[DRAFT] - Talent Coordination Bot Proposal - Soil 🌱 - Unlock Community Powered Opportunity - S1 Budget Application

I tried soil and as I understand it, soil’s main goal is to engage the d_d members in the best way possible. After a member has provided their skills/goals…=? The soil bot will be able to suggest to the d_d member the best project/connections… for the member. In order words, Soil can help dao members “find” their place within the dao.
Talent coordination is a big problem and kudos to the Soil team trying to find solutions. Very exciting about the Soil project and happy to help if needed : )!


Absolutely LOVE this!

Been thinking about this one a lot - bc you want to find a balance between asking information & getting relevant results. Eager to hear your thoughts further on this. Please do join the call on Tuesday!


Definitely working on that - the idea is really to focus on the project/person match by leveraging all the data that’s available across web3 that you’d like to have factored in. The more (trust) signals, the better we’ll be able to match, the happier everyone gets :man_shrugging:t3:

Would love to chat to you to to spar a bit around the algorithm thinking.


Hey, sorry mate, I tried to make it to the meeting today, but work has been extra sucky lately. Wish I could just do D_D all day :laughing:

I know what you mean about striking a balance. Open ended questions about likes and favorites could get out of hand really quick.

Perhaps there is a way we can template it to start and then build out over time? Suppose we started with a few easy things to compare like Spotify favorites, Github libraries, Goodreads book lists, etc.

Maybe that’s making it too crazy to start, just thinking out loud. If we wanted to go the route of connecting people on non-tech interests, maybe a better starting question is what are the best things to connect people on (music, books, exercise, etc.)


wow that’s a super interesting idea, never thought about that, and its sounds like something that we definitely need to think about

please feel free to also bring this up during our weekly call Tuesday for Soil :seedling:

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The more I think about this project, the more I like it.

Being involved in StakeborgDAO, we noticed that most of the people who join our server are crypto curious and are just getting started with Discord.

The general feedback is that they feel overwhelmed with the amount of information they need to process. The onboarding process we’re working on aims to limit their initial visibility and gradually introduce them into areas they might find interesting, then let them explore by themselves.

I think this project could be a valuable tool in our onboarding process. On top of that it could be of great help for members who, after a period of inactivity, return to the community and have a difficult time catching up with what happened in their absence.

I wish to see this project live and would love to be able to try it out in StakeborgDAO.

Great idea, great proposal, hat off.

Keep rocking guys!


Wow, what more can I ask, you tell us more feedback from StakeborgDAO

and a completely new idea about returning members!

It doesn’t get better than that for real! I am super excited to work with you in the near future, the Soil :seedling: team is growing like crazy now there is 11 people that we are talking actively and 6 members that are definitely inside the team

this means that we will have something awesome for you guys soon :smiley:


I want to address this amazing comment from @Piablo with all these great ideas

Amazing point!!! And you story is really great @Piablo especially for making a point about Soil :seedling:

I 100000% see your concern here and this is why we have the Soil :seedling: meeting every Tuesday to ask this exact questions to the community and to be sure that you guys will decide on the right language skills etc.

Literally, the skills that you see there made by me and @impactbilli.eth within 30 minutes of thinking, the reason that we didn’t give time on this task is that we first wanted to know if there will be interest from the community. Then if there is actually people that want something like that we can build it and of course ask D_D on what to do there instead of us thinking alone

I want to stress here that this is a Airtable form that was created within 30 minutes and zero thinking and effort behind it, just for testing and development purposes

we will release the correct skills page in the next 25-35 days

I am really sorry that I didn’t tell you guys this originally!

Loooove it, yeees 100% and language is everything

we would love to have you also on the discussion about language and skills, I think you have really amazing thinks to offer there and help us be in the right track!!!


@BluePanda @impactbilli.eth @Milo.io - just checking if the figures for $CODE requested in this proposal are up-to-date? I know a few folks have joined the project recently…

The deadline for finalising proposals is Sunday @ midnight UTC - they will then move to vote stage on Monday. Think you already mentioned you had budget stewards who support the proposal, please can you add their names under the authors like so "Supporting budget stewards: name, name, name’ - can add me to that list as well. great work :slight_smile:


Is there going to be a process to measure how many hours each contributor will participate, or is it going to be a defined rate of 13 hours per week/contributor?
I would like to endorse this project. Please add me in the credits as Budget Steward.


have added us both as supporters


It will not be every week the same amount, we are incredibly close with everyone and we are deciding together as a team for every single task. As you can see already from the tasks that we are filling up in Dework Soil :seedling:(more than 120 tasks done btw)

What we do already is we are discussing and come to a common agreement on approximately how many hours the specific task will take, after that during the review we change in case it took more or less hours

So it will be based on specific hours spent on tasks each week, some times it will be less than 13 some times it will be more than 13 hours

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Sorry Kemp for not being responsive here, we were working on everything that you asked us on the backEnd

I am really grateful that you change that to a vote and really excited to start the process! :smiley:

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Will there be a bio written for the other people listed on the project? It appears to only mention 4 people, but I can see that the team has since grown

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Great question, we are preparing that actually, but as you can understand this takes some time and we had a deadline for Sunday, so what we will do is, we will organize this info inside our Soil :seedling: Notion for every individual and we will display it there :smiley: when this is Done we will share the link here, and everywhere else


it’s just occurred to me — but I’d actually suggest increasing the budget to include rewards for non-team members who contribute towards its development. the weekly sync meetings are less of a one-way communication by the team, but more of an engagement session with potential users. I’d wager that these sessions are quite important for the project, as its targeted users are being brought into the innovation process. and it’s more than giving feedback over the call, but going through interactive exercises via Miro.

I’d benchmark participation by:

• attending the audio call — 15 $CODE

• work done in Miro during the call — $15 CODE

• work done outside of the call, on Miro — $15 CODE

one way I’m contextualizing contributions within the various projects under the Community Guild (AxisOne, Onboarding, Server Architecture), and for the OKRs Initiative is by adopting a practice from the legal profession: billable hours.

any work done that is in service to the effort/initiative/project constitutes value being created, and thus is deserving of remuneration.

these non-team contributors should probably also be factored into considerations for token drops, nfts etc in the future (should they exist).


19 contributors * 13 hours a week * 15 $CODE/hour * 12 weeks + 3000 $ CODE bounty budget = $CODE 47,460

Doesn’t s1 consist of 16 weeks?


@luan thank you so much for the suggestion

I am really sorry for taking that long to reply, we were trying to think what is the best way to address this great idea

we created a whole new post with a vote to see if more people agree with this idea

you can find the post here👇, please let us know what you think


@pbillingsby.eth I can’t believe that we didn’t find this mistake!!! Thank you so much, and really sorry for the late reply we were trying to find the best way to solve this problem

we created a new post with a vote to see if D_D wants to solve this problem

you can find the post here👇, is that ok for you?

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Comment NUMBER 100. Woohoo!

The problem that this project aims to solve is one that I experience regularly. Successful projects require many different types of stakeholders to come together. For Algovera (a DAO of data scientists), to collaborate with a DAO of another type of stakeholder (e.g. DeveloperDAO) requires that I first take a lot of time to join the community, build a reputation and find the individuals interested in working together. It’s just not scalable. I’m captivated at the prospect of using data science and recommender systems to make this process more efficient.

Hugely excited to continue to develop our relationship with the team at Soil and explore possible collaborations. In particular, I’m really looking forward to learning about your approach to community building (and how you make such great use of your gather.town HQ!).