[DRAFT] Request Advisor Allocation of 0.45% To Ryan Coordinator

[DRAFT] Request Advisor Allocation of 0.45% To Ryan Coordinator

Authors: willblackburn, marc, kempsterrrr, nader, with-heart, erik
This is a draft proposal to the community for feedback.


This proposal requests an advisor allocation of 0.45% $CODE to be granted to Ryan Coordinator for his early advisor contributions. First, Ryan led the Gitcoin partnership conversation on both sides. Second, Ryan has led the legal entity setup of the DAO.


Ryan Coordinator has been essential in advising the DAO in two main ways.

Ryan led the Gitcoin partnership as a member of Developer DAO and Moonshot Collective. Ryan helped coordinate calls, build relationships, and advise the DAO as partnership details were being discussed. The Gitcoin partnership was a key point in Developer DAO’s history as it both established the DAO as legitimate and provided our treasury with GTC.

Ryan has also played an advisor role as Developer DAO considered legal entity options. Ryan coordinated a number of meetings with potential legal counsel before spearheading the effort to begin establishing a Foundation for the DAO.

We believe this proposal is a win-win. It rewards Ryan for his advisor role with well-deserved governing power, while also incentivizing his continued role in building Developer DAO.

Note: Advisors and Founding Team members are not eligible for Early Contributor Rewards ahead of the $CODE launch. This advisor allocation will be subject to the same advisor vesting defined in P-5: Governance Token Proposal.


This will utilize 0.45% of our 2% unallocated advisors allocation, leaving 1.55% remaining.


I fully support this.
As we have coordinape going now, is there a plan in place how to resolve @RyanCoordinator - allotted GIVECODE if he becomes no-longer-eligible due to this advisor compensation being approved (if I’m reading the above correctly)?
It may be worth putting something about that on his profile in Coordinape as he’s currently showing as eligible for reward.


I support this proposal. @RyanCoordinator was a very much unseen quantity serving as the primary POC between Gitcoin and Developer DAO before joining Developer DAO and played a key role in making our P-4: Partnership & Mutual Grant with Gitcoin happen.

Since he joined he has helped to drive forward several critical path items that were not getting the attention they needed, most importantly our legal structure, as well as playing a incredibly valuable role in helping improve coordination across the DAO through advocating for healthy meeting cadence and hosting daily Vibes session almost every week day since he joined.

Totally agree with @gjsyme point above though that if he is being included in this way he should be exlcuded form early contributors rewards in Coordinape.

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Full support here as well. Our (founding team) first interactions with Ryan came in the form of an active advisor role, offering lessons learned from navigating GitcoinDAO/Moonshot Collective, and we’re meaningfully better off as a result. Ryan continues to be well-aligned with the mission and goals of Developer DAO; the governance power would be in the hands of a good steward of public goods.

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I support this. I’ve seen Ryan heavily involved in many critical areas and discussions and his presence and contributions have been noticeable. He has my support.

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Thanks for your support, everyone!

@gjsyme It’s my understanding this passing will nullify my coordinape givecode and the pool will be rebalanced.

Looking forward to building D_D together over the coming years <3


I support this and would like to thank Ryan for all he does!