[DRAFT] - Talent Coordination Bot Proposal - Soil 🌱 - Unlock Community Powered Opportunity - S1 Budget Application

full disclaimer guys, this beautiful visual of @0xChristiaan definitely played a role in the development of Soil, we need to talk more and create even more concrete steps on how exactly this will look like


Really interesting points there, and we definitely need to include you in the decision about people project match and what the input of the algorithm will be (skills, what want to learn, values, past positions, and sooo much more)

Insane that you are also interested to contribute on the project! we need Data science and AI hands around here definitely, plus this part of the project will be super fan!


GUUUYS, @myz1237.eth (Alex1237) is freaking amazing!!! He helped so much already just with one call

  1. found amazing ideas
  2. found errors
  3. found how to solve the errors
  4. told us how to recreate the command lines of the bot in order to be 20 times more intuitive fun and easy to use

we definitely need your help mate you are a legend! You have my at most respect and Thank you!!!


zeeeero designers mate it’s a freaking mess. Do you want to help us? Or do you have any design in mind?

Any designer that wants to help us please DM @BluePanda or text here :smiley: :smiley:


My suggestion would be to leave the role open for a designer (and any other position the team decides they need), and I will take care of advertising it.
There are good, more quiet contributors who just take more time to jump into a project, and having a seat waiting for them is a good way to do so.


I just had a call with BluePanda about Soil.

Sounds like an excellent idea.

I just focused on the activation part of the funnel, which comes later. I already have like 30 contributors for the blog, but only 10% of them actually write articles, and most of them don’t even do it regularly enough, so we don’t get any “holes” in the schedule. So, my idea was to find ways to activate the people I already have in the pipeline.

But Soil could help too.

If we get more people to notice the option to write for the blog, then even if the activation rate stays 10%, this would still increase the numbers.

Automating the repetitive work of the onboarding team should happen sooner than later, if more and more members join, we need a solution that scales.

An idea I had was to focus on the benefits new members expect from joining.

Like, asking them “Do you want to write?” might be an okay question to ask, but writing brings benefits that might not be obvious to a newcomer. Like, writing articles is marketing yourself to potential clients and employers. Writing makes you better at developing software, because it helps structuring the mental process. Writing beats (project/guild updates) or scribing gives you deeper insights to the DAO, etc.


Soil is a way for Developer-DAO to solve one of it’s biggest problems that it currently faces. How can we find out who is who in a big crowd like D_D? How can we connect people with the correct competences to proper projects easier and faster? Soil brings the potential solution and I am advocating for it to be developed and tested.


We analyzed in depth what we need as a team as a first step.

Based on the cycle of Soil right now we really need two people:

  • Someone that is excited about UX/UI
  • A FrontEnd Wizzard (react, tailwindCSS)

if you want to participate, or you know anyone that will be interested in talking to us, please DM me @BluePanda or reply here or any other way to get in contact with us

Also @Erik_Knobl thank you for your help to advertise this

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do the team need a discord bot developer(a name made up by myself)? Or I just stand aside and help you solve bot’s issues?


we really do!!! Because we will redesign the Bot now based on what everyone in D_D asked from us! So there is a lot to be done

and you are already in front of the line for this!! Right now we are making the System design. When the development starts hopefully next week we will organize the tasks and start working together @myz1237.eth! :smiley: Can’t wait start collaborating with you


Love the ideas from the Soil core team and all the feedback here!

I also like the concept of a suite of tools (mentioned by @bean145) versus one tool.

Some thoughts:

We want to support building open-source public goods, and long-term we want to support many organizations and DAOs using these tools.

What if the new suite of tools were centered around Github, while still offering Discord Bot as one way to interact with the ecosystem?

Github offers great project management tools, discussions, automation, code reviews. Then on-top we build additional Soil tools mentioned earlier:

  • Tool(s) to support project discovery – indexing DAO projects and issues
  • Tool(s) to map people’s interests to projects
  • Tool(s) to create bounty systems
  • Another thought: How can we leverage or participate in what tea.xyz is doing?

The Github ecosystem becomes the “single source of truth” for a wide variety of information (similar in my mind to “just in time data” that @bean145 was mentioning) pulling info from repo’s README, documentation, milestones, issues, PRs – and not a separate database.

People are drawn to open-source projects that are

  • easy to install
  • have a roadmap
  • are welcoming
  • have clear idea on what help is needed

We could encourage DAO projects to have all these elements – both for a healthy project, but also a way to feed the suite of tools.


I just had a nice chat with @BluePanda and there already is the concept of bringing “value-add features” on top of Github, as well as on top of other tools we’re using at the DAO (such as Dework, Notion).

One concern I had was the gap of information that could arise is some info is private in the DAO, while other info is public in say Github. The option to “make a Soil project page public” remedies that, and would allow people outside the DAO to contribute to project as well.

In summary, I like Soil’s focus on project discovery and match-making, while leveraging the tools we’re already using!


Just had a good talk with @BluePanda about soil.

Some of the things we talked about were dividing skills into three main categories when onboarding people. So it would be their main skill set, the skills they are super passionate about exercising, and skills they don’t have yet, but are passionate about learning.

The idea is to have a clear view of what a person could potentially be utilized for, what they want to be utilized for, and how they want to grow.

Another thing we talked about was the possibility of asking non-tech related questions, the idea being that finding common ground is the fastest way for people to develop a relationship. Then the tech part can come later once a relationship is already established.

Lastly, we talked about potentially mixed the mentoring program with the projects so that junior devs have a place to build, a mentor to guide them, and a great learning experience. This last idea is probably a little more complex because it requires the dao to manage, not only the project build itself, but also how junior devs interact with it, where and how, while maintaining senior-level code integrity.

Just some thoughts, let me know what you all think. Thanks!


I think soil has potential to radically change and improve the onboarding process of the DAO + track active vs inactive contributors + demographic data of our active vs inactive contributors. I think it will also help people easily find areas of interest where they can contribute and tackle on the overwhelmingness of navigating the discord server.

it’s really amazing to see the level of innovation coming from our DAO members!


Yeaaa thank you @brianfive I am super grateful that you were able to think throw Soil :seedling: with me your concerns and we were able to solve them

I am just reading your feedback again right now and putting them into the Design of Soil 2.0 :seedling:

We are having a meeting to discuss Coordination and Soil :seedling: Tuesday, feel free to come, we would love to have your amazing ideas there

Anyone else that wants to join us, we would love to have you!!!

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Super smart guys let’s discuss it at the meeting Tuesday

Yes this is a great point and we had similar thoughts with @ntindle mentorhsip is huge for Soil :seedling:

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I cant believe how grateful I am, and its truly beautiful that you really get this, and you add even more on top!!! I am humbled and excited


Had a chat with @BluePanda & @Milo.io about Soil. I could relate with the problem Soil is trying to fix and I am sure others will feel the same. Pretty revolutionary stuff, this could very well change the way face of not just DD however how the DAOs operate once a newbie enters the particular ecosystem. I’m no tech guy but the marketing and business aspect with Soil bot is HUGE and given that it was made in DD, I see a bright future for Soil. Looking forward to being a part of of the call on Tuesday.


Wow Friday night and people are excited and talking about Soil :seedling: you are amazing mate, I really appreciate your time and I am truly humbled!!

I love what you are saying there and I will be super excited to work with you in the future, we will definitely need non-tech skills in the next 2-3 months

Btw if anyone wants updates about Soil :seedling: or in general to discuss anything related you our coordination staff using the AI assistant feel free to come here


Really love the idea of soil, definitely something that would help with onboarding and matching people to active projects