We should have Developer DAO become an Executive Producer for the ETH Movie

Have Developer DAO become an Executive Producer for the ETH Movie

Author: Daeshawn.eth


Use DAO funds ($600-2000 (“buy now” price at the time of writing) to purchase an NFT from the “Infinite Machine Movie Collection” to be named as one of the executive producers (thus technically making every DAO member an executive producer) for the Ethereum movie Ridley Scott is producing to be apart of history, support the ecosystem, and for marketing of the DAO.


The intended outcome is to satisfy one of the MBD guilds goals of “Marketing and partnership efforts to grow the DAO as we reopen memberships”, thus impacting the DAO at large.

Scope of Work

  1. Get buy in from the Developer DAO membership
  2. Accounting work needed to facilitate purchase of NFT
  3. Purchase NFT


  1. Everyone backs out and the film doesn’t get made.
  2. We run into a technical issue where a DAO can’t be named as a Producer.

Long Form

Hey everyone,

So, recently I’ve been made aware of the Infinite machine movie being created which is an origin story for Ethereum and believe Developer DAO should purchase one of the NFTs in the collection to earn an executive producer credit for the film, since it has a direct tie in for developers, the blockchain ecosystem, and introducing people to the ecosystem through entertainment.

It would be great publicity for the DAO and the ecosystem at large if this $600-$2000 (price of NFTs floor + gas at the time of writing) marketing spend pays off and a great piece of history to have and be apart of: https://opensea.io/collection/the-infinite-machine-collection

So far, the story is in place, the production company, producer, and director are all tapped. You read the article on the product posted by @deadline, a hollywood news source with 1M followers on twitter here: https://deadline.com/2022/04/scott-free-camila-russos-infinite-machine-1235007466/?scrolltoken=516ajHdJ8XvN4LN6vWeKC53bNoq0SOpT8KQRbYcVhoBkLrrbavN9ELO5wfKYbX11gY9y8MKnQWzyfKsnQkgdzknbat7rLmRNoxm_6bFBwPLGWXzQFC_HlvotJxkLVWLlS0KiOoFpu8TyKL4noYXrcxlu4C_chUKR8YoSR5Q-aVQ6TsD89pTriMJWUzEoa5wL0GZuXcBr_LsUtGqV97I5D0G2bp31qatSBIFq1A.eyJraWQiOiIzIn0

Did I mention Ridley Scott is involved?:



Would love to hear thoughts and feedback on this, to see if moving this to become a proposal makes sense.


From my perspective this seems to make sense for the small cost.


Thanks for the feedback!

This is a great idea !!! Low cost low risk high reward


You had me at Ridley Scott. :wink:

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Appreciate it! Exactly.

Hahahaha, glad to hear it.

I like this idea, especially with the potential of this movie being big it would solidify that Developer DAO is involved in all of the web3 ecosystem and not just the dev side of it

Seems legit, I’d support it.

I support this as well. We should aim to get more involved with it, maybe dogfooding some ideas in or potential newfound “producer” role.

This is a great idea! I’m for it.

Great idea i support this 100% :clap:

Sounds like a big waste of money?

@mish.eth Why would you think so? I like that it gets our brand out there more, and as @Hmz said, it shows that we are involved in web3 beyond just development stuff.

It seems like a decent amount of money, what is the opportunity cost? What could this money be better spent on?
How does this brand awareness help with our mission or make our members’ lives better? Is the impact at all measurable? How would we expect the net effect of this NFT to be any different than just burning our treasury tokens? What would a fair price be for this amount of brand awareness? Is branding a problem of ours right now that needs to be solved? How much money would be too much to spend on this?
These are questions I would like to consider before spending our money.

Do we imagine someone will see the name “Developer DAO” as a sponsor and want to join? Will such a person want to be a developer? Is that likely to happen? Right now it’s not even possible to join.

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i like the idea a lot and did a little research.
To my understanding only 30% of the NFTs get perks that are randomly distributed. At least that’s what is stated in the Open Sea About section:

“About 30% of the collection’s NFTs will be randomly assigned with rewards: the option of appearing as an extra, visiting the movie shooting, an invitation to the premiere, being listed in the credits.”

Am I missing something?

this makes me think – developerDAO should get a feature in the documentary since it’s such an amazing community built from the ground up with web3 principles

if becoming an Executive Producer for the ETH Movie helps with that, I think it’d be super worth it

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