RFC: 2021-12-03-003 - Proof of Competence

RFC: 2021-12-03-003 - Proof of Competence

Initial Champions: @josevelez.eth, @cwong, @wslyvh

Initial Working Draft is here


This RFC is to propose an open-source Proof of Competence framework and implementation to recognize a DeveloperDAO member’s demonstrable skills and knowledge through the use of on chain and community approved methods. A successful implementation of the framework would allow each DeveloperDAO member the ability to obtain an objective and verifiable assessment for each of their skills that is identified by the framework.

The components of this framework and implementation will consist of:

  1. Skill Rating Methodology: A predefined and objective measurement process to assign specific skills a rating. The skill rating methodology will begin with identifying skills and skill categories. Once skills and categories can be identified, a process to assess those skills and assign a competency level will be used.

  2. Journey: A task or project that meets specific criteria to qualify for a set of skills. Anyone that successfully completes a journey will become eligible to obtain a skill rating based on that journey.

  3. User Profile: Integration with Proof of Skill project to provide a comprehensive online presence that contains the relevant information for any DeveloperDAO member.

  4. Industry Feedback/Collaboration Tool: A process for allowing industry to provide continuous feedback on the skill rating methodology to ensure its value and relevance. We also need a process to capture the current needs of industry in terms of identifiable skills.

  5. Integration with RFC: User Stories for DAO Job Board

  6. Integration with RFC: IRL ‘MMORPG’ achievements with NFTs


  1. Onboarding: We can improve DeveloperDAO’s internal onboarding process for new participants by providing a simple interactive journey that will ramp them up to a desired skill level. We would work closely with #onboarding-ideas and #dao-wiki to ensure we are all on the same page. This will be extremely useful with the incoming wave of new members once we release our governance token to the public.

  2. Job Board: This project can have synergism with the DeveloperDAO job board where the User Profile in the Job Board MVP can show their competence in the tagged skills. With on-chain verifiable skill recruiters can expedite their hiring process, because they can easily determine which candidate has the skill they want and at the level they want. Moreover, we can suggest potential candidates that meet the required skill set and experience to the recruiters instead of waiting on applicants. This could open the avenue for funding our treasury with a percentage of each placement.

  3. Subject Matter Experts: In a community of over 4k individuals it’s hard to determine who are the true subject matter experts that have proven track record of experience. Identifying these individuals early on allows us to leverage their years of experience in terms of development, but also mentoring capabilities. They could help curate developer journeys and evaluate developers after completing journeys to ensure a high degree of quality control.


Developing a framework and implementation for Proof of Competence will require a multipronged approach. There are existing projects and RFCs already underway that relate directly to Proof of Competence that could be eventually integrated.

To keep this proposal focused, it might be best to identify some primary tracks to branch off of and begin building teams to champion those tracks.

The primary tracks could include:

  • Skill Rating Methodology
  • Journey Development
  • Outreach to companies and projects
  • Development of a PoC application/website
  • Coordination with other ongoing but related projects within the DAO

Some work has already been done that we can build off of. See this current Proof of Competence framework. There has also been some very high level discussion in the #proof-of-competence channel and a thread on skill categories in the #Skill Categories and Levels thread.

By creating branches for each of the main tracks, we can keep the conversations and efforts focused. Regular working sessions with all of the branch contributors can keep everything aligned and moving forward.

Current PoC App concept built by @wslyvh


Not entirely sure if this belongs here or not, but just mentioning a few (established) platforms that do these things as well and we might be able to piggyback/leverage their skills/quests etc:


Yes, these are both great! They’re also mentioned (incl. a lot more similar projects) in the initial working draft. I can definitely imagine we integrate their results/rewards as competencies in the framework.

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Great overview! Thanks for pushing this forward.

I guess a lot of the work (per track) can be done in parallel. If we would have a (few) champion(s) for each track we just align on regular basis on any updates. This to ensure we can move things forward more efficiently.

Especially from development side (the framework), there’s a lot of low-hanging fruit that can be done, imo.

E.g. tasks for

  • holding any amount of ERC20 tokens
  • holding any NFT
  • holding any POAP
  • minting any NFT/POAP/token based on your score
  • sharing scores publicly (e.g. Twitter, Discord)

These kind of tasks will be useful for almost any project. Not just Developer DAO

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