Dev Guild S1 Budget Application

Authors: @kempsterrrr @mulford.eth
Supporting Bdusget Steward(s): @Narb

Links to the previous discussions on this topic - [DRAFT 0] Dev Guild S1 Budget Application


Dev Guild Budget Application for Season 1. It defines the high-level goals of the Guild, plans to deliver on these goals, team responsible and the requested budget.

The requested budget is 7,200 $CODE.

Mission, values and goals alignment

The Dev Guild supports the mission of the DAO by providing a home for Developers in the org to make connections, find educational resources, learn and build projects together. The guild goals for Season 1 are the following:

  • Provide onboarding and support for developers interested in contributing to the DAO, learning or working on their own projects
  • Educate members in different areas of web2 and web3 development
  • Help contributors build web3 tools and public goods, by providing support, information and mentorships

Brand usage

The Dev Guild has no direct plans to use the Developer DAO Brand other than how it is already used on Github repo’s the guild works on.

Scope of work

Define Core Team

A core guild team is required for managing the processes, infrastructure, and strategy, and supporting all the educational and building efforts. At least 3 members are needed to have an operating multi Safe. The current members who have volunteered to be in charge of it are

Define Core Tasks

Any member can volunteer for any of the following tasks, and if there are multiple volunteers, the Guild will vote to define one.

Role / Candidates Tasks to perform $CODE/Season
Guild Coordination(nonstack / kemp) Dev Guild Guild Coordination, Setting agenda and moderating weekly meetings 5 * 15 * 16 = 1,200
Guild Treasurer(ing)? (Mulford) Ensure budgets and payments are distributed and recorded at a regular cadence 5 * 15 * 16 - 1,200
Talent Coordination (vacant) Welcoming and onboarding new guild contributors, helping people find the project they would like to work on. 5 * 15 * 16 = 1,200

The Guild’s general focus for Season 1 will be Education. The Dev Guild’s primary aim will be to support these initiatives during Season 1 by funnelling members who are looking to contribute to these projects.

  • School of Code: [Draft 0] s1 Budget Proposal: D_D School of Code aka Education Platform

  • Workshops: regular workshops led by members and partners to help people learn technical skills in web2 and web3:

  • Target is 1 workshop per week, every week for S1

  • Team Budget: 5 hours

  • Speaker Budget: 5 hours

  • 10 hours * 15 CODE per hour * 16 weeks in Season = 2,400 CODE

  • Mentorship: [DRAFT 1] Mentorship Program Budget S1 Application

  • Github Repo Standards and kits: Create a standard structure for Developer DAO’s Github repo including issue/PR/action templates and dApp starters across blockchains - 5 hours per week = 1,200 $CODE

Financial implications

Core Team 3,600 $CODE
Workstreams 3,600 $CODE
Total 7,200 $CODE


See outlined in Scope of Work section

Success Metrics & KPIs

  • Min 10 Workshops
  • Issue/PR templates created and rollout across all projects
  • Github maintenance automation/guidelines created
  • 50 Builders activated as contributors/learners

Next Steps

  • Vote to support: yes/no
  • Fill vacant Talent Coordination role


  • Yes, I support this application
  • No, I do not support this application

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Thanks for getting this up!

I am in favor of the guild being a support system for our people and projects! I was unclear (as many were, i imagine) about what we might do our first season.

We should do what we can at the next dev guild sync to fill the vacancy or make a decision for what to do about that role. Since the guid is to mostly be a funnel for our projects in S1, hopefully we can get someone willing and able in that most vital position!

One thing i might add for a success metric is creating a methodology to determine a guild or DAO led initiative. A process to help determine/vet the next crop of ideas we want to foster and support to help set the objective for further seasons. In my mind, we are setting ourselves up for success by making the guild at large a good idea factory we can then put funds and people behind.

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Building awareness of the need for Talent Coordinator would be an approach I would encourage and not rushing into it just because it is vacant. Let’s be mindful and learn from our past.

e.g. The Mentorship programme has just unofficially started, and the dust hasn’t even settled on that…by a long stretch. I’d be interested to hear what this role proposes in this context and how this type of coordination is going to work. I really want to avoid any more mess of communication. I’d like to see a real sense of consciousness in relation to that.

Agree with this. Thinking ahead, and taking the time and space to do that organically. We’re setting up processes elsewhere to give clarification to what these fostered ideas might be in line with our DAO values.

As a budget steward, I pledge support for this initiative


If no one else is willing/interested, I will pick up the Talent Coord as well. I already have ideas that i have expressed about building the funnel for dev guild and our projects. @kempsterrrr


Moved away from a role-based model to one focused on rewarding participation in what is a social space and clearly defined bounties. This is an ongoing test decided by the guild via two polls in discord:

Each we issue POAP to attendees and then split 300 $CODE amongst them. This has created a considerably better attended and engaged group in the 1st two weeks it has been trialled. We intend to continue this for the rest of the Season.


  • Min 10 Workshops

Workshops have been going brilliantly thanks to @ropats16 @Megabyte - have opened a conversation with them here to get the budget allocated to them for their work thus far.

  • Issue/PR templates created and rollout across all projects

Completed by @ntindle and paid out bounty

  • Github maintenance automation/guidelines created

Completed by @mulford.eth @ntindle with a little help from myself. Still some room for work here however push back the community paused some of the changes

  • 50 Builders activated as contributors/learners

We don’t have a way to measure this at the moment however we’re getting ~ 20 folks on the weekly calls since we started testing $CODE rewards and this seems to be having a decent impact.

Allocation revisions

No revisions requested at this time.

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What will be the KPI on this?

can I get a bit update on this also?
Has there been any progress on this?

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The number of folks attending the weekly calls. Can track this via POAPs being missed :slight_smile:

No one wanted to do it so the funds have not been allocated. Considering reallocating them to Workshops but that conversation is TBD

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Way to go Dev guild on the fantastic progress! @kempsterrrr regarding @meowy 's point on the vacant talent coordinator role, what do you think about re-allocating this amount to instead go towards the workshops team? It seems unlikely the talent coordinator role will be filled this season just judging by timelines and I think shifting towards the workshop team would be a more logical move at this point.

If you’re onboard, is the 1200 $CODE sufficient or do you think you’d need a bump to 1800 $CODE like you discussed in the workshop thread?

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yo sorry guys, how has it been 9 days since this comment :exploding_head:

I think allocating the budget to the workshops folks is a good shout. We have plenty of $CODE to allocate, so speaking with them at the moment about also allocating enough to reward @Cannablitch for the product workshop.

Current $CODE Balance = $3,000 with $5,4000 more to come, so $8,400 total

Suggest allocating in the following ways:

  • 2400 $CODE for rewarding social participation in the guild ($1,200 already incurred for three weeks with three weeks left to go)
  • 4,000 $CODE to the workshops team; this needs to include @Cannablitch as she has done great work in Product as well
  • 2,000 $CODE to Manny for his efforts on the job board

How do we feel about them apples?

cc @meowy


I love it, but can we set some OKR’s that has been achieved and will be achievable for this.
I love how it was divided to reward the contyributors, just give me some pointers with OKR’s and KPI;s (including what has already been achieved and what will be achieved) then we are good to go.