[DRAFT 0] Dev Guild S1 Budget Application

Authors: @kempsterrrr, @with-heart - who else?
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Dev Guild Budget Application for Season 1. It defines the high-level goals of the Guild, plans to deliver on these goals, team responsible and the requested budget - TBD

Motivation & Goals

The Dev Guild supports the mission of the DAO by providing a home for Developers in the org to make connections, find educational resources, learn and build projects together. The guild goals for Season 1 are the following:

  • Provide onboarding and support for developers interested in contributing to the DAO, learning or working on their own projects
  • Educate members in different areas of web2 and web3 development
  • Help contributors build web3 tools and public goods, by providing support, information and mentorships

Brand Usage


Scope of Work

Define Core Team

A core guild team is required for managing the processes, infrastructure, and strategy, and supporting all the educational and building efforts. At least 3 members are needed to have an operating multi Safe. The current members who have volunteered to be in charge of it are:

Define Core Tasks

Any member can volunteer for any of the following tasks, and if there are multiple volunteers, the Guild will vote to define one.

Role / Candidates Tasks to perform $CODE/Season
Guild Coordination
(nonstack) Dev Guild Guild Coordination, Setting agenda and moderating weekly meetings TODO
Guild Treasurer(ing)? (Mulford) Ensure budgets and payments are distributed and recorded at a regular cadence TODO
Talent Coordination
(wiseTy) Welcoming and onboarding new guild contributors, helping people find the project they would like to work on. TODO
Guild Scribing
(Olanetsoft) Documentation of meetings, agenda-setting with Coordinator, capturing action items, following up ahead of each call (is this coordinator or scribe) TODO

The Dev Guild’s general focus for Season 1 will be Education. The Dev Guild’s primary aim will be to support these initiatives during Season 1 by funnelling members who are looking to contribute to these initiatives:

  • School of Code: budget application

  • Workshops: regular workshops led by members and partners to help people learn technical skills in web2 and web3

    • Target is 1 workshop per week, every week for S1
    • Team Budget: 5 hours
    • Speaker Budget: 5 hours
    • 10 hours * 15 CODE per hour * 16 weeks in Season = $2,400
  • Mentorship: has its own budget application.

  • dApp Starter Kits: create modern starter kits for building dApps across all as many L1 & L2 as possible, like a modern Scaffold-Eth.

Financial Implications




Success Metrics & KPIs


Next Steps


Before feeling comfortable supporting this budget proposal, I’d love to get more insight as to why these candidates are suitable for these roles as I haven’t had much interaction with nonstack, mulford, and olanetsoft in the development guild. I hope this isn’t coming off as gate-keepey because that is not my intention. I’d just like to be vigilant of who we put in charge of these roles, especially around the finances and budget management.


let’s talk about this on the weekly sync today, they volunteered for the positions last week so were added to the draft proposal :slight_smile:


one extra point for the Dev Guild sync today is to see if we can find people who would be interested in driving the workshops initiative also I’ve added another initiative for creating dApp starter kits which would be interesting to get people’s thoughts on. @dhaiwat10 has spun up this repo in response to an ask from Austin Griffith regarding a new starter kick


@kempsterrrr it’s amazing the way you’re pulling all these things together to give clarity to so many people and perspectives for the coming season.

I think we should go a bit on the sociocratic approach when we’re in a Guild Sync meeting to choose people. Not everyone wants to say “i’ll do that role”, maybe they need to hear it from others. It’s not always a sign of what’s needed for the guild to just stick our hand in the air. We can also vouch for others’ capabilities.

I would propose doing a round of everyone in those meetings (cos sometimes getting balanced engagement is difficult in the Discourse) and asking them to propose people for the roles and say why. If there’s a need to do a second round, which there probably will cos opinions will have changed at least slightly, we do a second one, etc. It’s worth the extra minutes if we’re planning for a period of months. Even if someone says “I don’t know enough to choose” is already something. We can ask them “why” and the answer will teach us all something postitive about those gaps of understanding/knowledge/information we all need to help fill in.

If anyone needs a help with facilitating that, let me know, but it’s pretty easy. Just knowing the right questions to pose for each round. Easy peasy.

And we can’t gauge someone’s availability for a whole future season on their lack of attendance at one meeting.

Once again, I’m amazed at your holographic capabilities to spread yourself so far and wide with 1001% quality and commitment.

Re: workshops. I’m hoping the mentorship programme will be a breeding ground for great workshop ideas and sessions. I’m really looking forward to the discussions it raises between mentors and mentees and will actively encourage those within the scope of that programme to cross-pollinate them with the workshops initiative. My personal interest for subject material is on ‘teaching to teach in an impactful way’. There is lots of stuff to unpack in that subject and share, which can help us build out web3 more exponentially.

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With this new point about ‘driving’ the workshop initiative, I would suggest going back to the Dev guild and see what needs are going to fall under its umbrella and clearly define those. That includes the mentorship initiative. Then we could look at roles of, in this case workshops initiator, and see how we can best map them out. At this moment in time I’m not even sure under which umbrella the mentorship programme falls.

We could agree to have a think on the role of workshops. I understand there is probably a tonne of hidden considerations, but I think we’re trying rush things too much and it risks the possibility of bad decision making and problems further into the season.

I certainly hope we’re going to do a few open retros on the processes we have been going through the last few weeks. I think we owe it too ourselves for the sake of maintaining good relationships and for an oncoming season2.

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Should Dev Guild become “Dev and Education Guild”?
The question is because that effort has become such an important part, that I feel it merits to be discussed.
EDIT: Also… no with-heart?