[DRAFT] P3RKS Q1/2 Budget Application

P3RKS Q1/2 Budget Application

Authors: @kempsterrrr , @pbillingsby.eth , @Martin , @mannyornothing

Season 1 Budget Application


P3RKS proposal to become a Sub-DAO of Developer DAO.


P3RKS fundamentally believe

Scope of Work

Domain of Operations & Team

P3RKS is a platform for DAO Members to access unique offers and rewards from ecosystem partners. If you’re either a holder of the D4R NFT or > 400 $CODE Tokens, you can already use P3RKS to access benefits from Kubera, Koinly, 4EVERLAND, NowNodes and Ankr.

In S1, the P3RKS team were responsible for securing and onboarding partners, all for free, in pursuit of testing the product and providing value to Members. In S2, we’re to rapidly expand our partner network to provide more perks to DAO Members, return value back to the DAO Treasury and refine the platform based on feedback from Contributors and Members.

P3RKS was built in Developer DAO, and everyone in the team is a Member:

Role Name Status
Product/Ops kempsterrrr Active
Dev Martin4B Active
Dev pbillingsby Active
Partnerships Manny Active

DAO Infrastructure updates


To ensure the effective delivery of perks to Members; we request an announcement channel be created for P3RKS so we can auto-post new perks to Members via a Webhook. We have this setup up and running in the P3RKS server as a test.

The Webhook posts a message with an embed including details of the offer, @’s a role that eligible Members hold and provides a link to redeem the perk.

See the image below:


We also request a link, section or sub-domain on the Developer DAO website to showcase perks to both Members and prospective Members. This has two benefits:

  1. Ensure Members are aware of Benefits
  2. Entices prospective members to become Members to access benefits, thus increasing the intrinsic value of DAO membership

Place a link to P3RKS on DAO documentation Notion or anything that replaces it


A regular space available in the newsletter for highlighting perks available to Members.



In S1, our goals were broken down into 3 phases - see our S1 budget application.

Phase 1 - Idea Validation (Complete)

Phase 2 - Build MVP for Developer DAO (complete)

Phase 3 - Refine and expand to other DAOs (On-going, pivoting)

As a result of our learning through Phases 1 & 2, our plans have evolved.

The primary lesson was that for P3RKS to be scalable and best serve DAOs, it must be a self-service tool that DAO can use themselves without the P3RKS team’s direct support.

To that end, our OKRs for Season 2 are defined below:


O1 Foster a fun and safe Member experience Owner
KR Provide Members with easy access to benefits and rewards for their Membership of the DAO Kemp
O2 Provide DAO members with high-quality learning opportunities Owner
O3 Support DAO members to elevate their impact on the world Owner
KR Secure >= 5 further partnerships that add value to Members Kemp
O4 Position the DAO structurally and financially for long-term success Owner
KR Send at least $625 to the treasury by the end of the quarter Kemp
KR Work with Partner Leads to provide a self-service experience they can use independently of the P3RKS team to generate more value for the DAO Kemp

Budget Request (Including value returned to the DAO)

Breakdown of funds allocation during Season 1

Funds were allocated to our main Contributors and a lower amount to Colin4ward as an advisor to the team.

For the sake of transparency, see the breakdown below:

Name Amount
Kempsterrrr 2,000 $CODE
pbillingsby 2,000 $CODE
Martin4b 2,000 $CODE
Jazza.eth 2,000 $CODE
Colin4ward 1,000 $CODE
Bobby 2,000 $CODE

Remaining budget = 4,120

$CODE Budget Request

User Feedback Bounties

We’d like to use some $CODE to incentivise DAO Members and Contributors to provide the P3RKS team with valuable feedback to improve the product to serve them.

Initiative Estimated Hours Total Users $CODE Requested
UX Interviews 2 50 1,500
Bug Reports 1 100 750

Total = 2,250

Team Rewards

Each team member

Name Hors/week Hours/Month $CODE Requested
kempsterrrr 15 60 4,500
Martin 15 60 4,500
Pbillingsby 15 60 4,500
Manny 15 60 4,500

Total = 18,000

In Summary

Bounties + Team Rewards - Balance from Last year = 16,380 $CODE for this Qaurter

Value return to the DAO

Revenue split

P3RKS will be successful when Developer DAO is successful. As we grow, the same will apply to other DAOs we hopefully get the opportunity to serve.

