[DRAFT 1] - B3NZ Season 1 Budget Application - Archived

[DRAFT] - B3NZ Season 1 Budget Application

Authors: @jazza.eth @Martin @pbillingsby.eth Colin4Ward
Supporting Budget Steward: @stewards (please replace with Budget Stewards handle if/when support given)

You can find previous discussion about this topic in the #b3nz discord channel as well on this original scoping document, project/meetings notes on Notion.


This is the B3NZ Project budget application for Season 1. It outlines the high-level goal of the project, how we plan to get there, the team working to make this happen and the proposed budget we’re applying for.


Traditional organisations typically provide some kind of benefit to their “employees”. This does not exist for DAO contributors as they are not “employees”, B3NZ seeks to address this by providing benefits to contributors based on the DAO tokens they hold.

Mission, values & Goals alignment

Benefits of the B3NZ platform will support DAO contributors across web3 to get discounted access to tooling and services that will help them contribute to the ecosystem. Benefits will likely include discounted Education, Developer/Design tooling and Finance/Tax tooling, plus anything else we can dream up that will benefit DAO Contributors.

Supporting DAO Contributors to learn about and contribute to the web3 ecosystem is well inline with the DAOs stated goals:

  • Onboard, Educate, & Support Web3 Developers
  • Foster & Build Web3 Tools & Public Goods

Brand Usage

B3NZ operates under its own brand. However, it does plan to broadcast that it is a project created in Developer DAO and is using Developer DAO as its first test DAO partner. It is however not defining itself as the “Developer DAO X” and intends to become a sustainable project and stand on its own.

So whilst it is not directly operating under the Developer DAO brand it will take advantage of the DAO brand for initial testing, marketing and acquisition. We believe it’s important therefore we return value to the DAO for the platform it is providing.

Scope of the Work

Long-term goal is a platform DAO Contributors can login to, authenticate with their Ethereum (and eventually more) wallets to see what DAOs they are part of and what benefits they are therefore entitled to.

Goal is to complete Phase 1 & Phase 2 in Season 1, work on these has started and is progressing nicely. Stretch goal is progressing to Phase 3 in Season 1.

Phase 1 - Idea Validation

  • Engage with existing Developer DAO partners to find out if they are interested in offering benefits to Developer DAO members, what those benefits might be and how they could be delivered to members (kempsterrrr.eth + Colin4Ward)
  • Figure out a low-code way to deliver these benefits to Developer DAO members and track the success with partners and members. Iterate and improve (everyone)
  • Research and identify the best on-going legal structure for the project and how this would work with regards to being a project built @ Developer DAO then spun out if successful. (Jazza.eth)
  • Secure grants to fund initial team working on the project on top of $CODE allocation (Jazza.eth)
  • Decide on architecture and technology stack for platform assuming idea is successfully validated (MartinB, pbillingsby, Kempsterrrr)

Phase 2 - Build MVP for Developer DAO (if Phase 1 is successful)

  • Landing page for project that: a) guides D_D members to a page to redeem benefits based on their holding of the genesis NFT, 2) Guides potential partners to a page where they can submit a form to show interest, 3) Guides DAO to a waitlist where they can submit interest in using the platform
  • Benefits Page - page that lists benefits available to D_D. Those benefits can only be consumed if they are authenticated with their wallet to prove ownership of the D_D token.

Phase 3 - Refine and expand to other DAOs

  • Expand the platform to accommodate other DAOs from a technical POV either as a multi-tenant application where DAOs can host their own version on their own subdomain OR contine with a centralised app they can have their own section.
  • Migrate away from no-code backend solution via airtable (if this makes sense)
  • Conduct User Research to figure out best way to evolve platform for other DAOs
  • Approach and onboard other DAOs

Financial Implications

Given this project is in the discovery phase, breaking down specific contributions is challenging. For simplicity we’re asking for budget based on estimated time each team member can contribute each week:

  • Kempsterrrr.eth - ??? - Champion (Product vision/strategy, PartnershipsBD/Marketing and some dev)
  • Jazza.eth - ??? - Product Management / Design
  • Colin4Ward - ??? Partnerships/BD/Marketing
  • MartinB - ??? - Full Stack Developer
  • pbillingsby - ??? - Full Stack Developer

Total = $$$ hours per week.

