[REJECTED] - 12,000 CODE Tokens Dedicated To New Members


Authors: @manny


Give a specific wallet approval on 12,000 $CODE token to disperse to members ad-hoc at events and more.


I have personally been using my own $CODE token to invite new members who have been wanting to come into the down. Would like to add and introduce new members into the DAO without having to own the $CODE tokens myself.

More context:
After attending Devconnect and a few other events, I’ve personally given out $CODE token to a number of folks who were interested in getting into Developer DAO. I would love to keep funding this myself, but I think it would be better to ask the DAO for tokens to distribute.

Scope of Work

  1. Go to https://etherscan.io/token/0xb24cd494fae4c180a89975f1328eab2a7d5d8f11?a=0xb7AE5De3e843a26Ca764605f6Bec916701f88556#writeContract
  2. Connect Wallet
  3. Approve 12,000 CODE token for 0xb7AE5De3e843a26Ca764605f6Bec916701f88556
  4. Send transaction confirmation


If my wallet gets compromised, and they know the approval, then I can send 12,000 CODE to someone.

Worse case, then the main wallet disapproves the wallet address.


Forum Votes should contain two options:

  • Yes - Move proposal to Snapshot
  • No - Do not move proposal to Snapshot

For Snapshot Votes, add this section to explain the choices.


Absolutely love the initiative.

We’ve somewhat changed the structure a little for this.
We have a Deform app link to get devs to connect their wallets. We then have a wallets list we can airdrop and stay connected to.

Giving tokens, the devs usually forget to go to guild.xyz and get connected and sign in.

It also saves a ton of gas to do this as a bulk tx vs individual.

I think there is value in being able to do it on the fly… we just need good structure in place for this


I think distributing some memberships this way is great. I support it.

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Awesome, so good to put it to a vote?


i want to be a member of Developer DAO

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Support this. We need more of our @stewards commenting here.

Quick questions Manny:

I’ll start rallying the @stewards to comment so this isn’t stuck here much longer and we can get it to a vote

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Yup. I like it.
I would invite @manny to keep a basic tracking of who gets the tokens, but otherwise, I’m good.

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By Smart Account you mean a SAFE?

Open to anything that makes it easier for future people to use.

Any criteria or just @manny vibe check?

Meet up IRL, show me you’re a dev, or can help the community, you’re in.

Can you update to use the Updated Proposal Template for DDIP please

Need me to create another post, or just revise this one as such?

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SAFE probs makes most sense then unless there are other options/multi-sigs you think are better?

min 2/3 makes sense to me, happy to be one of those signers if helpful for you.

Love it. Basically do the same thing with my own tokens

Edit this one is fine.

pinging @stewards again, we need 1 more comment please

Love this initiative, in support of us investing in new member acquisition.

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Will get to this today in terms of the rewrite.

min 2/3 makes sense to me, happy to be one of those signers if helpful for you.

But I’m a bit worried about this. Goal of this is to allocate things pretty quickly otherwise I’ll for sure completely forget to invite someone. If it’s like 2am or 3am in the morning and I’m like. “Hey Kemp, can you wake up and sign this…” seems like it’s not the ideal scenario.

Might be a different way to do this. Could just approve my wallet address to disperse the 12000 from the ERC20 itself. That way the main wallet still holds the power to remove permissions.

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Will be rescinding this proposal because it would be setting a bad precedent.

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If you’re planning to submit the request to the stewards here is the link

Why did you rescind this @manny? It’s a really nice initiative.

fyi: just to complicate things, I was going to suggest a timelock on the membership e.g. 3 months no worthy contributions to the DAO, bye bye. I believe this temporary membership has been used in D_D in the past? It has been at least floated a few times. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Already submitted the day you mentioned it :wink:

How do I get updated?

It’s still a nice initiative, we just decided to go the stewards request way.

Nice one for getting it going!!

Missed this - @stewards to review on Friday and then respond

Raised this with the @stewards today @manny - should have an answer by the end of the day