[RFC] WIP Developer DAO Handbook

gm frens :wave:

What is the Developer DAO Handbook

A single source of truth for navigating the DAO. Anyone should be able to pick this up and understand how to get the most out of the DAO.

This will replace the notion. The live version is a WIP shipped so to gather feedback from Members and iterate on it. Here is the link - https://handbook.developerdao.com/

Why is it important?

In a global and asynchronous environment, up-to-date documentation is key to empowering folks to move at their speed in their own time without relying on someone else being available to help them.

How does it work?

The ultimate goal for this handbook is for anyone to be able to pick this up as a non-member and independently understand how to go from not knowing anything about the DAO to becoming an active Member participating in and getting value from the DAO.

We’re far from this at the moment, but we wanted to ship this version and gather feedback from Members on the following:

  1. Contents in the Handbook so far
  2. What they feel needs to be added
  3. What you feel should be removed, if anything, and why
  4. Anything else you think its valuable

Thanks @kempsterrrr – having all this information summarized in one public place is great progress!

Suggestion: It would be nice to have a small section on “How do I make or request changes to the handbook”. e.g. Is the content itself open-source? can the community make/request changes via PR? where is the repo? Or if not open-source, how are changes requested?


Thanks for your feedback @brianfive :pray:

Just synced this up to the GitHub repo. I’ve been editing in the Gitbook UI, as that is much easier than making PRs when iterating quickly. However, Gitbook is very expensive, and I believe we can allow more folks to edit by via GH PRs.

“How do I make or request changes to the handbook”

A few thoughts on this…

  1. Definitely open source
  2. Anyone can open an issue or a PR
  3. What content is included ultimately should reflect what the DAO has supported via Governance directly or via teams (Sub-DAOs) empowered by Governance to handle a specific “domain of operations.”
  4. Contributors should be responsible for ensuring anything changing in the DAO is reflected in the Handbook (i.e. if a Contributor changes something, a requirement of making that change should be updating the docs.
  5. The same should probably apply to Governance. X proposal affects Y feature in docs, so a requirement of passing it should probably be updating the docs

What do you think?

In support of what you’re suggesting:

  • Have a handbook page that lays out the update process – including expectations of teams, and then specifics of how a PR is approved.

  • Governance teams, project teams and individuals would then be encouraged/responsible for opening a PR to make updates. Not sure though if PR is desired place to discuss and hammer out issues, or if handbook is the last step after decisions are made elsewhere?

  • as a way to simplify the review process (in case someone outside a team makes a suggestion that needs to be reviewed by a team) maybe a code owners file could help? About code owners - GitHub Docs


Content looks great and much more digestible for new folks who want to learn how to get started!

Some places for edits/additions:

  • Joining our Discord required holding our D4R OG NFT or > 400 CODE tokens.” → should be at least 400 CODE vs greater then 400 CODE (on first steps page)
  • For the Praise bot section, I think having the command to run it as well as a gif example of running it would be helpful
  • I recommend adding a section on how partnerships work and the form/process for people to follow. I know we have a blurb at the bottom of the Blog section but i think it warrants it’s own section (i get a decent amount of folks asking me how to partner with the DAO)

Can’t think of anything else at the moment but will comment back if I do. Wonderful work again :muscle:

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This is an incredibly helpful and much needed resource, so thank you for getting this up and running @kempsterrrr ! Overall, what is in there is great and I do understand this is a v1 but I thought i’d list a few things i’d find useful if i were new to D_D.

I think some important pieces that are missing is the code of conduct, privacy policy and governance rules and restrictions.

A section about active projects and initiatives. Could potentially boost interest/contributors towards those.

A brief section nested inside “Join our Discord” or “DAO structure” explaining the layout of the discord ie- “Vibe - heres where you…”, “Learn - heres where you…”

A section with a link to a feedback form or similar could be useful for the DAO.

A resources section with links to relevant documentation or projects.

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Thanks for these ideas, I will stew on them a bit and propose a solution with the goal of getting the right balance between too much and too little process. Broadly speaking think changes should be expected as PRs but as for where they get discussed not sure we need to stipulate that so long as it always ends up in a PR.

Will take a look at CODE owners. re the above, wondering if something simpler like a note at the bottom of each page as to whoever “owns” it might suffice so Blog > @Kay, Agency > @Gordo etc. etc. - will take a closer look at code owners though, if it integrates with Gitbook nicely that might be the easy path!

Thanks :pray: appreciate you taking the time to feedback on improvements

Good shout, updated :slight_smile:

Yeah 100%, this one’s a work in progress at the moment. The plan is to add videos into a lot of these pages as well as text, see example here for one on Praise from @Billyjitsu - https://www.canva.com/design/DAFthPSr0Eo/EFgMZX--sUfqYrI32kds4g/edit?utm_content=DAFthPSr0Eo&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link2&utm_source=sharebutton

Over the next few weeks get @Billyjitsu to record these for NFT buys, token swaps, Discord introduction etc.

Good shout, will add this to the About the DAO Section

Thanks :pray: appreciate the feedback man

  • CoC, still unfinished :frowning_face: but agree needs to be in here
  • Privacy Policy is a good shout, have one for the foundation here which we can probs just link too
  • Governance 100%, riffing on how to get this in there so its an easy to follow guide vs just a reference to governance proposals - any ideas would be DOPE :pray:

Thinking about adding two things…

A section on Sub-DAO’s to explain what each one is and how to become a contributor. The reality is for now there’s no process for that and given the limited funds reluctant to really focus on encouraging folks to seek to contribute to the DAO in the sense of working for it directly as they’ll likely be disappointed, maybe being to pessimistic here. What do you think?

100% , had this in there and then removed it as it wasn’t quite right but planning to add back in - any more ideas on what should be including here would be awesome too :pray:

Definitely keen to drive more feedback from the community but hoping we can encourage folks to use the forum more > a form so it’s public. Realised this week there are very few CTAs to get folks to sign up to the form, i.e. there wasn’t on in the introductions channel so no surprise folks are coming here!

The plan was to link these alongside the relevant info in the docs vs. having a dedicated resources section but could see both working, Are there any particular resources/docs you have in mind that weren’t on here?

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@Narb @pbillingsby.eth - shipped a finished MVP of the Praise page. lmk what you think!

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Looks great to me! Thanks for putting that together in quick fashion, well done :clap:

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Thanks for this information!

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Glad it’s useful, anything else you’d like to see on here?

@Narb @pbillingsby.eth @brianfive

Shipped a WIP of a page providing an overview of Governance here would love any feedback -