Stewards election - S2

Foundation nominated Steward

Discord Username + Forum Username:
Discord username: kempsterrrr | D_D | GMT#8590
Forum Username: @kempsterrrr

ETH address (where $CODE tokens are held):

0xd35D68Fe3F7Ae603d984B3b17C9dFe156B973Fd5 / kempsterrrr.eth

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:
My intentions as a Member, Contributor, Steward and Foundation Director are to maximise the DAOs ability to increase its impact on the world and the support it can provide all Members to increase theirs.

Over the last 12 months, I’ve dedicated most of my life to Developer DAO, ignoring opportunities available to me elsewhere to do my best to help the DAO achieve its mission. My main aims for the future are to decentralise Governance and, therefore, leadership further and actively encourage all members to participate in Governance and support them to create more value for themselves and the DAO as a whole by working towards a fairer and simpler structure for everyone.

Recent proposals I’ve played a key role in authoring that work towards these are:


Governance Record (link/screenshot of forum stats)

Forum Governance Summary

  • Snapshot voting record (link/screenshot of snapshot profile - Snapshot )

I moved my $CODE tokens between wallets, so have two wallets for snapshot

  • Discord Username + Forum Username

  • ETH address (where $CODE tokens are held)

  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
    I minted a D4R because I was inspired by Developer DAO’s self-evident ethos around building useful things and personal/professional development. Web3 has always been plagued by opportunism, but D_D has maintained it’s focus on doing meaningful things for the ecosystem and it’s members since day 1.

My interest is in seeing Developer DAO continue to grow it’s impact by making the activities which provide values to members more sustainable. We’ve seen a lot of churn in the last year and learned a lot of lessons about our strengths and weaknesses as an organization. I would like to see us focus our efforts going forwards with those lessons learned front of mind.

  • Qualifications

    • Active member since D4R mint
    • Top Partnership Lead for the DAO
      • web3con
      • S1 + S2
      • Newsletter sponsorships
      • Top-5 in early contributor Coordinape vote
    • Newsletter editor for all 57 issues
    • One of two writers for the DAO Operators proposal/budget
  • Governance Record (link/screenshot of forum stats)
    Profile - Colin4ward - Developer DAO

  • Snapshot voting record

  • Discord Username + Forum Username
    Rubinovitz#6472 + rubinovitz

  • ETH address (where $CODE tokens are held)
    I have the NFT I bought at rubinovitz.eth. I was not eligible for the airdrop and did not find any of the other ways to earn $CODE compelling (e.g. attending calls that were early in the morning on my timezone, how to onboard onto projects was very unclear).

  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
    I’m a weird candidate in that I’ve so far been a lurker of Developer DAO. But if you want more lurkers in my demographic to get involved, I could be worth voting for for steward.

My values:

  1. Developers deserve ownership and governance power (if they want it) of their creations.
  2. Developers should be empowered by AI to build bigger better things, not replaced.
  3. Developers should be an empowered collective and help each other with information, capital, and collaboration.
  4. Work should be permissionless, interpretable and (more) merit based.

My intentions:

  1. I am working full-time on coordination and funding tools for developers and would love to lend that expertise to the DAO to help more DD projects become financially sustainable and integrated into the larger crypto ecosystem. If the DAO wants to use stuff I’m building, great. If not, also great. I’m super down to help a D_D Agency, D_D Fundraising, and D_D Labs. I have experience both in high end consulting and fundraising for my own company. I can also talk about DEI in tech, but generally think having diverse empowered leadership is the best way for good DEI.
  2. I want us to have more fun and I’d personally like to throw events at conferences. I’m a seasoned hackathon organizer.
  3. I recognize that I’m new to governance here. I want to listen to those who have been more active in the org before declaring any more intentions. I aim to be collaborative and solve real problems.
  • Qualifications.
    TLDR; I’ve worked really hard over the last decade to have a fulfilling, impactful career as a developer while building developer communities. I’m also qualified to think about the challenges and opportunities ahead for developers (AI, crypto, coding cooperatives, indie hacking, and community owned token networks).
  1. I’ve been a developer for 10 years, spanning full-stack, AI, and crypto. I co-created Bail Bloc ( which was probably the first money swarm for good in crypto.
  2. I co-founded and grew a community called hackathon hackers with 67k+, along with being an early mentor at and running the program before.
  3. I’m a developer turned CEO. I understand how to create, lead and choose funding models for software projects and make them sustainable. I’d love to help more developers cross this chasm. We need more Web3 projects with product market fit, both for the Web3 ecosystem, and for us Web3 devs to work on.
  4. I’ve been an independent and affiliated AI and ML researcher. Independent research I did was cited in the ChatGPT blog post.
  • Governance Record (link/screenshot of forum stats)

I don’t have one.

  • Snapshot voting record
    Also don’t have one. I typically don’t vote because I don’t have enough ownership in anything to sway a vote.

Discord Username + Forum Username
SocialButterfly#8556 (Manny)

ETH address (where $CODE tokens are held)

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

My intention is to create a sustainable and thriving DAO that balances financial success with community engagement. I believe that financial success and community building are not mutually exclusive, and that by prioritizing events and initiatives that add value to our members’ personal growth, we can create a more meaningful and impactful organization.


DD Jobs Lead
Community Member
ETH Denver hackathon scholarship

Governance Record (link/screenshot of forum stats)

Snapshot voting record


Discord Username + Forum Username
dropknowledge#0001 @drop_knowledge

ETH address (where $CODE tokens are held)

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

When I joined D_D in November of 2021, I was given opportunities to contribute and help lay a foundation for the DAO. These opportunities inevitably led me to quit my job and give D_D my full attention just a few months later.

It was Developer DAO that brought me to my first web3 conference (EthDenver), let me champion the origins of a Product Guild, allowed me to represent the DAO in partnerships with other organizations, and develop relations with new partners in Europe (EthAmsterdam).

I attribute this period of my time in Developer DAO with laying a foundational understanding of what it means to set decentralization as your North Star. I believe the ethos of web3 asks us to build for a more open, transparent web, where individuals have greater control and ownership over their digital lives. I believe that blockchain technology will distribute power and financial opportunities to populations often overlooked. To me, D_D is the purest example of how web3 can lift up a community through education, funding, and support. Its the reason I have already funded memberships for 15 new members with my early contributor $CODE.

After a hiatus these past 8 months founding a company, I intend to return to my roots and help Developer DAO reach its full potential in Season 2. There are still many hypothesis to test that will ensure Developer DAO becomes a sustainable and operationally excellent community.
I would like to turn my intention back and serve the community that supported me over the past year.

Sitting D_D representative for DAOStar One
Product Guild Champion
Judge Web3Con

Governance Record (link/screenshot of forum stats)
Forum Activity

Snapshot Voting Record
Snapshot Record


I’m very supportive of the perspective you bring here in that you haven’t been heavily involved in pushing or pulling at previous initiatives and proposals. It’s still my dream that the DAO has fresh eyes looking and scrutinising proposals. There is enough expertise from proposal authors to explain what is not clear in any proposal. Any DAO member in essence should be able to decide how the DAO moves forward - it’s exactly how we can decentralise governance - rotating these roles regularly goes back to the days of Greek democracy (albeit with its shameful patriarchy and xenophobia), and I’m sure successfully with many cultures before (probably written out of history). Good for you for applying.

Exactly why weighted voting sucks and has got to go in my opinion. We’re replicating a system that we’re all supposedly trying to get away from = power rising to the top. Crypto is supposed to be grassroots.

One person = one vote = equal rights => next steps => build equity fairly on top of that substrate.

I’d thought about applying for this, but we don’t need another guy, I believe. We’ve still a way to go with diversity, but I have faith in all of you here to carry that message forward.
Wishing all of you listening, softening, wisdom, fairness, breadth of vision and honesty.
One love

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  • A maximum of 10 Stewards will be elected from this vote.
  • To be elected, Stewards must receive at least 1 vote.

So is this vote effectively over?


As defined for Season 2, yep. Congrats in advance candidates :slight_smile:

You may begin debating how the next iteration will work :upside_down_face:

bumping this as we should talk about having new stewards for the D_D as we need new folks to have a shape the DAO.

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Agree - cc @stewards

What is your perspective on whether we should invest time now in reviewing and adjusting this role or elect new active stewards and have them drive those conversations?

If the idea is to have the new guys shape the DAO, I would assume they can define the future role of Stewards.


I agree. Rather than just open a new vote now, I propose the following:

Tasks Desc Dates
Finalise Feedback request and post to forum for discussion Allows Stewards and Members to share their experiences, feedback and perspectives on the role to help inform how future Steward can best server the DAO January 19th, after Stewards call (for 5 days)
Open new round of elections New post to forum asking members to volunteer for elections to becomes Stewards for the DAO January 25th (for 5 days)
If required, elevate election to Snapsho We allow up to 10 Stewards. Last time we had under 10 stewards and skipped this stage. Propose it may be worth completing this stage anyway as a chance for members to signal support for nominees, including if someone receives not votes potentially disallowing them from the process January 30th (for 5 days

Please let me know your thoughts @stewards

Should we reduce the number of stewards?
Speaking from the past experience, not all stewards would have the same amount of engagement, and I think it’s safe to assume at least 3/10 would not be very active (I know the expectation is that they will be, but we have seen how it is in reality). The more stewards we have = bigger % of inactive stewards, IMO.

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Really good question - thoughts on shipping this and opening this broader conversation re feedback and adjustment for the role?

Ideally the current @stewards can be available this Friday and we can finalise this and kick of the conversation about steps for electing new stewards

Added this to the doc:

Feedback Request & Goals
As above, the objective here is to share any lessons learned by existing stewards to help new > >Stewards perform the role in the future, as well as gather perspective and feedback from Members on the role and how it might be updated and improved.

Intended outcomes:

  • Understand the lesson from the serving stewards to support the next stewards
  • Understand the sentiment and feedback from the community on the stewards role
  • Highlight any adjustments to be made to the role before re-electing it

In favor. Let’s do it.

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Shipped this - [Feedback Request] Stewards Role

@stewards when you have some time please share your perspectives on this post, ty!