We want a PM (watch to earn/ fan token/ tokenomics)

Guys, I am Jason.We are a Web3 Watch2earn project. And we are searching for a Product Manager to handle the whole project. It is a on-line job.You are welcome to contact me on telegram for more details: Telegram: Contact @lianshanjason

job description:
1.Research and design of blockchain products;
2.Carry out product planning and demand research, be responsible for product design, complete demand analysis, draw product prototypes, and write relevant demand documents;
3.Write product manuals with detailed functions, requiring clear logic, strong readability and perfect details;
4.Design the token economic model of the product (considering the needs of dual-token structure, fan tokens, etc.)
5.Familiar with the common page layout of blockchain projects and blockchain-related functional modules (encryption algorithm, consensus mechanism, privacy protection, NFT market, DAO, EVENTs, etc.)
6.Take the product as the core drive, promote and coordinate the close cooperation between suppliers and colleagues in UI, development, testing, code auditing, etc., to ensure that the product is launched on time and with high quality;
7.Be responsible for and assist in the improvement of the product after it goes online, BUG & vulnerability tracking, collecting improvement opinions, and providing improvement plans;
8.Product iterative update work, collect user opinions, modify product business logic, improve user experience, optimize various operating procedures, and finally formulate product iteration plans.

job requirements:

  1. More than 5 years of experience in Internet products, responsible for products from 0 to 1, experience in blockchain-related products is preferred;
    2.Understand blockchain technology and its typical application scenarios;
    3.Proficient in the whole process from user needs analysis to product release, able to independently design products, and lead the overall process of product development;
    4.Meticulous logic, clear thinking, good learning ability and data statistical analysis ability;
    5.Possess the ability of project plan preparation, coordination and promotion, project report and demand communication, preparation of demand documents, and basic design documents;
    6.Proficiency in using common tools such as Axure, mind map, flowchart, project, etc., will decompose tasks by stages and implement specific interface functions;
    7.Familiar with the framework and technical characteristics of Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and other mainstream blockchain products; have an in-depth understanding of blockchain related technologies;
    8.Leading more than one W2E product is preferred.