RFC: IRL 'MMORPG' achievements with NFTs

Hey o’ everyone :wave:!

TL;DR Building out an IRL achievement board powered by NFTs and web3 - obviously :muscle:

What are we doing?

  • We are going to build a centralized ‘dashboard’ that will tie together a lot of these different ideas that have been floating around in DD recently.
  • The #proof-of-competence as well as general bragging rights.
  • All of this stemmed from my PR merge into the #job-board-project which was my first successful open source contribution.
    • I jokingly asked if I got an NFT for that and :exploding_head: IRL ACHIEVEMENT NFTs were born

Why are we doing it?

  • This is a great question. I have personally wanted an IRL achievement board for several years now.
  • It would cover literally all aspects of your life and give you an insight into how you are doing in life, relative to the masses.
  • NFTs are an excellent medium to facilitate this

It could include several categories ( as examples )

  1. Financial :money_mouth_face:
  2. Education :brain:
  3. Fitness :muscle:
  4. Career :briefcase:

How are we doing it?

NFTs baby :rocket::unicorn::unicorn:
( implementation TBD, but it’s going to schweeeet :call_me_hand: )

Other thoughts :zap:

this could be a github bot which lets you claim an nft once your first pr is merged

Exactly, it fits perfectly with an NFT musuem


I find this funny and it’s brilliant at the same time

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I like the idea of this! I have one buildspace nft (working on my second) for completing their projects and they are actually super motivating! Would love the idea of getting them for contributing to the DAO in different ways


Black Mirror ? I like the basic idea of getting rewards in NFT’s. But especially " * It would cover literally all aspects of your life and give you an insight into how you are doing in life, relative to the masses." Doesn’t sound like a desirable outcome to me. I think there is already enough competition and surveillance. Just something to think about…

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That’s a fair point. I don’t think there is enough competition though, personally. But, the surveillance could become an issue, sure.

Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

All the achievements could be opt-in and potentially be made private / hidden by its owner. That’d take care of that particular issue (which is a very valid concern, I agree).

Adding to the fun stuff that could drive competition/adoption/motivation, a “skill tree” where we’d need to unlock some basic achievements to move forward to more difficult ones could be a nice extra touch.

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This sounds hilarious but like thinking said, it also sounds dangerous to society hahaha. However, I would personally still use it :smiley:

But also I reckon depending on how the brand communicates to the users, it can be really fun and light hearted.

They could also be used to enter certain chatrooms, or metaverse locations/events. Or airdropping things to very relevant people, etc. (is this a way of targeted advertising? :open_mouth: even more dystopia potential!)

How would you prove you did the thing you got the badge for?

Should the creation of badges be decentralized too? Maybe anyone can submit a badge with art, and a DAO votes on it to include it?

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That’s an awesome idea, there are of course some ethical caveats like the ones related to Black Mirror. But it’s actually an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while now and it has a the potential to have a massive impact on our world.

Imagine if we can create quests that are meaningful to our world, we could then mobilize large group of people to work on those tasks and reward them with NFTs or coins. We are calling this project ourworlds (under construction) , it would be a DAO where we organize to determine these quests, in the case of ourworlds we are calling them kind deeds.

These kind deeds would be events where group of people get together, for example to clean up beaches, plant mangroves, and/or assist non-profits when they need it. As for the verification of these deeds, we are thinking of using video clips, geolocation, and other means to ensure people actually participate. Initially the video clips would be manually labelled, but as the operation scaled we could train an action recognition algorithm to do the verification of the kind deeds for us.

There are other DAOs (PozzlePlanet & Superlocal) that are pursuing similar IRL events and NFT rewards, but I think a real differentiator would be leveraging the work of proof of competence. I am championing the proof of competence idea because I think it would allow us to further gamify this MMORPG IRL experience and make it one of a kind.

I am sharing all these ideas because there is no way a small team of 6 people can achieve this in feasible timeline. So if this sound interesting and you would like to help us, please reach out to me.