P3RKS will operate on a “pay to list” fee of $500/month (this may be subject to change depending on market feedback). This means every partner signed up to P3RKS to offer benefits/rewards to D_D Members will need to pay $500/month to have this opportunity.

Given that we must grow together, P3RKS will share this revenue with the DAO by providing 25/% of revenue from each paying partner. This would be paid on-chain to the DAO’s treasury once a month and only after customers receive funds.

To further support the DAO, any partners the DAO secures via other means (i.e. Monthly partnerships) will get a free listing slot on P3RKS.

If we hit the OKR of 5 paid partners on the platform by the end of this Quarter, that would mean the DAO would be receiving 5 * 500 * 25% = $625 USDC a month into the treasury (assuming partners are retained, and listing fees do not change).


  • Asking for X from treasury
  • Requires some small community infra changes
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How does this work when p3rks expands to other DAOs?

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Can you elaborate on this a little? How does what work? For what its worth, I don’t see us expanding to other DAOs during Season 2.

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I assume you’re referring to the value returned to the DAO when we expand to other DAOs.

Our model is to have a similar agreement with other DAOs whereby we share a % of the revenue generated from partners offering perks to their Members. Partners will be paying to list per DAO they want to provide benefits to.

Developer DAO will not get a share of that revenue generated for other DAOs.

The thought process here is twofold:

  1. We can actively help grow the entire ecosystem by funding DAO treasuries
  2. It should make signing-up DAOs easier as we’re helping grow their treasuries

I’d view P3RKS as a service provider to D_D, rather than something the DAO has created. We’re asking for $CODE so we can help incentivise that growth (via bounties for learning) as this will help us grow the DAO Treasury. If folks are not happy with that approach I propose we might not even need to submit a proposal and the Labs team can choose to use P3RKS as a service provider and no CODE is given to the P3RKS team.

@stewards it would be good to get more of your thoughts on the proposal and the question above raised by @ntindle

okay that is what I was referring to, and I am okay with that just want to make sure its written out and clear for everyone before we move on

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This means every partner signed up to P3RKS to offer benefits/rewards to D_D Members will need to pay $500/month to have this opportunity.

$500 a month + providing a perk sounds expensive to me, but maybe not if you’re a huge corporation. I worry that by not passing the full value back to Developer DAO devs the perks will look more like a coupon book than worthwhile perks.

That being said, down to try this pricing and see if there’s enough value being provided that it can enrich both P3rks and Developer DAO devs.

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Personally I would love to support the initiative P3RKS has taken to get this launched. I think that rewarding the team with $CODE is an easy way to demonstrate our support, so no problem there.


  • Will there be non-technical bounties offered, so members can learn more about the business side of this?
  • It sounds like this will be a relationship primarily between Labs and P3RKS. What will that contract look like in the short term, since we have still not unbundled the Labs entity?
  • What other support from the DAO besides contributions would help you? Can DAO members attend your meetings regardless if they are participating?
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The only bounties are non-technical - seeking user feedback from members.

This is a good question and not one I can answer now. Establishing a template agreement for such relationships is needed just haven’t had the time. For the immediate future, was planning to rely on a Governance agreement and nothing more.

Added to @stewards backlog

  1. As much feedback from users as possible - there is a form on the site but can work on a better process for this. Would be nice to see structured MVP Pitch/feedback sessions in the DAO so builders can share features and get instant feedback - this would be a cool community perk IMHO cc @Billyjitsu @0x8e3c1a6d6516a2CD41

  2. We may bring in referral fee’s for partners and DAOs, for now, sharing what we’re doing would be really helpful.

Looks good. I support this initiative.

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Just wanted to share some colour on this.

I have opened a chat with the newsletter team in Discord here - what we’re asking for is a permanent advertising slot similar to the seasonal partners to help us grow perks and thus the DAO.

Something like one of the following two images with a set amount of characters underneath

cc @Colin4ward @jamiebones @sylvia

Ultimately we need to be fluid with the fees we’re charging while figuring out what the market will support. We may even move to a revenue share model vs a monthly fee. This $50 is a starting point :slight_smile:

Whatever model we ultimately settle on, we propose splitting 25% of the revenue associated with D_D with the DAO.

As for not passing it all back to the DAO… P3RKS it’s a services provider to the DAO with it’s own legal entity, not a subsidiary or initiative in the DAO, and there is a team investing their time and money to build it without asking for any USD budget from the DAO.

@Colin4ward @meowy can we get some thoughts on this please