P-11: Request Advisor Allocation of 0.45% To Ryan Coordinator

Request Advisor Allocation of 0.45% To Ryan Coordinator

Authors: willblackburn, marc, kempsterrrr, nader, with-heart, erik
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This proposal requests an advisor allocation of 0.45% $CODE to be granted to Ryan Coordinator for his early advisor contributions. First, Ryan led the Gitcoin partnership conversation on both sides. Second, Ryan has led the legal entity setup of the DAO.

Upon passing, Ryan will be ineligible for Early Contributor Rewards resulting in any Coordinape votes being removed.


Ryan Coordinator has been essential in advising the DAO in two main ways.

Ryan led the Gitcoin partnership as a member of Developer DAO and Moonshot Collective. Ryan helped coordinate calls, build relationships, and advise the DAO as partnership details were being discussed. The Gitcoin partnership was a key point in Developer DAO’s history as it both established the DAO as legitimate and provided our treasury with GTC.

Ryan has also played an advisor role as Developer DAO considered legal entity options. Ryan coordinated a number of meetings with potential legal counsel before spearheading the effort to begin establishing a Foundation for the DAO.

We believe this proposal is a win-win. It rewards Ryan for his advisor role with well-deserved governing power, while also incentivizing his continued role in building Developer DAO.

Note: Advisors and Founding Team members are not eligible for Early Contributor Rewards ahead of the $CODE launch. This advisor allocation will be subject to the same advisor vesting defined in P-5: Governance Token Proposal . The allocation for Founding Team & Advisors is undergoing a change through an amendment.


This will utilize 0.45% of our 2% unallocated advisors allocation, leaving 1.55% remaining.

  • Yes - Move proposal to Snapshot
  • No - Do not move proposal to Snapshot

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100% support here! I didn’t realize how much Ryan has done for D_D since the beginning.

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Ryan Is a rare gem …!!!

Totally agreed. Though I seldomly talked with RyanCoordinator, I recognize his value and contribution through Gitcoin Partnership. He deserves this.