S2 D_D Women Budget Proposal: Diversity, Inclusiveness & Social Space

Diversity, Inclusiveness & Social Space :leaves:

Author(s) : @meowy @krystal

Supporting Budget Steward(s) : @luan @Erik_Knobl @Narb @allWiseee @ntindle @Wikist @wolovim


This document is the official budget application for D_D Women in Season 2. It details the overarching objectives of the team, the proposed methodologies for achieving them, the composition of the core team, and the estimated expenses required for successful implementation.

Mission, Values & Goal Alignment

Season 1 of D_D Women was about our journey of exploration and shedding light on the path ahead of us. Along the way, we also came to appreciate the contributions we could make to our community while seeking to gain a deeper understanding of our strengths, and how we can leverage them to make a meaningful impact in the DAO.

As we move into the second season of our journey, D_D Women will remain dedicated to preserving and strengthening the social layer within the Developer DAO community. However, we also recognize the importance of continuing to evolve and grow as part of the DAO. Therefore, we aim to solidify our unique identity and find our unique voice within the Developer DAO ecosystem. Through this process, we will remain steadfast in our commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment, where all members are empowered to share their unique perspectives and contributions

Brand usage

D_D Women will operate as a distinct project within the broader D_D brand, working towards the shared goal of fostering diversity and inclusivity within the web3 ecosystem.

Scope of Work:

D_D Women wholeheartedly embraces the mission of Developer DAO, to foster an atmosphere of inclusivity, and cultivate a welcoming and secure community within the DAO, as well as within the broader web3 ecosystem. We strive to promote diversity and create a harmonious social environment where all voices can be heard and valued. We also strive to provide a safe and welcoming space for all, where ideas and perspectives can flourish. Our mission is to promote and celebrate the unique contributions of individuals from all backgrounds, and to build a more equitable and inclusive environment in web3.

Name Discord Role
meowy meowy#0476 Core Contributor, Team Lead, Community Manager
Krystal krystal#1337 Core Contributor, Growth Lead
Paloma Paloma#3073 Core Contributor, Admin
Ella 0xfmoi#2147 Core Contributor


Our prioritized goals for this season include:

  • Nurturing and preserving a supportive and inclusive community for individuals who identify as women and non-binary within web3.
  • Holding Social Calls and promoting inclusiveness for the whole DAO
  • Setting up D_D Women Scholarship initiative for the DAO so that people who can’t afford membership can have a chance to get membership in D_D.
  • We will be rebranding (website. stickers, and much more)
  • Nurturing and preserving a supportive and inclusive community for individuals who identify as women and non-binary within web3.
  • Advocating for diversity and inclusivity as the foundation of our mission and initiatives, and working towards creating an equitable and inclusive environment within the web3 ecosystem.
  • Providing additional onboarding resources for new Members, to aid them in finding clarity and understanding within the community.
  • Assisting members in identifying and pursuing opportunities within web3 through networking and social spaces.
  • Establishing a distinct and powerful online presence through the development of our own landing page and maintaining Twitter, which will serve as a reflection of our unique identity and voice within the Developer DAO ecosystem.

Goals we would like to achieve in S2 - but can happen in a later season:

  • Completing D_D Women Landing page to create our unique presence. As we are rebranding, so this comes with a lot of responsibilities. Starting to work on our unique landing page is important, but it’s still okay if, towards the end, it goes until next season.
  • Bringing partnerships and partnering with more women and non-binary communities to create opportunities for our members. The partnerships will be done in $CODE rewards. For example, sponsoring membership for completing certain educational cohorts or boot camp/ becoming outreach partners. The other forms of partnership in later seasons can be something of how the DAO partners with seasonal sponsors, and we can try to help with some deliverables if the partnership entails.

