[ARCHIVE] Partner Deliverables Budget - Season 2

Authors: @wolovim (acting as facilitator, input from a range of S1 contributors)


This is a Season 2 iteration on the MBD Guild’s S1 budget: [FINAL] MBD S1 Budget Application.


There was a lot to celebrate in Season 1, but we also dropped the ball in some important ways by not appropriately recognizing all of the efforts that got us across the finish line. The proposal seeks above all to more fairly reward those delivering value to our partners and coordinating those efforts.

Mission, values and goals alignment

Partnerships are the primary business model of Developer DAO. Revenue is used to reward DAO members for creating value for those partners and to fund essential non-revenue generating roles within the DAO, both enabling D_D to execute on its mission.

Brand usage

Partners typically enter an arrangement with Developer DAO on a Season-basis. Digital assets throughout the DAO will include the partner’s brand as an official Season 2 Partner of Developer DAO.

Scope of work

For each partner tier, a list of deliverables are agreed to. This proposal is scoped to defining those deliverables, how individuals are chosen to complete that work, and what the rewards include for Season 2.

Financial implications

Like Season 1, partner packages for Season 2 include two tiers, fren and whale, at $10k and $20k monthly respectively. Season 2 deliverables, organized by DAO member role:

Role Deliverable Description Frequency S2 Budget Proposal (USDC)
Partner Lead (PL) Engage partners, close partner deal, management of account, take briefs on content, appropriate hand-offs Monthly, ongoing 7.5% of partner fee
Fulfillment Coordinator (FC) Communication with partners and DAO members to ensure deliverables have champions, get scheduled, are completed, and are marketed Monthly, ongoing 7.5% of partner fee
D_D Jobs Team Priority support for candidate introductions, promotion in social and newsletter, maintain job postings Monthly, ongoing 3.5% of partner fee
Newsletter Team Coordination and execution of crafting ad copy, banner images, job placements 1 issue per week $100 per issue
Twitter Space Host Liaise with partner for planning Twitter Space, prepare for and host the event Fren: 1 per season
Whale: 2 per season
5 hrs, $250 per event
Workshop Facilitator Liaise with partner for planning workshop, prepare for and host the event Fren/Whale: 1 per season 5 hrs, $250 per event
Podcast Host Liaise with partner and participants for planning episode, prepare for and host the event, post-production editing and marketing Fren: 1 per season
Whale: 2 per season
10 hrs, $500 per episode
Writer - Sponsored Content Research and write an educational blog based on a brief provided by partner/FC/PL Fren: 1 per season
Whale: 2 per season
8 hrs, $400 per article
Editor - Sponsored Content Coordination with writer, editing, QA with partner/FC, publish and hand off to social media team Fren: 1 per season
Whale: 2 per season
3 hrs, $150 per article
Design Bounties Creation of design assets for use in marketing any partner deliverables Fren: up to 5 assets
Whale: up to 7 assets
$50 per asset

The same hourly calculations will be used to include the standard hourly CODE token reward, recognizing those value-adding members with governance weight.

Those performing these roles in Season 2 are asked to help document them along the way. Naturally, we haven’t figured every detail out yet and are iterating as we learn.


At the top of the funnel, @Colin4ward and @Bobbay have continued the work of Partner Leads and guiding interested contributors.

In general, those who performed deliverable roles in Season 1 are expected to have an opportunity to take those on again if interested, but for simplicity’s sake, this proposal nominates @kayprasla as the lead Fulfillment Coordinator (FC) – a role she defined and played deftly in Season 1.

In that role, @kayprasla may take on the FC role for a given partner or delegate it to another DAO member. Fulfillment Coordinators are empowered to select deliverable champions and coordinate the work as they see fit. In general, one Fulfillment Coordinator is expected to manage one partner’s deliverables.

Success Metrics & KPIs

  • N partners onboarded for Season 2
  • Successful and timely completion of all deliverables for each partner

Next Steps

  • Evaluation of success metrics/KPIs
  • Understand how this fits into parent org (e.g., D_D Labs), and adjust if required

How would design tasks be handled?

Great to see this go up, folks. Interested to thoughts from those heavily involved already @kayprasla @pbillingsby.eth @Nazeeh21 @mannyornothing (manny please change this name :joy: )

Question… assume FC ended up doing all the deliverables and got all the (current budgeted) margin. That would be:

Fren - $ 4,500.00 / Season | $1,125.00 / month
Whale - $ 10,000.00 / Season | £2,500 / month

How does that make folks feel ala how much work that is and the reward for doing it?

Wups! My copy-pasta left off the last row of the table for Design Bounties. I’ve added that back with a TBD total value. More research required; will follow up with you on discord to see if my initial assessment aligns with the work you and the design guild performed last season.

Edit: updated the last row with bounty totals.

@Erik_Knobl @wolovim we are good without designs.

I already set up editable design templates for podcasts, workshops, twitter spaces and more for S1. We are gonna use the same with some tweeks for S2.

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You’re talking about the actual fulfilment tasks?

How would this proposal interact with the Labs initiative? Or is it a separate one?

Labs would replace this one, but we may have come full circle, breaking things out again. Aiming to agree on next steps in the coordination call tomorrow.

Where are we on this? Confused by the various fulfillment budgets at this point.

I prefer the DevRel Partnerships Fulfillment Coordinator to be bound to the MBD rather than to the D_D Ops. It is strange for me that one person is rewarded from managing tasks that are dependent on MBD. I would add this role from D_D Ops into this Proposal here and copy/paste the remuneration, but for this salary to be paid there will need to be at least one partner during a season.

I also am not aware of how available @Bobbay is for this work. Please make sure that he is still on a page if so.

I am also unsure @wolovim @Erik_Knobl - should we even think about this proposal or is it not being pursued anymore?

This proposal can be archived now. Will be replaced by either:

  • D_D Labs v2 proposal (will be ready for forum shortly), or
  • [DRAFT] DAO Ops

cc/ @Wikist