[DRAFT] S2 Eden proposal: 4 tracks to "join, stay & play" in D_D

4 tracks to “join, stay & play” in D_D

Authors: @BluePanda @Milo.io @waxy @eloigil @impactbilli.eth
Supporting Budget Steward of S1 application: @Erik_Knobl @kempsterrrr

Links to previous discussion on this topic: [DRAFT] - Talent Coordination Bot Proposal - Soil 🌱 - Unlock Community Powered Opportunity - S1 Budget Application


This proposal is about continuing the Eden <> D_D - love :heart_hands:. S1 was very much a “figuring things out” season. Despite that, Eden’s been a place for over 50 contributors to learn, connect & build in D_D. In that light, S1 was about laying & solidifying foundations. For an overview of everything that’s happened over the last Season, we’ve provided an overview in the #eden channel in D_D.

In S2 - we’re gearing up to collectively reap the rewards of the efforts we’ve been putting in over the last 6 months. We’ve identified 4 concrete opportunity tracks: (1) decentralized opportunity matching, (2) mentorship, (3) hackathons & (4) grant funding, which we aim to realize for & with the DAO in this Season. The grant funding, which has been given to the Eden x D_D SEEDS program, includes a very concrete proposal around revenue share that projects a 10x ROI for the DAO.

The over-arching goal remains the same: empower everyone to be the right person on the right project for the right reasons and by doing so, turn D_D into a lush garden of opportunities where we can grow & build web3 w frens, together!

If you’re curious as to the current state of the product - here’s our latest demo:


Our high-level goal for this application is to outline concretely how we can empower more people to “join, play & stay” in D_D. The more the DAO attracts, engages & retains talent, the more the DAO thrives - because the DAO are its people & what they come together to do.

With that in mind, Eden is still focused on the two pillars we outlined for this in S1: meaningfully matching people with opportunities. We have two main focuses to achieve this: (1) making talent in the DAO meaningfully searchable & (2) increasing the number of & access to quality opportunities.

We’ve been able to achieve a lot in S1 - all of the goals & challenges that were outlined in that proposal are still very much relevant & top of mind for us today (so if you haven’t read that yet, we encourage you to!). This S2 application has three additional main motivations for us:

  1. Celebrate & amplify what’s working: We’ve been able to achieve incredible things since S1 with many dev DAO members - we’ve had over 50 different contributors and love building with D_D. Awesome game nights were had, many new skills were learned & deep bonds were forged in the D_D <> Eden fire. We want to continue to “build web3 with frens.”

  2. Apply & share lessons learned: Season 1 very much felt like we were all trying to figure things out still. We want to apply & share those lessons in Season 2 to help solidify D_D’s place in the broader web3 community as a place that births amazing projects that move the needle for the entire space. Most of these lessons are reflected in this proposal.

  3. Outline our sustainably beneficial future together: In S1, the exact ways of how we wanted to provide value to the DAO remained pretty vague. We understood the problem pretty well, but how exactly we would solve it remained a bit blurry. Many hours of work have been done which comes with a lot of clarity. For this proposal, we’ve outlined 4 concrete “opportunity tracks” that we are excited to propose to the DAO.

Mission, values and goals alignment

Everything we discussed in our S1 application still holds true. However, we’ve gained a lot of additional clarity in the last season, so we want to highlight a couple of concrete ways Eden <> D_D align.

At a high level, Eden’s mission is to turn the web into a lush garden of opportunities which very much aligns with the idea of building web3 with frens. We’re building an opportunity protocol that allows anybody, anywhere to find dream talent & join stellar projects.

At a high level, this speaks to these 3 D_D goals & values specifically:

  1. Talent attraction, engagement & retention: No people, no DAO. A survey showed that 9/10 people who want to contribute in the DAO, don’t find a place to contribute. That’s a lot of “wasted” talent coming through the DAO. Decentralizing the way to launch & find a place to contribute to the DAO is crucial to achieving impact at scale as a DAO.

  2. Diversity & Inclusion: Today, the way for you to get started creating value in the DAO is to go through all the channels, get vocal & hope that somebody knows somebody that can be helpful to you. This can be hard for people who are more introverted or are less good at “selling themselves”. Eden creates a fairer, more accessible & meritocratic system to operate in the DAO.