O1 Foster a fun and safe Member experience Owner
KR Weekly D_D Fridays Calls Core Team
KR Nurturing and preserving a supportive and inclusive community for individuals who identify as women and non-binary within web3 through ongoing support and engagement from the community. Community
KR Provide a safe(private) space for marginalized members to openly discuss their struggles navigating through the web3/tech space. Core Team

O2 Provide DAO Members with high-quality learning opportunities Owner
KR Minimum of one office hour per month to provide valuable career information, like members sharing their experiences job hunting, interview prep, etc Core Team

O3 Support DAO members to elevate their impact on the world Owner
KR We will be rebranding(website. stickers and much more) Core Team
KR Completing D_D Women Landing page to create our unique presence. As we are rebranding, so this comes with a lot of responsibilities. Starting to work on our unique landing page is important, but it’s still okay if, towards the end, it goes until next season. Community
KR Establish 2 project partnerships recruiting women D_D members for current open roles. Includes a webinar open to D_D members focused on recruiting for female members. Core Team

O4 Position the DAO structurally and financially for long-term success Owner
KR Providing additional onboarding resources for new Members to aid them in finding clarity and understanding within the community. Core Team
KR Setting up D_D Women Scholarship initiative so that people who can’t afford membership can have a chance to get membership in D_D. Core Team

Budget Request (Including value returned to the DAO)

The proposed budget estimates the resources and expenses required to accomplish the goals outlined for Season 2, as detailed above. The dynamic and multifaceted nature of our work may require an unpredictable time investment, and as such, the time spent on tasks may vary. However, it is important to recognize that the value of our efforts cannot be quantified solely by the number of hours spent, but rather by the meaningful impact, they have on our mission and community. We wish to shift our perspective on how we measure and value the impact of our efforts. These endeavors, although not always quantifiable in terms of strict hour increments, are of great significance and value. Therefore, our approach is to evaluate and assign value to this work based on its impact and significance, rather than solely on the duration of time spent.

Budget Calculation = 𝒙 hours per-week X 16-week Season X 15 $CODE/ hr

Total requested budget = 40780 $CODE + $1100 USD + Tooling Cost ( $23.25 per months) + ($1000 USD per month for community manager)

( 5075 $CODE + $1000 USD + bounty Amount $CODE & USD + any buffer/impromptu costs per-month)

Role Candidate $CODE
Core Team meowy 7200
Core Team krystal 6000
Core Team paloma 5100
Core Team ella 2000

Community manager : $1000 USD per month.

Buffer: 6480 $CODE (it’s to help cover any impromptu costs/bounties, and will double over as a contingency)

Team Tooling:

Airtable: $12 (monthly)

Canva: $13.25 (monthly)

Total: $23.25 (monthly)

:point_right: Note: Even though they are billed per-month, we need to have access to the tooling even after the end of the season/more period of time.

Define Bounty Program

In addition to the primary responsibilities of the core team, members will also be presented with specific strategic objectives, each accompanied by a corresponding reward. These bounties are open to volunteers from across the DAO and can be undertaken at any point during the season. To be eligible for the reward, the task must be completed and submitted for review by another member of the core team before the end of the season. Once approved, the rewards will be distributed.

Total bounty budget = 14000 $CODE + $1100 USD

Bounty Description Reward
Designing a website with the latest branding Designing D_D Women Website with the branding that gives us our unique image. 5000 $CODE +$200 USD
Developing the website Contributing to the website issues (the issues will be defined as tasks on dework/any other tools to track contribution) 2000 $CODE +$400 USD
Assisting contributors and helping them throughout the season managing dework/any other tools and tracking contributions while also helping them throughout the process of contribution till the bounty payout 5000 $CODE +$100 USD
Creating team branding(custom logo, banner stickers and emoji) As we re-brand, we will need more ways to express ourselves and our unique voices. 2000 $CODE +$400 USD

Note: We want to ask for the bounty amount upfront so that we can distribute it right after any amount of the bounty is completed. It can be frustrating for members to wait for weeks or months to get paid for their contributions. Some members may leave and never contribute again if they wait too long to get paid. There are times when contributors never get paid, our team aims to advocate for people and pay them for their hard work.

Next Steps

The immediate course of action is to carefully review the objectives and goals set for each task, and to actively seek out and implement the most effective strategies for achieving them throughout Developer DAO Season 2.


What’s the contingency if 1 or more of these bounty tasks are not completed by the end of Season 2?

