Idea: introduce a "Last Call" to DDIP

quick brain-dump to open space for a conversation:

context: there’s nothing in the DDIP process today that prevents significant late changes going into a proposal and elevating it shortly thereafter. while a steward, i’ve been guilty of this myself, in the interest of getting rewards out to members providing value asap. in general, i worry this pattern has potential for abuse and the DDIP process should have more clarity around the readiness of a proposal for elevation.

possible concrete options:

  1. specify a number of stewards (e.g., 3) required to give a thumbs up to enter a proposal into the [LAST CALL] stage. this roughly solves for another problem in that members/stewards may not have a good reading on how much time they have left to get around to comment on a proposal before elevation.
  2. as a part of entering the [LAST CALL] stage, the proposed text for the snapshot proposal must be linked or included.
  3. [LAST CALL] period is a minimum of 24-48(?) hours for final comment/review. this gives a final warning for stakeholders to double-check important details (e.g., dates, value amounts, consequential typos, etc.).
  4. this may also be an opportunity to standardize any snapshot posting procedures, e.g. # of hours before a pending vote goes live, announcement protocols, etc.

acknowledgements: name borrowed from ethereum’s EIP stages. like EIP’s, i also think updating the stage to [FINAL] after an affirmative vote is a good move. (today, the stage tag is just removed. this is mostly a matter of semantics.)

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I like this idea and agree it’s important. I’ve personally approved projects, then had the context change that required reconsideration. A last call method of sorts would be helpful.

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First, define who can edit, when, and how. We are currently in a no-regulation state, where anyone can edit at any time. That’s something someone will abuse.
I would insist [Last Call] stage involves the Stewards Meeting to review changes done, give a final opportunity to adjust things, and give the final stamp of approval before elevating. Stewards deciding individually now to elevate proposals doesn’t feel right.


psa: to whomever (i think thats correct usage of ‘whom’, but ill never know) feels strongly enough, please feel free to take these ideas and run with them. just wanted to document thoughts and open the conversation; i dont have bandwidth immediately to polish up a proposal.