  3. Building web3 w frens: With the help of the D_D, Eden is well positioned to become a core web3 infrastructure that helps realize the promise of all DAOs, unlocking a huge set of opportunities for DAO members across web3 - with D_D as it’s home & birthplace. It’s also becoming clear that Eden is a source for a lot of learning on how the DAO wants to engage with & spin out projects. We want to continue contributing in helping the DAO mature & streamline the work that is being done around that.

For our S2 proposal that translates to 4 concrete opportunity tracks with those 3 specific goals in mind on how we want to co-elevate our shared missions & values.

  1. Decentralised opportunity matching - “A match made in Eden x D_D”
    The initial challenge we set out to solve with the Soil :seedling: talent coordination bot - now Eden Protocol - is still the main problem we tackle. We’ve been working hard to upgrade the bot into a whole platform that makes it easy for anyone to launch a project in the DAO & find people to collaborate with on that project in a decentralized way. S2 is the season we will launch our platform in private beta in D_D. This empowers anybody in the DAO to find or create their “spot” in the DAO according to their specific interests. This provides a more scalable yet personal education, onboarding & support path - which directly contributes to the three goals mentioned above.

  2. Mentorship - “Eden x D_D mentorship matching events”
    In building tooling to achieve the perfect opportunity match - we realized that an opportunity is nothing less than a couple of the right people coming together for the right reasons at the right time. Great mentorship is one of those forms of opportunities. That’s why in Season 2 we want to collaborate with D_D mentorship to achieve more, impactful & sustainable mentorship matches. Easily finding the perfect mentor in D_D can be absolutely huge in building D_D community strength & engagement which in turn, again, directly contributes to the three goals stated above.

  3. Hackathons - “Eden x D_D hack-pack”
    We’re a community of builders - and what better way to explore cool ideas than through Hackathons. However, a big challenge there can be finding a great team to hack with. In S2 we want to empower D_D members with the Eden tools to find each-other for hackathons more effectively. We’ll explore the idea of facilitating periodical remote hackathons in D_D with Eden tooling which in term will lead to more talent attraction, engagement & retainment as we give more and more members reasons to come, play & stay in D_D. Again, directly contributing to the three goals stated above.

  4. (Grant) Funding - “Eden x D_D - SEEDS program”
    Many protocols have grant programs to incentivize amazing builders, like we have & attract many of in D_D, to build ontop of their stack. The Eden x D_D SEEDS program gives these protocols the opportunity to spot & fund teams within D_D that show a lot of promise to build meaningful projects on top of their stack. The Eden tooling makes it possible for members to fast-track applications with the reputation they’ve built up in D_D & Eden. Eden tools give insights & analytics to the protocols around who’s applying and takes away the hassle of distributing & following up on the grants on the coordination side. By being one of the first builder-daos with tooling that allows any protocol to permissionlessly post grants to our community in a way that is 10x more professional than an airtable, we can attract many protocols to offer D_D-specific grants. Again directly contributing to the three goals stated above.

Brand usage

Our current version of the tool is an alpha version that is under development - we have a waitlist of other DAO’s who want to use the Eden tooling. Having D_D as the birthplace of the tool that has the potential to become core-infrastructure across all DAOs is how we would use the brand - very much in line of the idea of “build web3 with friends”.

Scope of work

S1 was about getting a lot of the foundations in place for Eden to be valuable to the DAO.

S2 is about realising that value with the broader D_D community.

We’ve learned a lot from S1 - we ended up having 50 different contributors contributing in many different capacities & forms. We’ve identified 3 main “working groups” and ways of contributing. We’ll be scoping 3 work-forms: Core, Solid & Liquid.

  1. Core contributors are full-time Eden members.
  2. Solid contributors are members who can spend 10-15 hours a week building with us.
  3. Liquid contributors are members who are interested in exploring if Eden would be a place for them and would work more on a bounty per bounty case. We are requesting budget to sponsor the D_D members who want to contribute to Eden as Solid & Liquid contributors.

For these types of contributors, we foresee two workstreams with the following workload & scope.

Scope 1: Continue building the core tech, protocol tools & platform w the team in the way that we have & that is clearly working - doing fast iterations & co-building with many of our DAO members - to everyone who has built, intro’d, jumped on a call with us - THANK YOU :heart_hands:

Workload 1:

  • Solid contributors: 10 contributors.
    • 6 x full stack
    • 2 x blockchain
    • 2 x UX/UI
  • Liquid contributors: Room for 20 hours of liquid contribution a week.
    • 10 x 1h bounties
    • 5 x 2h bounties

Scope 2: Growing the Eden network inside & outside D_D to expand the scope & availability of opportunities for D_D members. We’ll be launching multiple efforts for each opportunity stream we discussed in the mission, values & goals alignment section. The work for this will be distributed in Eden’s partnership & outreach team.

Workload 2:

  • Solid contributors
    • 5 x partnership & outreach.
  • Liquid contributors:
    • 10 x 1h bounties

Financial implications

D_D investment


Besides all the intangible value creation that comes from building a healthier DAO that attracts, engages & retains talent more effectively through the 4 concrete ways we outlined earlier, we’re also thinking about value capture to make & grow this as a sustainable business loop.

The reality is that this requires experimentation, especially when dealing with completely new & innovative business scenarios that come with being on the cutting edge of organization building - which is where DAOs very much are. Making broad comments about a general shared business model, revenue split or deal is pure speculation at this point.

We can say that from an Eden standpoint, we’re in this to play long-term games with long-term people. We’re fighting for a purpose economy which very much includes DAOs succeeding at becoming a place to empower people to do more of what they love. Eden & D_D are fundamentally aligned in needing to sustainably & qualitatively grow & engage the community and that includes having a business model that makes sense on all sides.

That being said, there is a very concrete way that we envision a sustainable revenue share to work TODAY in S2:

  1. Eden x D_D SEEDS program: Protocols pay a lump sum that is disbursed over a minimum - maximum amount of grants. A cut, we propose 10%, of that lump sum is taken for the management, tracking & disbursement services on the Eden side, and an additional cut, we propose an additional 10%, of that lump sum is taken for the DAO to continue funding public goods that are conducive to attracting the right kind of builders, organizing the workshops & continuing the work of the D_D funding operators to create a fruitful environment for quality projects to find funding - such as down the line an incubator/accelerator etc.

Given the current price of the CODE token is at $0.16 - that projects a 10x ROI from the SEEDS program alone [100000/(61200*0.16)]. That’s not taking into account the different avenues that we can explore further such as cross-community monetization, revenue split on “freemium” subscriptions within D_D, etc.



  • Relevant Experiences
    • Experienced CTO & Tech Lead of working with multimillion dollar companies.
    • Led the team at Goldman Sachs responsible for leveraging knowledge graph convolutional networks to do talent matching.
  • Relevant Skills
    • AI: Deep learning PhD in Knowledge Graphs Dropout with 11 years exp.
    • Blockchain: 3 years of Solidity experience.


  • Relevant Experiences
    • Has been building skill & talent-related startups since 2015.
    • Part of the team that launched the first commercial hybrid-AI research project in Belgium together with IMEC, Allnex + P&G
    • Exited last venture in 2021, a people-driven-innovation agency with clients like the EU institutions & multinationals. Focus on how to leverage innovative technologies to get the right person in the right place for the right reasons.
  • Relevant Skills
    • Mechanism Design: Built own blockchain in 2017 with an “impact coin” that helped university reduce heating bill through mechanism & incentive design.
    • MSc in Computer Science Dropout

Contributors (past & present) - if you’re not on here and you think you should, message us - if you’re thinking about joining, message any of these people, not everybody is necessarily active in Eden any longer but once a gardner, always a gardner :heart_hands::

  • Milo

    Role: UX/UI designer | Community | Outreach

    • BS in Law & Political Science - major: International Relations, minor: Tourism
    • UX/UI designer - designer of the entirety of Eden platform & GatherTown spaces
    • Project Manager Scrum Master in Sabre Corporation - leading 3 teams of 40 devs total on developing & maintaining core features of the booking engine; Passion towards tourism and tech industries came together in one job <3
    • Active contributor in DeveloperDAO - contributing to Mentorship program and Fundraising Initiatives; sourcing talent for Eden team:)
    • Outreach & Fundraising - building connections with external communities to promote Eden adoption to solve problem of talent coordination. Focusing on Microgrant & Hackathon editions of Eden
    • Community lead - irl & meta event facilitator, team engagement lead
      Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lolitamileta/
      Twitter: https://twitter.com/milo_io_](https://twitter.com/milo_io_
  • busayo#4524

