Shopify + MetaMask App Idea

Shopify + MetaMask Idea

During the town hall, I thought I overheard the DAO was going to create an e-commerce store. Figured for members merch should be at cost or a discount, hence the problem of authentication.

The idea would be an app that reads a MetaMask or any wallet, checks for an asset in that wallet (a coin or an NFT) and then applies some sort of incentive (discount, custom merch) for that user.

Could be a way for DAOs to build retail partnerships as well.

The base use case would be to create an e-commerce shop for the DAO, have the app read MetaMask etc for the NFT and apply a discount. We could then use the profits from non-DAO members to fund the treasury.

Would love to hear feedback and/or connect with anyone who may be interested in building this with me!



Nice idea! This looks like it could be a plug & play library that adds the extra metamask-check feature to existing UIs.
Though it got me wondering how we’d able to apply a discount in case the user actually owns the required asset. The discount creation would still need to be centralized on the main app’s backend, right? (Not entirely familiar with how Shopify works, maybe there’s an existing solution to this)
Would the UI calling this lib request a message signature of some sort and then perform a server request to get the discount?

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Yes the discount creation would be done on the Shopify stores admin page.

The Shopify admin would specify the criteria for the discount, and let’s say the contract the user has interacted with.

The app would then ask the user to sign in through metamask I guess and check if the user has the required token / nft

My concern is that we can’t trust validations made exclusively on the UI (cuz someone might check the code and reverse engineer it).

I understand I can connect my wallet, have the UI check if my wallet matches the criteria and then I’m eligible and the UI can fetch the discount from the server.
My trust issue lies here: what’s the parameter(s) that the server gets that’ll allow it to trust the UI and send the discount back?
A signed message and the public key, maybe? Then the server would check the signed message (proving the user is the effective owner of that public key) and then check if the wallet corresponding to that public key effectively matches the criteria.

I’m still getting started on web3, so bear with me if any of this should be obvious :sweat_smile:

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I love the sound of this. I’ve done some work with the Shopify Api in the past and its definitely programmatically possible to pull off, and open to discuss more

Yes I believe it would have to validate the public key.

I’m new to web3 as well!

Please would love to collaborate on this!

I’ve never worked with Shopify’s API before and of course would appreciate anyone jumping on it with me.

Sounds good, I’ll write up a proposal this evening on what a simple v.1 architecture could look like.

Whats your @ on discord?

I believe it’s jflomen, I’m currently not home

You can double check on the Chanel new project proposals or in general i recently posted there

Will update when I get it

Thank you

What’s the status on this project? I think it is important and want to explore tokenized access. Is there a discord channel?

We are working on it as a team, working to get an MVP running. No discord channel as it’s just 3 of us.

Hi @jaredflomen - would love to be a part of this. Remember Shopify’s CEO RT’ing about the MM integration coming soon to shopify, are you guys onto some beta access for the same or are we routing entirely via JS & Shopify APIs?

@dadcodes Want to DM me on discord? We are working on it

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Hi @jaredflomen, I just sent you a DM on discord! I would love to contribute to this idea :slight_smile:


Hi all, just discovered this. Would like to help if possible.

@jaredflomen @dadcodes Discord invite?

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Hi Blaine,

Can you add me on Discord? Jared F

Hi interested in this and would love to help!

Can you message me on discord and will add you to the group - jared f

Any chance you can hook me up with a discord invite so I can add you?

I cannot unless you own one of the NFTs unfortunately