[DRAFT] Short-term Treasury Allocation to Retain Core Staff

Authors: @marc, @Erik_Knobl, @willblackburn, @dabit3


This proposal seeks to reward the full-time contributions of with-heart, Kempsterrrr, and RyanCoordinator in the form of 1,000 GTC per month, starting February 1, 2022, through the end of June, 2022 (i.e., approximately the end of Season 1).


We (Marc, Erik, Will, and Nader of the Founding Team) believe that with-heart, Kempsterrrr, and RyanCoordinator continue to play central roles in the progression and early success of Developer DAO. Presently, they each dedicate full-time hours to the DAO unpaid. In order to maintain our momentum into Season 1 and beyond, this proposal is to reward their efforts from the DAO treasury at the rate of 1k GTC/month per person through the end June, 2022.

The expected length of seasons, starting in Season 1, is four months. This effectively presents with-heart, Kempsterrr, and RyanCoordinator with short-term engagements through Season 1, which limits the risk to the DAO and enables them to continue to set the DAO up for long-term success.

The recent partnership and mutual grant with GitcoinDAO (P-4: Partnership & Mutual Grant with Gitcoin) was agreed to with exactly this sort of proposal in mind:

For our community to thrive, realise its potential and deliver on this mission, we need to lay the right foundations for growth and have the resources to bootstrap operations and retain a team where needed. Forming partnerships with other DAOs who have a well aligned mission and have been on this journey before will help us tackle these challenges faster than we otherwise would be able to.


The continued full-time commitment of with-heart, Kempsterrrr, and RyanCoordinator to the DAO.


The utilization of 1k GTC per month per recipient from the DAO treasury through June for a total of 15k GTC.


Thank you for posting this, and thank you to every member of D_D for making this possible.
I am honoured to be able to work with such an amazing team and look forward to continuing to serve faithfully with the support of our incredible community.


I agree. They have done extraordinary and responsive work for DD. No complaints.

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This seems very reasonable for what they all do in the DAO.

I support this 100%.

All three have put in tremendous effort and helped the DAO operate as we intended. As I find myself needing to taper back my own DAO participation to maintain my other responsibilities, I truly appreciate the amount of time and effort it takes to stay involved and make contributions. They deserve our support.

One question I have is if we are able to generate enough from sponsorships and marketing to cover this instead of using GTC? Could we perhaps setup a way to attempt to pay with proceeds from sponsorship fees and resort to GTC if we fall short?

I’m making a sort of ignorant assumption here, as I am not familiar with what type of sponsorship arrangements we have setup at the moment. Is the DAO earning anything from the folks sponsoring our newsletters?

Just ideas. Regardless, yes, I agree that we should use some resources to compensate them for their truly valuable contributions.

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I fully support this and would like to thank the three of them for their tireless work!

Thanks for your messages of support everyone! <3

Jose, about paying with other budget sources, we are not currently in a position to cover our operational costs with sponsorship money right now, so there’s no surplus for staff costs. In the future, hopefully we will be able to cover staffing costs with sponsorships, but today the GTC is our realistic resource for retaining staff - which has been the plan all along, so it makes perfect sense.

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100 percent support to those incentives. they are awesome people.

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This is truly the best decision and the best way we can appreciate their efforts

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Appreciate their efforts. Full-time working in DAO is not an easy stuff. Big thanks to them and learn from them!


I agree with this proposal with both hands, and reasonable encouragement can continue to play the leading role of core personnel.

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100% support this, all have been instrumental in keeping momentum going and being great representatives of the DAO

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I greatly appreciate the love and support from everyone! This will be very helpful in keeping me afloat as we move forward as a DAO. Knowing I have a stable (as long as the market cooperates shakes fist at clouds) source of income for a few months will allow me to stay focused on the DAO rather than worrying about finding a job. Thanks so much!


Send it, I support this. They need to eat, and be rewarded for all their work.

Very supportive of this proposal and having your full time input will ensure we move at a steady pace, thanks!

100 percent support to those incentives. they are awesome people.

Full support for this proposal, well deserved!

Deeply grateful and humbled for all the positive support on this proposal. Dedicating my time to Developer DAO has already been one of the most rewarding periods of my life from seeing all the positive benefits being realised by members securing jobs, increasing their profiles and making great frens. I hope to continue to service our members for S1, and beyond, and look forward to us being able to support and reward many many more contributors in the months and years to come.


@wolovim I agree! In full support of getting @with-heart @kempsterrrr and @RyanCoordinator focused on the DAO full time will help ensure the success and longevity of Developer DAO as we continue to build out the foundational layers

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Thanks for feedback everyone! This proposal has moved on to a forum vote here.