    Olubusayo Amowe
    Research & Collaboration
    Background: BTech in Computer Science, Ethereum Foundation DevconV Scholar Alum, Ex-Technical Writer MetisDAO, DevRel contributor Radicle, Contributor wbw3, Technical Grants Researcher Soil

    GitHub: https://github.com/amoweolubusayo
    LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/amoweolubusayo

  • wiseTy#8689

    Backend | Product

    Upcoming CS graduate The University of DC; Community Manager Developer DAO; Backend & Product Soil Github:

    Github: https://github.com/wise-Ty

  • exwhyzee.eth#1234

    Incoming freshman and builder of MetapassHQ & DesignJunction.xyz
    Portfolio: www.sundaramj.tech

  • sbelka.eth#3367

    Sergey Belyaev
    Frontend developer
    Contributor LW3 DAO, FrontEnd dev MyCoin
    Github: https://github.com/sbelka-1703

  • Moiz#7516

    Solidity Developer
    Just graduated with degree in computer engineering.
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/moiz-lakkadkutta
    github: https://github.com/moiz-lakkadkutta

  • Aayush Gupta#7870

    Blockchain Developer
    CS Graduate, Chainlink Community Advocate, Contributor LearnWeb3DAO
    Github: https://github.com/AAYUSH-GUPTA-coder
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aayush-gupta-20023b183/

  • Miral#6517

    Frontend Developer
    Computer Engineering Degree, Freelance Frontend Developer, Contributor GitcoinDAO DevDao
    Github: https://github.com/miralsuthar

  • jengajojo.eth#5896

    Project Manager and Grants committee member in Banklessdao. Decentralization board at klimaDao. Other former roles in yearn.finance, raid guild.
    Data and Business Analyst in web2
    GitHub: https://github.com/jengajojo

  • Tricelex#0703

    Blockchain Dev
    BSc Computer Science, Working in web2 fintech, Encode Solidity boot camp graduate
    GitHub: https://github.com/tricelex
    LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/chuckzokoye

  • Alex1237#2487

    Role: Bot Dev
    Bio: BSc and Msc in Computer Science. Previous experience: Embedded System in Civil Engineering and FPGA. Jumped into web3 last year but failed to catch Defi Summer. Try my best to learn frontend and backend. They are sooo cool
    GitHub: https://github.com/myz1237

    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yizhuo-meng-860a7a195/

  • waxy#0208 - Tech Lead of Eden
    Leading Eden team across multiple disciplines - Bot Development, FrontEnd, BackEnd, UX, Blockchain. Extensive experience in web3 hackathons and DAOs which makes a perfect match with the needs of Eden. Fullstack & web3 dev with 3 yrs. experience.
    Previous career: Live events industry with 20 yrs. exp. across multiple positions, involved in various events ranging from clubs to arenas and festivals; Audio Engineer with 20 yrs. exp. designing, repairing, deploying and operating audio systems; Production Manager with 8 yrs. exp. for a 2300 seat venue hosting national and international touring artists; General Manager with 2 yrs. exp. for a regional live events production company overseeing the warehouse and event production for the New England region

    GitHub: https://github.com/e-roy
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ericroupe

  • eloigil
    Role: Full Stack Developer | Frontend Lead

    • Senior Leader of 5 frontend engineers in Eden; created a seamless system building components to allow dev team to go from design to deployment in the matter of hours expediting testing & user research
    • Industrial Design Engineering Graduate
    • Web Dev Teacher
    • Fullstack Dev European Commission project & Telecom company & Branding consultancy
      GitHub: https://github.com/heavensbee001
      LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eloigil/
  • Faina_Ivanovna#5781
    Grant Strategy
    MA/PhD student; serial grant and scholarship recipient; Independent researcher of Siberian culture, language, and ecology; linguist on a team of coders to design and produce language production software for Russian.

  • muvaofmarketing#2045 | Mariah
    Global Marketing Strategist, Full Stack Dev
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/muvaofmarketing/
    Website: https://www.mademarketingagency.com
    Multi-certified SCRUM leader. Front and Backend developer. Keen ability to understand and build complex systems and focusing relentlessly on removing impediments from teams.
    Specializing in minority start-ups and underrepresented or underserved communities with 7+ years of experience in providing companies with successful solutions to building organizational success.
    Skilled in negotiation, sales, Project Management PMP® certified, SCRUM® Master certified, Graphic Design, SEO Copywriting. Programming Languages: CSS, Java, JavaScript, Python, React, Solidity and HTML. Strong marketing professional with a Bachelor of Arts - BA focused in Molecular Genetics from The Ohio State University and an expert strategist who uses research of competitors, market conditions, customer needs, and organizational core competencies to claim company success.

  • zorooroo#8490
    Role → Frontend Dev of Eden

    • Relevant Experiences
      • Founding Tech Member propelld ( India’s Leading fintech startup - 600CR Marker valuation )
      • Leads new Initiatives and Frontend Team propelld
      • Polygon Fellowship Graduate
      • Building Re^Forms — Decentralised Form Creation Platform
      • Won Best DAO tooling prize RoadToWeb3 Hackathon by Polygon
      • Got selected as Buildspace Night and Weekend Program fellow
    • Relevant Skills
      • Frontend Development: 4 years of experience building with React js and React Native
      • Backend Development: 3 years of experience building with Nodejs and Python
      • Blockchain: 1 year of Dapps Building
      • Infrastructure: 1 year of experience with Amazon AWS

    Github: https://github.com/ateett12ue
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ateettiwari97
    twitter: https://twitter.com/ateet7tiwari
    lens: https://lenster.xyz/u/ateet.lens

  • r29taheri#5791

    Role: Frontend Developer
    Background: +6 years experience Frontend Developer
    Education: Bachelor degree in software engineering
    Github: https://github.com/r29taheri
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/r29taheri
    Twitter: r29taheri

  • cashton#7241

    Role: Outreach

    Background: Led the Blockchain Club at Miami University in 2019. In 2021, ran US operations for a non-profit called Blockchain Education Network to help students and young professionals connect to the crypto industry.

    In the past 1.5 years at Zebu Digital, a Web3 Marketing agency:

    • Executed marketing campaigns for DeFi, NFT, Crypto startups
    • Started and managed the outreach department
    • Traveled the world attending crypto conferences to build agency partnerships and find new business
    • Organized side events and meetups for companies like OKX and NEAR Protocol
    • Led programming and partnerships for the Zebu Live Web3 Conference in London.

    Education: Bachelors of Science in Business Economics
    Miami University of Ohio Farmer School of Business, Class of 2020
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashtonbarger/
    Twitter: cashton_eth
    Lens: cashton.lens

  • seeinplays#7139
    Role: Head of Communications
    Background: Avid learner and hackathon participant. Has a background in Software Development, from web applications to backend API’s.
    GitHub: github
    LinkedIn: linkedin
    Twitter: twitter
    Lens: lens

  • jamiebones#4721

    NODEJS Backend developer Eden

    Contract Author with Educative INC; Technical Writer/Contributor to Developer DAO blog, Member D_D newsletter team.

    Education: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

  • with-heart#0001

    Open Source Maintainer, Frontend Experience
    I love open source, teaching, and developer experience.
    Core team member developer_dao, former core team chakra_ui.

  • Oleanji#1467

Next Steps

We’d love to get your feedback & thoughts on this application and we can’t wait to keep building <3


I am thrilled to have been a part of the journey that led to the successful launch of Eden :seedling:. The experiences and memories from Season 0 and Season 1 will always hold a special place in my heart. The hard work, dedication, and collaboration that went into making it all happen were truly remarkable.

I am excited to see what the future holds for Eden and D_D, and I am confident that Season 2 will be even more impactful and successful than the previous seasons. The passion and drive of the team is evident in all that they do, and I am honored to be a part of such a dynamic and innovative community.

I look forward to continuing to work together and make an even greater impact in the developer ecosystem. With the collective efforts and contributions of the team, I know that we can achieve even more in the next season. Let’s keep pushing forward, and make Season 2 truly unforgettable!

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For me that looks solid. Definitely want to help Eden and D_D achieve greater heights. Hyped about what you are building and really want to be a part of it.

At least for me the value kickback also adds up. Don’t know how others think about it.

We shall follow the new proposal process and eventually that will be put under voting.

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I agree, this looks like a solid proposal. Congrats on all the effort.
I’m looking forward to endorse it again.
I have a few questions:

Would DAO projects have different perks than external orgs when using the Protocol?

Assembling teams is something we need in Agency currently. Would be interested to learn more.

Do you guys have specifics of the SEEDS program? Is it a work in progress, or is it a finished deal? Where can we read more about it?

During S1, Stewards struggled to have visibility on your operations. Is there a clear, easy way we can have access to this future information? Would you be disclosing regular reports?


Love the proposal and what Eden’s building because it’s needed. I agree with @BluePanda in that the team is too dedicated to fail. This next season will be incredible given the proper budget, support and systems. I can’t wait to see what’s next for us as we continue to build the worlds most innovative solutions to enhance the world!

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Apologies for not sharing thoughts here, consumed by [DRAFT] - DAO Governance Structure Upgrade and trying to align the DAOs internal contributors. I will share my thoughts later this week.

Be interested to know read answers to some of the questions already shared :saluting_face:

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That sounds great. We’re truly excited about your work in fundraising and would love to collaborate with you to achieve even greater results together.

Well thanks!!

For this season, D_D will probably be the only place where Eden is active - so the main perk is having Eden operational + all of the funding partners we bring on will all be for D_D initially.

We’ll reach out in the next weeks - we want to work closer with you!

It’s a work in progress - the outlines are there, will work with @Wikist & @chuck25 to role this out when ready.

Yes - that’s our bad. We’re recommitting to sharing monthly updates in our sub-dao channel!

Can we have a deadline for this? What would be the minimum deliverable for this season?

Can you guys commit to send a representative to the weekly initiative leads meeting?

Can you source this?

Have you discussed this with the mentorship team?

What follows will not be a popular opinion.

I’m not in favor of this without an operating agreement and significant legal oversight. This is nearing VC levels of speculative investments I’m frankly not comfortable with without a significant amount of due diligence. D_D has spent a large amount of $CODE already on Eden without these and frankly I think that was a poor choice on the DAO and Eden’s part as we now have a large number of scenarios that are unable to be accounted for.

Then there are the adjacent implications of this proposal and way of compensating the DAO. If the fundraising team helps you raise VC capital or get grants, how is that distributed? Do they get paid their cut and then the DAO get paid its cut?

There’s so many loose threads with this form of funding I can’t in good conscience and of sound mind approve it.

Yes - have to ask @allWiseee as he did the survey together with @myz1237.eth!

We have and these are ongoing :slight_smile:

I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying exactly - “a large number of scenarios” feels pretty vague to me but happy to chat through all of them. I think we just want to provide value to the DAO and there are many more ways to do that - 4 of which we’ve outlined here above, very concretely.

I think it would be helpful if you and I jumped on a call, I am super happy to do this with anybody btw - that’s the accountability we want to show towards the DAO. Should we do that?

I’d prefer to have any questions/answers in the forum for all members of the DAO to see and reference.

Absolutely - happy to record it & transcribe. I feel however that most of your reservations are around lack of context and there’s only so much context you can give through text.

But also happy to do it here: could you elaborate more on the “large number of scenarios?” that way we can address them one by one?

I’m thrilled to see the team back in action for season 2.

I would love to have some more context around how it’s been structured, it’s a bit confusing for me for the time being. I saw you mentioning regularly putting updates on the subdao channel, I will keep an eye for monthly updates.

Hyped about what y’all build and excited to see all of it.

@impactbilli.eth @BluePanda - sorry for the delays following up on this proposal. You’re going to hate this but since the passing of P-22: DAO Governance Structure Upgrade the template for budget proposals and requirements for them has change

See template

Given this is not your fault, I’m working on migrating your proposal over to this new format in the word doc below:

Have DM’s you the same on Discord. Keen to get this updated and re-submitted to Governance asap so we can get this moving for you

One other note on here. As per P-22: DAO Governance Structure Upgrade are Eden happy to sign an agreement with the Foundation that states the financial relationship/OKRs defined in this proposal?