in agreement

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There’s an education platform in the works as well as constant educational materials output from individual members. (mission accomplis…ing) Personally, I feel we have a lot more potential leaning towards building public goods. Less crowded and an actual need but way harder to activate around since it requires privileged understanding and departs from any well-traveled paths. (Tangible carrots needed.) Furthermore, the web3 education space, from where I’m standing, is oversaturated.

Our biggest asset is ourselves. Our attention has value. We need to create products and provide services all while fostering increasingly resilient internal support structures. I think.

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Imagine being a living organism and having a kind and empathetic immune system.

breathes in I am kind.I am empathetic.I am a DAO.I am kind. I am empathetic. I am a DAO breathes out
Thank god those are not personality traits commonly projected by sociopaths but pure values that can never be at odds with diversity, inclusion or responsibility.

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In terms of general topics its pretty clear and shows exactly what the DAO pursue, love it.