[FINAL] MBD S1 Budget Application

MBD S1 Budget

Authors: @Nas, @Colin4Ward, @kayprasla, @BrianHHough, @kempsterrr

Supporting Budget Stewards: @Narb


This is the mbd guild budget application for Season 1. It outlines the high-level goals of the guild, how we plan to get there, the team working to make this happen and a proposed budget. This budget includes the DevRel team for Season 1 however their scope may expand enough during the Season for them to live outside of MBD.

The proposed budget is 31,680 $CODE to be distributed over the course of 16 weeks.

Mission, Values & Goals Alignment

MBD supports the growth and sustainably of Developer DAO by establishing relationships with ecosystem partners that help fund the DAO and improve collaboration with the wider community.

Scope of Work

  • Seasonal Sponsors: Create a process for engaging and managing Seasonal sponsors for the DAO and evolve the package on offer.

  • Social Media Marketing: Create a process for maximising the value of Developer DAO’s social channels

  • IRL Events: Organising Developer DAO’s IRL events including web3con and VIBES IRL events alongside conferences and events in the ecosystem.

  • Content Creation/DevRel Incubator: Incubating the DevRel team to create an internal DevRel practice to deliver on Seasonal Sponsorship packages, create educational content for the DAO and a DevRel curriculum to help members learn “How to DevRel”

Define Core Team

Contributor Contribution Time / Week / Season $CODE
Colin4Ward Partner outreach, relationship management, web3con lead, Coordinating weekly calls 5 / 80 1,200
Kayprasla DevRel Coordinator, Moderate weekly meetings, implement and document processes, Liason/coordinating with MBD, other guilds and Sponsors 10 / 160 2,400
Brian DevRel Content Support/Incubator, Support team on deliverables, Lead DevRel Incubator Program 10 / 160 2,400
Dhaiwat & Turja DevRel YouTube, Plan Educational Series for YouTube 15 / 240 3,600
TBD Finance, Notion, and CRM infra, Proposal/Governance leads 10 / 32 480

Internal DevRel Bounty Program

Bounty Description
Developer DAO Blog Bounties Incentive program for members generating high-quality educational articles for our blog 1 Blog per week @ 10 hours (9,600 $CODE)
Developer DAO YouTuhe Bounties Incentive program for members generating high-quality educational content for YouTube 1 every other week @ 20 Hours (9,600 $CODE)

Sponsorship Deliverables

Item Deliverables Time Budget
Partnership Lead Engage partners, confirm sponsorship deal, management account, take briefs on content XXX 10% of Sponsorship fee
Blog Post Ops (Sponsor Written) Liaise with a sponsor to confirm content brief and manage getting this posted to the blog 3 Hours $200 USDC
Blog Post (DevRel Written) Write an educational blog based on the brief provided by Partnerships lead / Sponsor. Editing Blog. 10 hours $500 USDC, 75% to the writer, 25% to editor
Twitter Space Liaise with Sponsor for planning Twitter Space and hosting the vent 2 hours $100 USDC
YouTube/Podcast Mention Laise with Sponsor to plan podcasts. Record, edit and upload 4 Hours $100 USDC

Financial Implications

Breakdown of financial implications for the DAO.

CODE Budget

Core Team 12,480 $CODE
Bounties 19,200 $CODE
Total 31,680 $CODE

Sponsorship Monthly Revenue Split / Margins

Tier Partnerships Lead DevRel Profit
FRENS - $10,000 $1000 $675 $8,825
WHALE - $20,000 $2000 $1600 $17,400

The Developer DAO Foundation P&L


Name Contribution Price Yearly
Canva Graphic editing (for up to 5 people) $12.99 $119.99
Descript For video editing and transcripts $12/editor/mon $144/year

Success Metrics & KPIs

  • 3 whales
  • 5 frens
  • 100% of sponsorship deliverables met
  • 9 internal DevRel Blog Posts
  • 9 Internal YouTube Vidoes
  • 100% YouTube Subscriber Growth Count
  • 10% Twitter Growth


  • Yes, I support this application
  • No, I do not support this application

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@Colin4ward for this portion of the proposal were you going to be acting as the defacto “event coordinator” for these (inception to event)? In a related note, did we want to add a KPI/success metric around the number of IRL events thrown in season 1?

In any case, I pledge my support for this initiative

Those have been managed in an ad hoc fashion with someone who is attending each event taking lead. MBD has been “leading from behind” in that sense - providing guidance on how to handle monies and promote. I’m hoping with the establishment of some financial infrastructure we can play a more proactive role in S1, though I’d still expect attendees to organize.

Ah i see, so would it be correct to think that it’ll play out kind of like a “bounty” in the sense that a lead (or leads) are incentivized to follow through/host the IRL with “payment” in $CODE?

cc @Colin4ward has anyone put any thoughts down regarding how we formalise our approach to events? I’d love to work with folks to get something in place as events are clearly a bit outlet for the DAO and members looking to have an impact. There is a lot we can do here for sure and many folks are clearly interested in pushing forward with various events types including y’all with web3con, hackathons, @dhaiwat10 with IRL events in India and he also has some other interesting stuff in the works he’ll share with the group soon etc.

Will be working on the guidelines for Vibes IRL in MBD voice at some point over the next few days. Will announce when I’m in the channel.