Whitepaper review: Twimp.app

Hey all,

I’m not sure if this is the correct place, but asking on Discord it was suggested the forum is potentially the best place to post.

I and a partner (both devs) are in the process of setting up an educational start-up in both web2 and web3. We’re very early for web3 but we do have a web2 Android application in limited beta release running in the UK as we speak.

I’m not sure if Dev DAO has a non-for-profit sponsorship angle or wishes to be involved in any way, but I wanted to run it by you for any feedback or critique you may have. We’re looking to bring together education, nature and fun. That’s why we’re called The World is My Playground (Twimp). So far, we’re getting great feedback from our web2 UK beta testers and cannot wait to move into the web3 space for a totally different layer of fun. That boost will allow us to spread to other countries and start reaching for our aim of having a Twimp presence in every school system across the world by 2042. Education needs disruption and we can do it by increasing the appreciation of the natural world at the same time.

Here’s the initial whitepaper: Twimp Whitepaper

Any feedback is incredibly welcome and if this is in the wrong place, please feel free to move and/or close. :pray: