Stewards Council - 2023-03-31

@stewards present: @kempsterrrr @drop_knowledge @Colin4ward @Erik_Knobl @rubinovitz @mannyornothing
Facilitator: @kempsterrrr


  1. Finalise Stewards Budget Application Process
  2. Review & updates on Stewards roadmap items

Finanlise the Stewards Budget Application Process

In P-22: DAO Governance Structure Upgrade, the Stewards we’ve delegated authority to handle ad-hoc budget requests. This process has now been defined here and summarised below:

  1. Any Member (holds >= 1 $CODE token) can submit a request
  2. Request and either be one-offs or amendments to an existing budget
  3. Request be for up to $1,000 value of any token in the treasury
  4. Stewards will use an optimistic approach to decision-making, voting if there are objections

Review and Updates on Stewards Roadmap Items

Anyone can view the Stewards Roadmap here.

Gitcoin Mutual Grant

@kempsterrrr spoke with Scott @ Gitcoin to confirm the plan, which is being written up here. Summarised as:

  1. Gitcoin’s $CODE allocation vests on the same 2 year linear schedule as everyone else
  2. We’re issuing all due vested tokens to date and then monthly from there on
  3. We’re creating a 3/5 multi-sig to hold the tokens, signers are - from D_D @kempsterrrr @ntindle, from Gitcoin: Scott, Kyle, and one neutral TBD.
  4. TG Group chat for Coordination and @kempsterrrr (potentially other Stewards) will sync monthly with Scott.

@drop_knowledge highlighted and everyone agreed that it would be great to have GitCoin active in our Governance. Exactly how we can achieve this is yet to be defined but we’ll be working to make this happen.

Foundation Bank Account

@kempsterrrr has now successfully opened a bank account for the Foundation. Next step is to try to open an on/off-ramp with so we can start paying operational costs for SaaS licenses etc.

Treasury Strategy and outstanding Guild Operator payments

No movement this week whilst processing Accounts Payable for March. Priority item to address ahead of next Stewards call.

External Delegate Responsibilities in other DAOs

Lengthy discussion on how we approach this. All in agreement with the importance of our role as delegates and the value that can be added to the DAO and the wider ecosystem if we approach this intentionally. @rubinovitz raised some great points regarding D_D being able to place Contributors as Delegates into protocols with domain knowledge who can understand the technical considerations etc.

These could be paid roles in the DAO.

Need to engage with team who had been handling out responsibilities - P-12: Formalize External Proposals Delegate Process - cc @MrStevenStiffler @josevelez.eth

Discord thread.

Other topics on the roadmap were mostly not discussed.