[DRAFT] - Talent Coordination Bot Proposal - Soil 🌱 - Unlock Community Powered Opportunity - S1 Budget Application

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We had an amazing time with you on the Eden :deciduous_tree: HQ (aka Soil :seedling:) @richardblythman and Hithesh from Algovera are incredible people and I would love to introduce them more and more in D_D

Already we are discussing about some amazing ways to use Machine Learning in Eden :deciduous_tree: with the help of Algovera, I would love to explore this type of collaboration in the future


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thanks @richardblythman big time!! We’re extremely excited to be working with you, Hithesh, entire of Algovera and Ocean💪🏼 frankly speaking I’m glad you guys are facing the same issue, means we’re doing something right trying to solve it haha
Community relationships is very important in Eden (Soil🌱) and we do spend a lot of time curating a welcoming environment. I’d love to share some tips and tricks on how we do it!! It’s one of the things I take care of together with @BluePanda & @impactbilli.eth :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Feel free to ping me on discord @Milo#7738


Eden Milestones Oct 15th Nov 15th:

Launched Endorsement mechanism on the test environment We’re working on a strategy behind endorsements - built UI and deployed it on the Eden platform for testing. For the past month, we had 40+ user research calls focusing directly on that user flow and leveraged build-measure-learn loop to adjust to the user. Today, we’re looking for the Blockchain dev to run the initiative on developing a staking mechanism together with BluePanda.

We attended ETH Lisbon and Lisbon web3 Week. End of October to mid-November, six team members gathered in Lisbon for a blockchain week. We’ve had fun, built, and learned together, but most importantly, we’ve set up a bunch of connections and partnerships, that we’re working on today. The biggest one is a collaboration opportunity with Arweave for their on-chain data storage.

Onboarded new people In the past month Eden grew in members as we onboarded several new contributors and gained a few new advisors. Two amazing people have joined our outreach team to lead an initiative in the marketing & partnerships space. Big kudos to @muvaofmarketing and Cashton for jumping right on and contributing right away. Incredible news coming soon!

Eden spin-off to hackathons Days before ETH Lisbon started and a day before our CTO BluePanda broke his back, we had an idea of solving a problem of talent coordination, not only in DAOs but also on Hackathons. I don’t think that there’s a more urgent need for Eden value than in hackathons, where we need to match people to teams and teams to the projects - all in a matter of hours. We’re exploring this further with waxy eloi myz1237.et_ sbelka.et_ zoro reza allWisee_ (on the AI) and outreach team with Milo.i_ cashon muvaofmarketing jenga impactbilli.et_

Finished with a product demo and test environment apart from having real Eden platform that holds the data of members who’ve signed up we’ve also developed a highly sophisticated test environment with artificial data in form of JSON. It helps us to do user research with community members and change features and UI incredibly fast

Grants & partnerships
We started our fundraising journey a while back and it was kicked off by the biggest allocation of the token in D_D - eternally grateful for it🙏🏼 Your belief in us helped us succeed among other communities like OceanDAO and AlgoveraAI - we not only built long-term relationships with them but managed to receive 5 grants in total, accelerating the development. We received small one-time grants from Gitcoin & Polygon BUIDL IT and a bigger grant from Lens. Today, we’re actively exploring partnership opportunities with Aave, Gnosis, SAFE, Metis, Polygon, TheGraph, Radicle & NEAR.

Value-add for Developer DAO
As many of you know, we launched an onboarding party page a few months back, now it’s being used weekly to onboard new talent into D_D💙 Also, we launched our bot in D_D and we’re actively testing both platform and the bot on 1:1 daily calls. We’ve talked to over 100 people in the community to deliver user-oriented product, with intuitional UI & value first. Once the platform is ready for beta testing in S2, DeveloperDAO will be the first community to benefit from it💕

Goals in S1 budget proposal - achieved
In the S1 budget proposal, we’ve outlined quite a few goals, that seemed far-fetched and hazy. Crazy to think we’ve achieved them to a T and delivered even more! Bot deployed in D_D - :white_check_mark:, real testers - :white_check_mark:, real value & first people onboarded - :white_check_mark:, 30 contributors in the team and the majority of them from D_D-:white_check_mark:! Could not be more grateful for that! S2 is coming strong and Eden is stronger than ever. Let’s do it together​:heart_on_fire:

Thank you Milo.io for making this incredible analysis

cc @kempsterrrr @Colin4ward