Budget Proposal: D_D Academy (formerly School of Code)

D_D ACADEMY S1 BUDGET - (formerly School of Code)

Author: @pbillingsby.eth
Supporting Budget Steward(s): @kempsterrrr


Academy budget application for Season 1. It defines the high-level goals of the team, our plans to deliver, the core team and the proposed budget. The proposed budget is 20000 $CODE to be distributed over four months.

Mission and Goals

Academy supports the mission of Developer DAO of educating newcomers to web3, and building open source projects. Therefore, the project will attempt to achieve the following goals:

  • Educate members of all experience levels in the different areas of web3
  • Create a sustainable, educational community within the platform
  • Promote wellbeing and good health
  • Equip learners with skills to contribute to public goods
  • Focus on keeping assumptions of prior knowledge to a minimum
  • Seamless flow for both, project based and technical learners

Brand usage

Academy will be developed under the D_D banner.

Scope of work:

Academy will work to give a foundational base in blockchain development that will enable future success of developers. The goals for Season 1 are:

  • Create and release 5 lessons
  • Onboard 250 learners of all experience levels into web3
  • Implement forum within platform
  • Implement pomodoro timer
  • Create a long-term roadmap (12+ months) for the platform

The following are the actions proposed to support these initiatives:

Define Core Team

A core guild team is required for managing all of the process, infrastructure, strategy, and supporting all the educational and building efforts. At least 3 members are needed to have an operating multisig Safe. The current members who have volunteered to be in charge of it are

  • 7i7o#9634
  • piablo#5503
  • meowy#0476
  • ropats16#1743
  • pbillingsby.eth#3207

Define Core Tasks

Any member can volunteer for any of the following permanent tasks. The amount of $CODE allocated is based on the average proposed in the $CODE Rewards proposal.

Role Candidate Tasks to perform $CODE
Season Lead Content @7i7o#9634 Content Writing and Research 2880
Pedagogical Strategy @piablo#5503 Ensure the learner’s journey is accessible, cohesive and meaningful. Content and research 2880
Lead Dev @pbillingsby.eth#3207 Champion support, development and research 2880
Project Co-Champion @meowy#0476 Project champion - development, research and community 2880
Project Co-Champion @ropats16#1743 Project champion development and research 2880

Define Bounty Program

In addition to the Core Tasks, the team will have individual strategic tasks with a defined reward. Any member of the DAO can volunteer to do a Bounty at any time. The task must be delivered within a reasonable time before the end of the Season, in order to be reviewed and approved by another member of the Core Team for the rewards to be released.

Bounty Description Reward
Implement code for forum Implement code for forum complete with working relationships and requests required 1000 $CODE
Design forum Design the forum 600 $CODE
Content creation and Research for lessons Content creation and Research for lessons 2000 $CODE
Sponsorship Seek sponsorships and grants from ethical sources 1000 $CODE
In depth reviews and feedbacks User research, content review and feedbacks 1000 $CODE

ENS: schoolofcode.eth was bought by ropats16#1743 - Reimburse amount: 0.01887038161 ETH at $1,972.18 / ETH
Domain name: We will need to purchase 1 or more domains for this project.

Success Metrics and KPIs (for Season 1)

  • Successfully onboard 250 members to the platform
  • Finish track and deploy AT LEAST 5 lessons (2 in progress + 3 new)
  • 50 members complete 100% of track
  • Implement desired post-mvp features by season end (forum and pomodoro)

Financial implications

This is the detailed list of all $CODE requirements for the goals of the project:

Concept S1 $CODE
Permanent Tasks 14400
Bounties 5600
TOTAL: 20000

Next Steps

  • Discussion in Education Weekly Synch - June 14
  • Submit a reviewed proposal to Forum for further review - June 15
  • Submit final proposal for voting - June 17


  • Yes, I supporting this application
  • No, I do not support this application

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Due to the sheer size of this project, I would suggest an open position for one designer and bounties for advise in product management that help improve the project.

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hey folks. just dropped a message into your channel. how are you feeling about this budget application, is it finalised? aware a few folks have joined the team recently so wondering if you’re happy they’re accounted for in this?

The deadline for the final draft is Sunday @ midnight UTC. I’ll be around to lend a hand where needed :slight_smile:

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How can one participate in this as a research person…? @pbillingsby.eth

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pop over to the #School of Code Discord channel anytime @JyteCeo :smile:

Q1: What’s the rationale behind the 250 figure?

Q2: Does this number factor in the reduced influx of new members over the past 6 weeks (brought on by the state of the global financial market), in addition to the somewhat intermittent participation across the DAO in recent months?

The specific number was based on what the team had discussed and we believe we can onboard 250 devs of all experience levels to the platform.

Can you explain what you mean by reduced influx of new members? Do you mean new members to the DAO? Given that our project will be public, and structured to be as beginner friendly and accessible as possible, I don’t see a problem with achieving the goal with the number stated, especially opening up with Solidity smart contract lessons

gotcha. that clarifies things for me

Hey can we get both the name in the title and sub-title updated to the following, please:

D_D Academy (formerly School of Code)

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Tagging @kempsterrrr as its not allowing me to edit

done cc @luan - see edits

awesome. cheers @kempsterrrr @pbillingsby.eth :slight_smile:

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I’m not seeing a budget update for M3. Was there one made?

Bump on the above request

gm. I’m the lead in one of the teams participating in this initiative. Partly the reason why we failed to submit an update is the lack of a defined owner of this activity, which is something we are attempting to solve.
D_D Academy - Report of activities for M1 and M2 in Season 1.
The team was able to launch the planned mvp. During the retrospective, multiple changes and insights were collected, which led to a reformulation of the workflow and the team composition. At the same time, as the whole DAO defined this initiative as priority for Season 1, new members arrived.
An experimental round of rewards was done, and the team delivering the mvp was paid $CODE.
–Redefine basic structure, teams and responsibilities.
–Redefine workflow for new teams
–Include Product-vision into the workflow
–Define Business Model for the project
–Define next iteration of mvp
The team is actively documenting activities: Here is the list of the last weekly meetings: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
Here is the list of the activities and conformation of the newly formed teams: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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What progress has been made on these?

I assume that they are all completed minus the forum and pomodoro?

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I don’t have knowledge of 1 and 3. I know there is advancement in those areas, I will try to get you the numbers. However, as all the rest of projects and guilds, initial goals changed a lot as the members gained more experience about the tasks at hand.

  1. Analytics shows around 600 users have used the platform.
  2. Achieved + more.
  3. Do not have the analytics for this. I personally would love it if 50 people finished 100% of the lessons though!
  4. Pomodoro timer implemented. Team made some recent forum breakthroughs with a company called Peehrahna I believe.

Thanks for the prompt reply, I will revise my status to APPROVE when I get the next opportunity