We’ve two approaches we are thinking of:

  • setting a timeline for the tasks to be picked and completed if we have the scope and certain tasks are not completed we will pick them and do some of them but it’ll only be after it passes a certain timeline.
  • carrying on the tasks and bounty to the next season if not completed and if out of our scope also.

Happy to see this initiative in Season 2, and I will surely support its budget.


Thank you @Erik_Knobl . :purple_heart:

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Well done @meowy @krystal for remaining committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive space in a DAO that is being led by people who have made little to no effort in (and have at times been resistant to) providing support beyond mere words.

DD Women has remained a standout initiative (alongside only a handful of others); and has in some ways, proven to be more aligned with Developer DAO’s mission than the DAO itself. Happy to continue advocating for the work you’re both doing, and to watch it evolve.


One thing. Both the Labs and DAO Ops proposals are considering USD budgets for the D_D website. I would suggest adding a USD 500-1000 request to your own budget, to build your website, in addition to the $CODE. Or, ask for it to be included in both proposals.


Thank you @Erik_Knobl for the suggestion.
I have edited the budget again with more contributor and tasks assigned.
But I need to understand more how this USD budget works.
During the course of season 2, womenbuildweb3 might merge back into the DAO and we still don’t know what that will look like and how we can attain the contributors and give them fair compensation for their work.

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@meowy please add $1000 USD to the bounty budget for website like @Erik_Knobl mentioned above. It would be nice and more appealing for contributors to have USD payment.

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Yes I plan to actually. But I also want to understand how that would look like and get more context also.

But on another note, that sounds good to get contributors get paid more and I’m adding it.

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I fully support this initiative and am looking forward to all the positive developments that’ll come out of it this upcoming season and beyond!

Regarding the membership giveaways that you mentioned, is that accounted for in the budget request?


the membership/scholarship fund is not accounted for in this budget proposal. we’re working with Nader and he will be sponsoring the initiative out of his token allocations/nfts.

my allocation will also be used to sponsor new members, but this is not part of the official initiative, more of a personal one.

thanks for the support :purple_heart:


This seems good to me and well aligned with the values of the DAO. I have some concerns over the amount of USD allocated not being enough to cover what you all need done.


In full support of D_D Women’s budget. I’ve always loved coming to D_D Fridays. Happy to see this initiative gain more structure to have a greater impact across the dao :raised_hands:


we originally only had $CODE as the bounty reward and added the USD as suggested by @Erik_Knobl. if you believe a higher amount in USD would serve us best, let me know if you have a suggested amount. I’m always in support of paying contributors more to help with retention and trust in the team!

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you’re the best. talk to you soon :purple_heart:


i appreciate this initiative, am excited to see it grow, and am generally supportive of the proposal.

  1. i encourage anyone part of D_D Women to participate in the Steward election – a very concrete way to diversify dao leadership and have a platform to broadly advance inclusivity.
  2. i do like the “at least one Community Manager is a representative of D_D Women” policy idea related to the Labs budget. would be happy to see @meowy or another core member in that role.
  3. OKRs – needs broadcasting to most open proposals: the latest governance update (P-22) asks for OKRs in this format. many of your goals have pretty well-defined ‘key results’ already (e.g., host D_D Fridays each week, develop new branding, launch a new landing page, etc.). that may be sufficient, but if you find the exercise helpful to discover other smol concrete todos, go for it.
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Read it all, love it all.

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Thank you for that.

  • I nominated myself for the steward selection. I was a steward in last season also.

  • I think we already discussed about the set of responsibility that could fall into community management and if that all works out, I will be happy to join as a Community Manager. I have already been assisting members in any way I can and been holding calls through ddw team.

  • Thank you for the OKR format.
    I have been thinking of putting monthly updates on this forum referring what we have achieved along with our wins and what we need to do more/ need more time to finish. In that way everyone will have a clear idea of what’;s been going on with ddw team and how close we are to our season 2 goals being achieved.

But I can say this confidently that we have got done with a lot already even though it’s just the starting of season 2.

Thank you for your support. :sparkles:

@stewards It’d be great to get some comments to consider moving this proposal to snapshots.

I wholeheartedly support the mission and all the soul and energy that goes into achieving it. And I unequivocally applaud you all for your undertakings. Anyone that knows me, knows that.