[TEMP CHECK] - Retrospective on recent changes to DAO Governance structures and processes

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In the last few months, we’ve made several significant changes to the DAO’s Governance structure and process for budgeting. Namely:

During the most recent cycle of budgets and proposals, several conversations were happening on the forum, in discord and elsewhere about some of the issues we ran into. This post seeks feedback from all Members on the current processes and structures so we can improve the process for the future.

Below are my attempts to summarise the key points raised by Members. Please vote on each one and share your thoughts in the comments for this post.

I’m sure I’ve missed some points here so please share those in the comments as well, and we can add them to the temp check votes.

Gov Temp Check Items

  1. Introduce a grace period after changes to allow time to educate Members on impacts of changes
  • Yes, I support a grace period for successful Proposals
  • No, I don’t support a grace period for successful Proposals

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  1. Refine the criteria for Elevating the proposal from the forum to snapshot

As per P-21: Simplifying the Developer DAO Improvement Proposal (DDIP) Process - for a proposal to be elevated to Snapshot it simply needs a comment from > 50% fo the Stewards. It does not stipulate anything about wether they support or are objective, or how we handle situations where meaningful updates are made to proposals and then elevated to snapshot before Stewards have had another chance to engage with those changes.

  • Yes, we should further refine the criteria for elevating proposals
  • No, the current system is working well

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  1. Should we make adding POAP a requirement for Snapshot proposals

We’ve intermittently included POAPS for Snapshot votes to recognise and commemorate Members’ engagement with DAO Governance. This question asks if we should make POAP a requirement for Snapshot votes. NB, this would mean a ~ 48-hour delay between meeting elevation criteria and Snapshot vote starting.

  • Yes, we should required POAPS for Snapshot votes
  • No, we don’t need POAPS for Snapshot votes

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  1. Should we introduce an emergency mechanism for Governance

Recent events such as the temporary de-pegging of USDC re-surfaced an important question for DAO Governance. Would it be in the best interest of the DAO and it’s Members to introduce some form of emergency mechanism to either bypass or speed up DDIP in extreme circumstances?

  • Yes, we should explore and emergency mechanism for Governance
  • No, we should not explore an emergency mechanism for Governance

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  1. Should we review and further clarify how rewards are calculated in the DAO

During the budget proposal process, there was much debate and confusion regarding how rewards for certain roles were being calculated in $CODE and other assets. Whist we have an existing framework in place for $CODE (see P-17: Reward Contributions in $CODE) we have no such system in place for other assets.

  • Yes, we should review the $CODE rewards model
  • Yes, we should introduce a model for rewards in other assets
  • Yes, we should do both
  • No, the current guidelines are working well

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  1. Add a last call to DDIP proposals before they’re elevated to snapshot (some overlap with point 2)

@wolovim suggested adding some steps to DDIP elevation process detailed here. Summarised as introduce some checks and updates to clarify the proposal’s state and give folks a final chance to engage before being elevated by Stewards.

  • Yes, consider introducing a “Last Call” to DDIP
  • No, the current process is working OK

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Tagging some folks who voice some of these points - @manny @mannyornothing @Erik_Knobl @wolovim @isiah

Already one idea from @wolovim I forgot to include - Idea: introduce a "Last Call" to DDIP

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Please make the last call a poll here

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Not sure what you mean mate?

Add a poll for the last call temp check if not too challenging

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Is this what you meant @ntindle

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