P-9: Short-term Treasury Allocation to Retain Core Staff

Authors: @marc, @Erik_Knobl, @willblackburn, @dabit3
Proposal draft: [DRAFT] Short-term Treasury Allocation to Retain Core Staff - #20 by marc


This proposal seeks to reward the full-time contributions of with-heart, Kempsterrrr, and RyanCoordinator in the form of 1,000 GTC per month, starting February 1, 2022, through the end of June, 2022 (i.e., approximately the end of Season 1).


We (Marc, Erik, Will, and Nader of the Founding Team) believe that with-heart, Kempsterrrr, and RyanCoordinator continue to play central roles in the progression and early success of Developer DAO. Presently, they each dedicate full-time hours to the DAO unpaid. In order to maintain our momentum into Season 1 and beyond, this proposal is to reward their efforts from the DAO treasury at the rate of 1k GTC/month per person through the end June, 2022.

The expected length of seasons, starting in Season 1, is four months. This effectively presents with-heart, Kempsterrr, and RyanCoordinator with short-term engagements through Season 1, which limits the risk to the DAO and enables them to continue to set the DAO up for long-term success.

The recent partnership and mutual grant with GitcoinDAO (P-4: Partnership & Mutual Grant with Gitcoin) was agreed to with exactly this sort of proposal in mind:

For our community to thrive, realise its potential and deliver on this mission, we need to lay the right foundations for growth and have the resources to bootstrap operations and retain a team where needed. Forming partnerships with other DAOs who have a well aligned mission and have been on this journey before will help us tackle these challenges faster than we otherwise would be able to.


The continued full-time commitment of with-heart, Kempsterrrr, and RyanCoordinator to the DAO.


The utilization of 1k GTC per month per recipient from the DAO treasury through June for a total of 15k GTC.

  • Yes - Move proposal to Snapshot
  • No - Do not move proposal to Snapshot

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Thanks to the Core Team for their hard work!


I think they deserve to be rewarded for their 24/7 efforts and contributions
All the founding members


This is a no brainer to me.


Those on the list have been able to make huge contributions. Thank you and appreciate your support as well.

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15k GTC/ 50k GTC is 30% of the treasury, which means that this burn rate would last about 1.5 years max. May I suggest that the team also look at potential sponsorships and grants as part of their full time responsibilities?

Would be glad to help too!

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This is great and I think well deserved for these 3. Thanks to @with-heart @kempsterrrr and @RyanCoordinator for your efforts so far.


I believe the treasury will have been funded with other tokens ($CODE) and everything else they’ve been getting from sponsorships already (someone in the MBD guild can probably shed some light). I think since GTC is available and doesn’t need to be swapped, it’ll be a good use of these tokens for Season 1, and then I think after Season 1, other compensation methods can be re-evaluated for Season 2.


Thanks for you offer, we accept!

We are definitely active on the sponsorship and grants angle, and appreciate any support on this.
Right now, using our GTC for its intended granted purpose of retaining fulltime staff is ‘starting where we are’. We’re using this time to get ourselves set up to be able to engage longer term stable sources of funding, and we’re moving along with good success.

Using GTC in this way is a short term measure to get us on stable footing and keep the lights on.


Thanks everyone for what you do. We do appreciate you.


echoing what @RyanCoordinator has said, i know there are others very interested in helping figure out how we can support projects and the DAO by applying for grants cc @Erik_Knobl @drop_knowledge

i’ve written some thought in the body [DRAFT] Rewarding Contributions in $CODE and in this comment about how grants could work in the scope of the overall rewards/incetivasation system in the DAO

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Truly appreciate all your efforts thus far @with-heart, @kempsterrrr and @RyanCoordinator! This is well deserved indeed.

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These guys are all legends and very important to this dao imho!
No brainer for me, I will be voting yes.
Your efforts are much appreciated!

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I’m happy to support this proposal! :muscle:


Soild team for sure, cant wait to see where everything goes!

Good job!Lets keep going!

one observation I noticed amongst DAO treasury management is the need to hold stables and generate some kind of sustainable revenue for activities, its an ongoing question but something that needs to be answered eventually!

A big fat YES, happily supporting the proposal :v:

You all are doing an awesome job. well deserved. And great catching a few of you at ETHDenver :slight_smile: