Twitter post promoting donating on Gitcoin to D_D member projects!

GM, frens.

TLDR: I propose that we make a Twitter post promoting the D_D affiliated Gitcoin grant recipient projects to rally funding towards D_D member open-source work.

The Gitcoin GG18 grants round is a quadratic funding round that has allocated 300,000 in matching funds for donations to 100 select vetted open-source software projects. D_D members have projects in this current round! I believe D_D should support them by rallying donations to the projects.

Personally, I know of two projects (including my own) who are part of the current round. Pinsave by @pfedprog and TalentLayer by @Kirsten.

The Gitcoin grant round is only open another 8 days. It ends on 2023/08/2912:00 UTC. That’s not much time!

I propose we do the following:

  1. Discuss and agree to a post.
  2. Take a few days to make calls to action in the Discord to get founders to let us know if they have projects in the grants round, that way we can make sure to include everyone in the post
  3. We should make a post no later than 2023/08/28, listing the D_D member projects and encouraging donations!

Agree? Disagree? Let’s talk.


All for it. We could do much better in next rounds as well, by building a link between developer dao and gitcoin.

Pin Save is actually in two gitcoin rounds at the moment
Open Source: Gitcoin | Explorer

Web3 Social: Gitcoin | Explorer

I’m in support of this in principle, as it’s a great low-lift to support builders of the DAO, and it’s something we’ve done a few times in the past and would love to see us doing regularly.

The challenge we have with this round is the deadlines. GC round ends on the 29th, we also have a partner hackathon happening at the same time with agreed deliverables and if we’re doing big posts one or the other may suffer in terms of airtime and attention. The hack is due to end on Saturday at midnight, although there’s always a chance we extend that deadline.

@PSkinnerTech is leading the marketing for the Hackathon so hopefully can provide a guide on if we can get a thread for this up and out in good time. @PSkinnerTech what do you think?

Copying in our CM @Billyjitsu as well for thoughts

The other questions would be… How do we find the Developer DAO-affiliated projects to represent?

Agreed for future rounds 100% - we have a tight connection with Gitcoin already but this relationship could be nurtured better for both sides - see as a reference, we exchanged a grant with them very early on although are still clarifying some practicalities with Scott there re transferring over their allocation from this P-4: Partnership & Mutual Grant with Gitcoin

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Updated - posted a thread on X (feels odd saying that) here to Member projects that are part of the round - we plan to fit in a post in the next few days.


@pfedprog @Kirsten - following up here.

I owe you an apology, as I lost track of time last week and couldn’t make this happen.


Looking ahead, I’d like to see us plan a specific campaign to support DAO affiliate projects in the Gitcoin grant round, which, according to their docs, should happen before the end of 2023…

Part of this, I believe, is figuring out what Developer DAO affiliate means and how we go about gathering the details of the projects to support, and anything else around that we can do to support folks.

Given the impact ton community tagging @Billyjitsu - a big drive of his (and mine) is figuring out ways we can further elevate the work members are doing.

Here’s a suggestion of the questions we need to answer:

  1. What projects can be included in this promotional support
  2. How do we find those projects or they find us
  3. What do we do to support them
  4. Are there criteria for them to be supported

There will be a balance here to get the best results for grantees and the DAO. I don’t have the time to dig into this right now but will schedule some time to do this next week and circle back here with more thoughts.

In the meantime, if you have please share !!!

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@Kirsten 's TalentLayer absolutely crashed gitcoin open source

In my opinion, the most difficult part in gitcoin rounds is educating donors on how to find a project on gitcoin platform and donate so the project becomes eligible for matching. Gitcoin recently introduced gitcoin passport, which keeps sybils away but also makes it more difficult to take part in voting.