Budget Calculation = $$$ hours per week X 16 week Season X 15 $CODE/hr

Total requested Budget = $$$$ $CODE

The team is committed to returning value back to the DAO in the following ways:

  • Significant discounts on products/services for members, giving them reduced cost access and increasing the intrinsic value of membership in the DAO
  • Allocating ??% of any future native token issuing or equity depending on how the project decides to approach this (Token issue TBD)


  • @kempsterrrr is the community guild lead, co-ops lead, full stack developer and a member of the “Founding Team.”
  • @jazza.eth is a core contributor to the design guild, code claim site and xxxx
  • @colind4Ward is a core contributor to the MBD Guild helping establish several partnerships and process there, as well as a core contributor in the writers guild and leads the newsletter team
  • @MartinB is an early contributor to the DAO, very active in the Development and has contributed to several projects including….
  • @pbillingsby is another early contributor to the DAO, very active in the Development Guild and has contributed to several projects including….

Success Metrics and KPIs

  • Number of partners committed to working with us
  • Number of partners with offers live on the platform
  • Number of DAO Contributors who have redeem benefits on the platform
  • % of redemptions who continue to use partners tools after discount/free trial
  • Twitter Following
  • Number of DAOs who are interested in working with us

Next Steps

  • Confirm expected hourly contributions and calculate final budget ask
  • Refine proposal based on feedback from the community
  • Update proposal for voting
  • Vote for proposal: Yes/No/Needs refinement
  • Continue working on deliverables
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This budget application raises two important questions for the DAO

  1. Do we want to support members to create revenue generating projects that are expecting to grow beyond the DAO into their own entities with DAO budgets?
  2. If we do, how should value be returned to the DAO?

I’ll share my feelings on this:

  1. Do we want to support members to create revenue generating projects that are expecting to grow beyond the DAO into their own entities with DAO budgets?

To me there are a couple of reasons it makes sense to support such projects:

  1. Members are going to build them anyway. If we don’t support them they’ll simply build such projects elsewhere and we’ll loose contributors.
  2. Supporting members directly benefits them and successful project provide great positive stories for DAO attracting more people and increasing the intrinsic value of memberships.
  3. It also presents and opportunity for the DAO to capture value from successful ideas which in the long-run could provide a significant % of funds for the DAO to fund public goods.

Worth noting this idea is not a new one. The quote below is from this article by @dabit3 speaks of the idea of an incubator. It was received extremely well at the time and still has support from many contributors (@daeshawn.eth @Colin4ward).

We’re also exploring the idea of a web3 incubator. As more projects spin out of the DAO, we are in a unique position to support these projects as a collective by providing the resources, connections, and network effects needed to successfully launch new projects and products.

  1. If we do, how should value be returned to the DAO?

This proposal suggests immediate value in the form of 1000s if $ in discounts for members as well as a token or equity allocation back to the DAO (TBD). In y-combinator for example to participate the project gives up 7% equity for the benefit of their accelerator. Given the initial budget rewards, network effects of the DAO (promotion and introductions), large beta user pool of members, grant application support etc. a lot of value can be provided.

on a separate note, will update budget calculation figures by early next week as currently figuring out what this is likely to look like

Is this going to be finished for the deadline?

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oh why of course, just waiting on the team to check an updated draft :slight_smile:

There is no way we can discuss this before the deadline. And this merits a wide DAO conversation.
I would suggest a placeholder such as the following here:
“The team is committed to returning value back to the DAO, and will abide to the rules for subDAOs to be defined in Season 1”

I’m interested in endorsing this project. Can we have final numbers?

Update proposal has been posted - [Final] - P3RKS S1 Budget Application

We’re taking the decision to allocate 7% of either equity or future token issuance back to Developer DAO.