Eden Community Dispatch #22


  • Implemented E2E dev role
  • Built up the knowledge graph and ranking system.
  • Conducted easier and highly efficient QA testing.
  • Explored different blockchains for Eden.
  • Next objective is the creation of a MVP page for database search.

This weeks accomplishments


  • LOTS of tiny-bugs fixed
  • v1 of metric dashboard live
  • Implemented E2E tests
  • Laid foundation for broader test suite
  • Focused on building the search algorithm.
  • Advanced work on the knowledge graph which impacts user profiling and project matching.
  • Worked on the creation of the ranking system for users.


  • Kicked off Phala Network Senior Devrel Position
  • Setup everything for active outreach start
  • 4 extra meetings scheduled - 7 in the pipe

Community asks


  • Focus means focus: while we’ve heard it many, may times it is so true that doing a couple of things well is a lot better than doing a lot of potentially cool things badly - our focus is clear: AI to scale context comprehension of talent - Blockchain to scale credibility comprehension of talent in order to reduce the information asymmetry that the hiring process exists to reduce.
  • Acquired insights into how the knowledge graph impacts user profiling and project matching.
  • Understood the significant impact of ranking users.
  • Realized QA testing is easier and more engaging than initially thought.
  • Gained knowledge about different blockchains.


  • Supercharge active outreach for D_D jobs partners
  • To create a simple MVP page that enables searching our database.
  • Determine the right blockchain for Eden.

Key Decisions Made

  • Decided to hire a blockchain engineer as quickly as possible to assist with determining the suitable blockchain for Eden.


  • Eloi for pushing through to get the platform back up when it was down asap :heart_hands:
  • Manny for thinking how to use Eden to supercharge D_D jobs

progress, nice to see your proposal launched as well.

Is this a public dashboard members can see?

If not, suggest adding a table of your key metrics as makes it easy for folks to skim and follow along

for example

KPI Weekly Change Total
Applicants Onboarded
Jobs Added
AI Interview conducted
Human interviews conducted
Members hired

loving the asks for feedback publicly, this kind of collective building inside the community has lots of cooll upside for everyone imo

keep em coming!

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Boom these are great KPI’s - they will be public to the community yes!

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:ship: the V1 so the people can see :eyes: